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The headmaster kinda just...stared at me for a few seconds. I was starting to get uncomfortable. I rubbed my head, "So, uh... I have my schedule...can I go now?" He lifted an eyebrow, "You're going to need the uniform..." I shook my head, "Your rulebook says students are not REQUIRED to use the uniform so...I'm vouching towards no uniform..." He sighed and shrugged, "Fine Miss Suzumiya, fine. JUst one thing before you go to class. I want you to go to the third music room after school today. There's people there who can...help you out." I turned and waved behind me, "Sure...whatever. Thanks and see you..." Then I just walked out into the halls.

AT this time, it was about the end of the 7th hour, the last class of the day. I tapped my nose, "So much for school today...guess my first day starts tomorrow." As people walked pass me, I received several stares. I frowned; my appearance may be...strange, but I like it! T-T. I was wearing an orange tank top with a maroon spaghetti strap shirt over it, black baggy pants, black and maroon skater shoes, my hair was in-a-good-way messy ponytail, and I wore a brown roped necklace with a silver rectangle plate as the pendent with a barcode engraved into it. I tapped my chin and thought, "I'm just unique is all! ^^" The final bell rang and I smiled to myself and made my way to the thrird floor music room, as I promised.

Upon reaching the room, just as I appraoched the huge doors, it was like a huge, bad vibe was being thrown at me. I cringed and grabbed the handle and pushed the door open. I was greeted by a bright white light and red rose petals. Squinting my eyes, I went further into the room until the light vanished. Then, I saw a group of 8 boys in a set formation. I blinked and miffled out an 'Eh?'. Then, the boys all chimed, "Welcome, princess." I was even more confused as I tilted my head to the side, "Am...I in the right room? The headmaster told me to come here when school ended. Said that people would be able to 'help me'..?" One of the boys, a tall blond, walked up to me and handed me a red rose, "Of course Princess... Allow me to explain. We are the Host Club, in which..." I cut him off, everything coming together now, "Hold up...a host club? You mean where a bunch of guys get together and 'adore' heartsick girls? That's very...interesting... But, I'm sorry. I didn't wanna come to a place like this and I don't know WHY the headmaster had me..." The blond put a finger to mylips and I went wide eyed as he spoke, "Shh Princess... First timers are always alittle nervous... Allow us to introduce ourselves....."

Tamaki Suou...red rose...the prince type

Kyouya Ootoro...dark blue rose...the dark king type

Takashi (er... .) aka Mori...green rose...the cool type

Mitsukuni Haninozuka aka Hunny...pink rose...the lolita-shita type

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin...light blue and orange roses....the little devil / twincest types

Finally, the last boy approached me with a white rose. He smiled at me and introduced himself, "Haruhi Fujioka....the, er...natural type..." I smiled and nodded but then realization hit me. I grabbed haruhi by his shoulders, totally confused, "Haruhi?! I should have known! Oh my gosh, how are you?!" Haruhi seemed confused so I frowned, "Aw, come on. It's only been 3 months! It's me, Reika Suzumiya, from the middle school!" Haruhi gasped and then grinned, "Reika! Wow, I'm so sorry! I've been so...preoccupied with things lately..." I smiled and released her shoulders, "No worries, no worries. Wow, you really changed. What's with the cut hair and boy uniform?" Haruhi went to answer but Tamaki got between us, "What is going on here?!" Haruhi growled, "Senpai...stop. This is Reika Suzumiya. We were good friends in middle school." I smiled and mock-saluted, "Hiya!" Just then, all the 6 guys got in my face. Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru were the ones who were the harshest, "So you know Haruhi is a girl?!" I sweatdropped, "Y-Yes?" Then, they all yelled / said in different pitches, "YOU CAN'T TELL ANYBODY THEN!" I crossed my heart figuatively, "Ok ok, I promise!" Kyouya pushed everyone out of the way and stared at me, "HOw can we trust you won't say anything..?" I shrugged, "Well, Haruhi is a friend of mine, for one. Also, I have never lied to anyone in my life and I don't think I'll start now..." Kyouya took out a notebad and wrote down stuff really fast and then slammed it shut just as fast, "You will be joining the Host Club then." Then, me, Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru all yelled, "EH?!" Mori didn't seem to care, Haruhi seemed happy I was there, and Hunny cheered and jumped into my arms, "Rei-chan! Do you like sweets?!" I grinned, "Yeah I do! Especially cake!" Hunny grinned in extreme disposition and hugged me as he yelled, "YAY! I LOVE Rei-chan! I'M SO HAPPY YOUR HERE!" I laughed and placed Hunny on my shoulders.

I looked at Kyouya, "I don't think me joining in neccessary though..." He shook his head, "I disagree. We need to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't tell anyone. Besides, adding you as a hostess would increase our profits by 30%." I sweatdropped, "I...see." Tamaki then growled at Kyouya, "How do you know if she's even capable of being a hostess?!" I grinned, "I'll show you then! All of you sit over there!" I pointed over to a couch and they all obeyed. I stuck out my tounge, "May I have a test subject?" Then, the twins shot up, "Right here!" I tapped my chin, "As tempting as it is, let's keep it to one for now. So, one of you come here." In a second, they were both in front of me, "Then let's play the 'Which one is Hikaru-kun' game!" Before they said anything else, I knew and pointed at him, "You're Hikaru." They both froze and stared and chimed, "Well...how do you know?" I pondered that for a moment and then shrugged, "Honestly, I dunno. I just...know. But I don't want Hikaru, no offence. Kaoru, come on." Neither of them moved so I rolled my eyes and guided Hikaru back to his seat on the couch with the ithers, "Good Hikaru... Anyways..."

I went back to Kaoru, who was still in shock. I stood in front of him and closed my eyes. After a second, they were open and I was crying. Everyone gasped at my rapid change. I put my hands to my heart, "K-Kaoru-kun... I don't know why but...I cannot stop thinking about you..! You are the only one on my mind at all hours of the day..." I took a step closer to him and looked him right in the eyes, "Kaoru-kun...I think I'm in love with you..! Please, tell me you feel the same..!" He stared at me in complete shock and his face slower turned deep red. My plan so far succeeding, I turned my back to him and started to rub my eyes, "Of course...how foolish of me to think that Kaoru-kun would accept my feelings...a lowly girl like me..!" I turned back to face him and I got right infront of him and looked up at him, since he was about 4 inches taller than me, "But I shall never hinder from these feelings of love that I have for you Kaoru-kun. I simply cannot... I can only hope that perhaps, one day...you will return these feelings back to me... FOr you, Kaoru-kun..." I paused dramatically and lightly pulled Kaoru down to my level by his tie, startling him, and placed us so our lips were almost touching. I continued my statement, "...are my knight, who I hope will protect me." I then kissed him lightly on his cheek and I could feel the heat from his blush on my lips. I sighed deeply and released Kaoru and took a step back from him. I turned to the others and saw their shock faces. I grinned, "Was it that good..?" Then, Hunny and Tamaki jumped up and tackled me in joy. Hunny giggled, "Rei-chan is so beautiful!" Tamaki was kinda spazzing out, "That was, indeed, beautiful Reika-chan! You simply MUST join us!" I got Tamaki off of me but let Hunny stay on my shoulders. I smiled and nodded, "...Alright. I'll join the Host Club. It might be fun. ^^"