Alright! Finally I can put this story up! This is my first Pokemon fanfic, but not my first fanfic. (I have two other published stories)

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Chapter 1: What Does Life Mean to Me?

The stars twinkled silently in the beautiful deep blue sky. The full moon illuminated my path, its light being reflected off the sparkling white snow.

I walked through the beautiful scene completely oblivious to it. My big white boots crunched through the snow as I walked glumly home from my lessons. I wore a black sweater with my big marshmallow coat hung over my shoulder, for though there had just been a large snowstorm, the skies were cloudless and it was surprisingly warm for having snow.

The path I was on had no houses, and my home was standing alone covered with snow.

I walked to the edge of the road next to a large pile of snow and lay my big coat flat on it and sat down on it in the soft snow. I crossed my legs and held my head in my hands and silently sobbed.

"What does it mean; life? What does it mean to ME, rather? Life… life is what we make it. Life is how we choose… we did not choose this!!!" My face was cold with tears running down my face. "He-he did not wish to die! I don't understand! Why is he gone?!" My heart broke as I thought of my dead cousin, practically my twin. We were born on the same day: him day and my night.

"Alex…" He died only a few days before, and my parents were attending the funeral in Kanto, where we just moved from to Sinnoh. I was left alone, not going because I thought it would be too hard on me to go, but I simply told my family that I didn't want to miss school. He was killed in a car crash, along with his younger brother. His mother was the only one surviving the collision with a semi-truck.

I held myself and rested my head on my ankles, my dark brown hair wet with tears. After almost ten more minutes of mourning, I found it in myself to get up and walk the rest of the way home.

I took the key from my neck and held it limply by my side, paying more attention to the ground then what was in front of me. I finally looked up after I walked up my steps.

Shock struck me as I noticed the door was slightly open; the window running alongside it broken and shattered, the inside of the home lighted by the row of windows on the west wall of the large living room letting in the moonlight. I held the key defensively in my hand, a sudden rush of energy surging through me due to adrenaline.

I pushed the door open wider, and it squeaked as it went. I took a few steps inside, pausing at the staircase to my left. My eyes flicked everywhere, searching for anything active. I tossed my big coat and my book bag on the largest step at the turn in the stairs, not letting my eyes leave the rest of the large room covered in bulky furniture.

It was then that I said probably the most retarded thing I could have said at the moment. "Hello?" At the sound of my voice came scuffling movement, and my heart skipped a beat. I swallowed hard, slowly walking backwards in the stiffest of movements. Then my eyes caught a glimpse of a metallic surface catching the moonlight.

I could feel myself start to breathe faster, and I tried to calm myself so as to not hypervenalate. I quickly turned and started to run as quickly and quietly as I could in my big boots, which was about a fast walk.

"I don't thinks so." I heard a male voice say from behind me with a slight chuckle in his voice, a loud bang ringing through the silent night right after.

I felt the bullet rip through the flesh on my left shoulder, a choking sound emanating from the back of my throat. My body fell like a rock, my head hitting the ice-covered ground hard, warm blood oozing out of the gash. My ears rang, and I did not hear the movement from behind me. I was pulled upright by my hair, and steel shone before my eyes.

"See this?" He said, showing off a sharp knife. "I don't care who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. NEVER get in my way, ever! Now, you face the consequences."

I felt the cold steel slice through my jugular. I took in a gasping breath, which ended up sounding more like I was choking. My eyes rolled back as my limp body fell to the ground, blood seeping out of my mouth and neck. Then everything went dark as I faintly heard the man retreat.

Then I felt like I was floating. My mind was clouded, and I felt pain in my neck and shoulder, along with an awful taste in my mouth. My eyes were blurred, and I could hardly see a thing.

A bright light suddenly shone before me, and a red and white Pokemon with a blue triangle on her chest appeared before me. I recognized the Pokemon as Latias, my favorite legendary.

The sweet creature smiled warmly at me. "Hello, Brooke." I was silent. "Do you know why you are here?"

"No. I don't even know where 'here' is." I tried to sound respectful.

"You are at the crossroads between life and death."

"Wow, wait a minute. D-Death?" My mind was freaking out, and it showed. She calmly nodded to me, as if waiting for me to say more. "I can't be dead, can I?" I said, talking to myself more than Latias. "I got shot in the shoulder, I can't be dead, people survive from gun-shot wounds all the time!" I was making up lies. "This is just a dream."

"You were shot, but you were also knifed. And, believe it or not, you have died."

"If I'm dead, then shouldn't Giritina be here to send me to the afterlife or something?"

"No. I am here to send you back." Latias was utterly calm; she even looked slightly amused.

"Wh-What? Back?"

"Your life as a human has ended; therefore a human life is no-longer available to you, but a different one is."

"You mean; I could live again, as a-"

"Yes, as a Pokemon."

"…Why am I being given a second chance? I-"

"You died before it was your time to die, as has happened to many others. Not all are given this special opportunity, but we feel that you should be granted this." It took a moment for this to register in my mind. I didn't know how to respond, so I simply asked the question weighing upon my mind.

"...When will I be...reborn?"

"Now, a few days from the time you died. Your mind has been resting. Good-bye and good-luck, I will see you in the future."

Before I could respond I was engulfed in a brilliant light, then once again my world turned to darkness.

I was covered in a warm, gooey liquid, and incased in something, which was wonderfully warm and comfortable. An abrupt voice from outside somewhere seemed to be calling to me.

"Come on, you can do it, just try a little harder."

Confused, I tried pressing against the encasement's wall, which seemed hard as a rock. I tried pressing harder, and I heard a crack in it. Light came in through the thin surface, and I pressed harder. A chunk fell out of the wall and light poured in, hurting my eyes. I pushed against it with my whole body, and soon enough I fell through the hole. I lay on bundles of towels, and was then covered and rubbed with numerous towels, drying me off.

As I was wrapped in soft blankets, my eyes finally adjusted to the light. For the first time I noticed my furry dark brown muzzle. Upon a little shifting I noticed a big fluffy tail and silver fur around my neck.

"I'm an Eevee?!" I exclaimed in shock as realized that the encounter with Latias was real and I was now Pokemon. I was shiny though, and had dark chocolate brown fur, and silvery-white fur about my neck with sage-green eyes.

The man, who I had finally noticed, looked a little shocked at my sudden outburst of 'vee's. He wore a lab coat over his red shirt, and wore tan-colored pants. Somewhere in my mind rejoiced as I recognized our old family friend, Professor Oak. Another man walked up next to him, older, seemingly, with the top of his head bald and a gray mustache. He carefully set two more eggs to the left of me, both glowing.

"Well, Professor Oak, these two eggs are for the new trainers, the ones specially picked for them." The man said in a rough voice. I noticed how my large ears uncontrollably twitched at every sound.

"Yes, that's right, Walter. Now, would you look at this Eevee? She's absolutely beautiful, but I don't remember seeing her egg the last time I visited this day-care." Oak inquired.

"We found this egg abandoned when Marta went on her walk a few days ago. Looks like she found it just in time too."

"It appears so. What do you plan on doing with the Eevee?"

"After it's off milk, we'll let 'er back into the woods." Back in the woods? I don't know what to do in the woods as an Eevee!

"Are you sure she'll be alright afterwards? Eevee is considered an uncommon Pokemon, and with all the trainers along the road she'll be attacked." Yes, please, help me!

"Well, if she does get captured by a trainer, she'll be well off now won't she? When are your two new trainers starting?"

"Hmm… Zach Mitchell and Taylor Fares just turned the rightful age of fourteen, and will start their journey two weeks from tomorrow; and if I'm correct then that will be the day after the new Pokemon get off formula, making the timing perfect." I thought about this. Zach and Taylor were both my friends, and if I had stayed in Kanto I would have started a journey with them.

"My timing's horrible…" I mumbled glumly.

Suddenly a paw punched through the front of one of the eggs, then a head followed it. Another paw connected the holes and now a Vulpix body emerged. She tried to step out of her egg, but fell short. She looked behind her to notice that one of her hind legs had punched a hole in the back of the egg and was now stuck. She tugged and pulled but to no avail. She let out a low growl and fired an ember at the side of the egg, turning it to charcoal. With a slight grin she stepped out of the egg and met the awaiting towels.

So Taylor's Pokemon is a Vulpix.

Suddenly I noticed something odd about the Vulpix, but then my mind provided the information I wanted.

Although I had read about it, this was the first time I had seen a newborn Vulpix's single snow-white tail. In my books it said that when Vulpix are born, they have one single snow-white tail. As they get older and their bodies stronger, more tails grow from the one single tail as they can support more weight. I now knew they were absolutely true.

She ignored the blankets, her fire body keeping her warm. Comfortable, she lay down and seemingly dozed off.

Then a paw went through the top of the other egg, then another. They pulled down on the egg, and a blue head popped out of the hole. The Pokemon burst out of the egg using quick-attack and landed easily on the table.

The men stood stunned for a moment, which was my reaction also. They then proceeded in wrapping the Pokemon in towels. He had a blue body and a black chest and feet. Large black antenna-like things hung from the side of his head. I noticed the Pokemon as Riolu.

And Zach's is a Riolu. He's right, perfectly matched for both.

Realizing I was an Eevee gave me many possibilities for evolving. So many possibilities, only one can be chosen, and that one will determine how I live the rest of my Pokemon life.

I thought about how Latias said that I died before my time, giving me the opportunity to become Pokemon. Alex died before his time, as did his younger brother, Nick. Did they get the same chance I did? The thought of their death made me feel suddenly very depressed instead of the surprise I had felt a few moments ago.

The Riolu noticed, his antenna things sticking up and he was faced in my direction. He didn't say anything, which was one of the things I liked about him. If I said one more word, my voice would break and I would start sobbing uncontrollably.

Walter came forward with two pokeballs, which absorbed the Vulpix and Riolu, Marta, his wife, coming in while he did so.

"Well ain't she just the cutest little button you've ever seen?" She said, holding me in her arms. "I'm gonna go in the living room with her now to watch some television." Before Walter could say a word, she scurried out of the hatching room and settled herself on a big blue sofa.

She held me tightly, making me uncomfortable as she pulled at the fur between my ears. The TV flipped on to the news, a woman appearing on the screen. I sighed as I realized I couldn't read the words printed at the bottom of the screen. It made perfect sense, but that didn't mean I liked it any better.

"Today the police are investigating a murder scene in Snowpoint, Sinnoh. A fourteen-year-old girl was found dead outside of her home, first shot in the left shoulder then killed with a knife to the throat. Further investigation shows that the house was robbed while the family was in Kanto, leaving her alone. The family has yet to return to confirm what has been stolen, but we assume from the mess of the house that whatever the thief was looking for was found. On a different note dating shows that she has been dead for two days now, her home out sitting without neighbors." The news lady announced. I sat bewildered at my own death story. Professor Oak walked in as she said the next sentence. "The girl was identified as Brooke Thomas."

Professor Oak gasped in horror upon hearing my name.

"Is something wrong Professor?" Walter asked from behind him.

I knew what was wrong. The Professor and I were very close, and he might not take the news of my death too well. I felt sorry for him, and everyone else I knew who was watching at the moment.

"Brooke Thomas, she's...dead. You remember the girl who would always stop by to help with the Pokemon at my lab, right?"

"Yeah, the one who was just about always at your lab? I remember her. How'd she die, Marta?" From the way he talked he didn't sound very concerned.

"Reports say someone broke into their home. She was killed a few nights ago." She replied with the same sort of voice as her husband.

"Oh... that-that's horrible..." Oak's face went extremely pale, and tears were welling up in his eyes. "I-I think I'll go now. It's getting late." And with that Professor Oak walked out the door with the two pokeballs.

I was then placed in a sort of pen, and I fell asleep using my tail as a blanket.

I woke up the next morning and was fed a bottle of formula milk, which was strange to me, that and not having thumbs. Other than being fed I was ignored. Given the circumstances, I decided to use the next two weeks to learn how to walk. I started by bringing my back legs straight and bracing them, looking like a dog stretching. Then I brought my front legs up, and tried to balance. This didn't work out well, and my legs fell under the weight of my new body. I realized that it wouldn't be as simple as I thought it would be.

When Walter wasn't looking, Marta placed a large red ball in my pen. I found this as an opportunity to exercise, and I used it. I would bat the ball around with my front legs, and when it went out of reach of my short legs I would shuffle myself over and bat it around some more. Eventually hitting the heavy ball was no problem, and feeling successful I tried walking again.

I braced my back legs and straightened my front. Miraculously I rediscovered my balance and was able to stand. I tried taking steps, finding it awkward to move both hind and front legs at once. Soon I was walking perfectly, and started hitting the ball while walking to keep my balance up, then running.

Faster than I realized the two weeks was up, and after a lot of pain my new teeth, along with little fangs, were in.

"Oh! I'm gonna miss you!" Marta told me as Walter was preparing to take me back into the woods.

He drove out of Viridian and stopped at the entrance of the dark woods. He walked into the woods a little, than let me out of the carrier after a little ways in.

Without a word, he turned around and left, and I was left alone.