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A flurry of thoughts flew through her head as Kallen sat alone atop the couch in her room aboard the Ikaruga. They were thoughts of the recent events, of what had happened in the desolate reaches of northern India with Rakshata. They were also thoughts of the future, thoughts of her future, its uncertainty, its many possibilities.

She could have chosen to dismiss it as a dreary daydream, but she couldn't. The sunrise just seemed too real. She couldn't just deny that she saw it. She wouldn't want to anyway. It was beautiful. She wanted to feel it's warmth and radiance again.

The memories still spinning, Kallen hardly recognized the sound of her door opening, and two figures entering her room quietly, sitting down across from her. Only when she detected the faint scent of pizza in the air did she look down to see Zero and C.C. were before her once more.

"Y-yes sir, what orders do you have?" Kallen started, somewhat startled.

"Nothing like that, Kallen," the young man said as he pulled off his mask, revealing his face. "I had heard you were awake now, and thought I'd assess your condition."

"I guess you want to hear about it, huh?" Kallen said, slightly bitter. After returning to the Ikaruga after the ordeal in India, Kallen was on the brink of collapsing. Exhaustion saw her lose an entire day to sleep. As such, it had been two days since the incident; this was her first meeting with the Black Knights' leader since before she left.

"I already debriefed Rakshata on the mission. I'm here solely to check on you," Lelouch said calmly, a slight smirk on his lips.

"How is she?" Kallen asked at once upon hearing the woman's name.

"She was quite shaken obviously, but seems better with rest. For noncombat personnel to encounter a situation like that, it's unfortunate," Lelouch said, looking down.

"You're the one who sent us out there knowing something like that could happen…" Kallen said dryly, letting her stare move past the man and instead find the green haired girl casually eating pizza next to him.

"True. I realized the danger. I had nothing but faith you'd be able to handle the situation, and you did," Lelouch said with an unapologetic stare.

"You can say that as much as you like, Lelouch. Things must seem a lot easier when you're just the one moving the pieces," Kallen said somewhat deliberately. Her superior's smirk deepened.

"I suppose I have made light of what you had to face. It couldn't have been easy to make it through all that and protect someone else in addition to yourself. I apologize for putting you through all this," Lelouch said sincerely. Kallen gave a small laugh to herself. It wasn't worth it being angry with Lelouch; this was all behind her now.

"So how has the Federation responded to the incident? I hadn't heard…" Kallen asked; animosity behind her, she had become curious.

"The six Knightmare Frames you encountered in the Himalayan foothills belonged to Britannian soldiers who had illegally crossed the Federation's borders. The Chinese Federation had initiated a sweeping search of the area to locate and apprehend them when they were eliminated," Lelouch recounted, a full smirk on his lips.

"Figures they'd spin it like that. Guess nothing's changed for now," Kallen said with a slight sigh.

"For now, yes. The mere fact that the High Eunuchs had obtained Britannian Knightmares leads me to believe things won't be as they are much longer," Zero said evenly.

"When the time comes to fight them, I'll be happy to let Guren get some revenge," Kallen said with a bit of force.

"I see no problem with that," Lelouch gave a small laugh.

Kallen smiled. She found herself silent for a moment as she wondered what she should say; what she should do. This man had obviously held her attention for some time, but no memories with him were as vibrant as that sunrise. He was still Lelouch, he still had his same charm, but it somehow felt hollow to Kallen now, like she was done with it, like there was something better available to her.

"Luckily, I don't see any immediate signs of things flaring up," Lelouch said breaking the silence. "You and Guren will have plenty of time to recover before then."

"I see… that's good to hear…" Kallen said, a little uneasily, forcing herself to focus on the one in front of her.

"Yes," Lelouch said simply, standing up as he did; C.C. didn't stand and rather just continued eating her slice of pizza. "I can see I have no cause to worry about you, Kallen. You seem well."

"Wait, Lelouch, there's something I want to ask you first," Kallen started, her voice immediate in tone.

"Of course. What is it, Kallen?" Lelouch asked, smiling as he faced the girl.

Kallen paused as she thought how to phrase what continued to eat at her mind. Eventually she started to speak, in a slightly shaky voice, "If you weren't Zero, if you were just Lelouch, what would you think of me?"

Lelouch looked at her surprised. C.C gave a short laugh to herself. Kallen just continued to gaze ahead waiting for an answer. One inevitably came. "A difficult question… Really it's doubtful I'd have ever got to know you anywhere beyond your facade at school."

Kallen closed her eyes and then looked down. She spoke softly, "I see…" She looked back up at him with an intense stare. "Does that promise you made before I left, that when this is all over, well go back to Ashford together, still stand?"

Lelouch smirked as his eyes lit with surprise again. C.C. began to chew her pizza loudly. The young man spoke sincerely. "Of course. It's a promise."

"Right," Kallen nodded as she stood up. She paused fore taking a step toward the door. "Zero, what's your stance on relationships within the Black Knights?"

Lelouch looked even more surprised by this question than the others. C.C. was glaring pretty hard at the other girl. Kallen just stared at the door with a distant smile. After a while Lelouch opened his mouth. "It's best for the Black Knights to be focused on the tasks at hand until our fight has ended. That said, I will not stand in the way of romance if both parties are interested in pursuing it."

"Understood, sir. I'll keep that in mind," Kallen replied in a firm voice, taking another step toward the door. A pizza box was soon thrust in front of her path.

"You want some pizza?" C.C. offered with an amused smirk. Kallen stopped.

"Sure. Why not?" Kallen replied as she grabbed a piece from the box. She hadn't had the opportunity to eat much since she woke up and it smelt pretty good. Taking a bite as she walked forward, she found it tasted pretty good as well. She was enjoying it so much she almost missed the look of shock and disbelief on the green-haired girl's face.

"Rakshata should be in her room, correct?" Kallen asked, opening the door, prepared to step out.

"That wouldn't be quite like her, would it?" Lelouch responded with a short laugh. He had replaced his mask on his face.

"You're right, it wouldn't," Kallen responded, a smile on her face. She exited her room, eating her slice of pizza as she made her way through Ikaruga's corridors.

Eventually she found her way to the Knightmare Frame hangar. She opened the heavy door and stepped inside. Loud metallic sounds filled the large room. Kallen looked around and quickly found the familiar red frame. She looked up at it. Guren still looked beaten up. Several mechanics were working at repairing it. Standing right in front of it all, supervising everything, was the woman Kallen sought. She walked up to her.

"Miss Kozuki, come to check on our dear Guren?" Rakshata asked in a high voice when she noticed the other's presence. A slight smile crept onto her lips.

"Yeah. Looks like things are going smoothly," Kallen said softly as she stared up at the machine, her own smile not so slight.

"So it seems. Our Guren should be as good as new before long in these capable hands," Rakshata said, nodding at the Black Knights' repair team, hard at work.

Both women stared at Guren silently for a moment, Kallen unsure of how to approach the subject weighing most heavily on her heart. Eventually she decided to just be direct. In a reserved voice she began, "R-Rakshata, you know, I've been thinking about it a lot…"

"Thinking about what, Kozuki?" Rakshata replied coolly, putting her pipe to her lips as she continued staring at Guren.

"You know, what you said to me that morning… when we were headed back…" Kallen meekly answered, her heart beating faster than before.

"Oh that," Rakshata's smile became a bit more full. "I expected you'd write all that off as some kind of dream when you awoke…"

"I didn't. It's all still so clear to me," Kallen responded, looking down, still feeling incredibly shy.

"So what did you decide?" Rakshata asked; she still didn't look at the other, only at the machine in front of them.

"I-I stand by what I said then..." Kallen said, her anxiety reaching a peak. Finally Rakshata turned to her.

"I'm surprised to hear you say that," the scientist said levelly. Glancing back at Guren she questioned, "are you sure? You really have no reason you must entertain a woman like me."

"I-I don't know… I just… back then… it felt right… like it could really work," Kallen said, brokenly, remembering that not too distant morning, a smile on her face.

"A child does grow up best when its parents love one another," Rakshata smoothly remarked, breaking into a full smile.

"Yeah, so for Guren... we should…" Kallen smiled awkwardly as she said this; Rakshata just seemed so hard to approach at the moment.

"Yep, for Guren," Rakshata laughed.

"So… uh…" Kallen started, unsure of what to say.

"I suppose I can trust Guren in these hands for now, if you'd prefer a more private place to speak, Kallen," the older woman said, turning around and placing her pipe at her lips.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Kallen smiled, turning to follow the other. They exited the hangar, stopping to wave at their "child" as they did, before taking the short walk to Rakshata's room aboard the Ikaruga. Entering it the scientist immediately found a spot on her large couch. She motioned for the other to sit right beside her.

"This is better," Kallen said with a smile as she sat down.

Rakshata gave a short laugh before bending in close to the other. Kallen tilted her head to face her. Their lips met for a few seconds before Rakshata pulled away with a smile. "Isn't it?"

"Yeah…" Kallen whispered softly.

"It's strange a girl as young and beautiful as you would be taken with me, but I really can't complain," Rakshata giggled, placing an arm around Kallen and caressing her face.

"It's not like you're any less attractive than me, Rakshata. And you're such an… intriguing… person to be around," Kallen said deliberately, staring at the other.

"Well, thank you," Rakshata gave another high laugh. "That deserves another one of these," she added before pressing her lips to Kallen's sensually. Kallen gave a short shiver in response to the contact.

"Thanks…" Kallen blushed.

"It's kind of fun that the commanding woman who saved my life the other night is such a shy romantic in private," Rakshata teased, her arm slipping down to the girl's waist. It was strange being held like that, but it was still nothing but conformable for Kallen.

"S-shut up…" Kallen said without emphasis, blushing even more.

"As you wish," Rakshata smirked; her hand traveled up to Kallen's breast, causing her to become fully alert.

"What are you--?" Kallen started, squirming under the ouch; her face still red.

"It's unfortunate, but a floating battleship like the Ikaruga isn't the most suitable environment in which to foster a blossoming romance. There are really very few activities available to us," Rakshata said, her voice high and seductive.

"T-true… but I'm not sure I can do… this just yet…" Kallen nervously, still trying in vain to evade the other's touch.

"Okay. Suit yourself. I'll let you rest the remainder of the day, if that's your wish," Rakshata said, stopping everything and removing her arm from around the other girl. Kallen realized immediately that she didn't want it end like that. She wanted to do more with the woman sitting next to her.

"Actually, I don't mind… you know… if you really want…" Kallen blushed some more as she said this.

Rakshata gave a humored, sexy laugh. "Good choice," she taunted before initiating another kiss.

This was a different sort of kiss. It was far more frantic and passionate. It seemed to last forever. Kallen parted her lips, allowing her tongue to escape, eager to taste the other woman's lips. Rakshata copied the gesture freeing her own tongue to lash against her new lover's as their mouths joined. The warmth, the feel of Rakshata's mouth was all so alluring and beautiful; even the not so faint taste of pipe tobacco on Rakshata's breath was not unpleasant, but rather inviting, familiar and somehow even intoxicating.

Eventually the long kiss broke and the two locked eyes. Rakshata gave a sexy smile before placing a series of short kisses at her lover's cheek and neck. Her hand found Kallen's bust again and began to massage it through her shirt. Kallen didn't resist this time, but rather just gave off soft moans. She was eager to feel more.

"This should be fun," Rakshata cooed, eagerness clear in her eyes. Her hands moved downward to the hem of the other's shirt. Kallen shivered with anticipation as it was pulled over her head. She blushed a little as the simple bra she wore under it was removed quickly after it.

Rakshata stared at Kallen's chest for a moment a smile on her face. Kallen felt vulnerable under the other woman's gaze but she was definitely eager. Rakshata gave a soft laugh before joining her lips to Kallen's once more as she lied her back onto the couch, crawling up over her. Her hands found the soft flesh of Kallen's bust and began to massage it.

"Feel good?" Rakshata asked, puling just an inch away from Kallen's lips.

"Yeah…" Kallen cooed out between soft moans as she enjoyed the feel of Rakshata's fingers pressing into the supple flesh of her breast. Rakshata kissed her again for the reply. When she broke away, she straddled herself downward, and slid an arm behind the girl.

Kallen gave a long moan as she felt Rakshata's tongue flicker out against her breast, bathing an erect nipple is saliva. It felt good. Rakshata's tongue moving up and down across the hardened nub while the woman held Kallen in an embrace. When the scientist's free hand moved to continue massaging the other breast Kallen felt even more helpless under the touch.

Rakshata's position shifted slightly, as her head slid over to the other breast, gracing it with much heated tongue. She'd occasionally take the whole nipple in her mouth and give it a gentle suck, followed by a quick series of licks. Kallen found she rather enjoyed the way this felt. Her hand went to the back of Rakshata's head as if in an effort to keep her there forever. After Rakshata's free hand moved down between Kallen's thighs and began to feel at the dampening front of the girl's shorts, Kallen began to think that maybe she'd prefer things progress instead.

Rakshata, perhaps sensing the desire in the other, pulled off of Kallen's sizable, seductive bust and bent in for another long, tongue-filled kiss. Kallen met the other's tongue eagerly, relishing the taste of it against her own as their mouths remained locked together for a long time. When the fire of the kiss subsided Rakshata was wearing a smirk. She straddled down the girl further this time and found the hem of her shorts. Kallen enthusiastically lifted herself off the couch just enough so that they could be removed.

She gave another high moan as she felt Rakshata's hand again, this time directly against the fabric of her very moist panties. The sensation was beyond anything she had felt. She wanted to feel more. She wasn't going to wait for Rakshata to move beyond teasing; she removed the final piece of cloth herself, tossing it to the floor callously, exposing her most private bits to the other woman shyly but earnestly.

"You don't know how seductive you are…" Rakshata almost purred as she closed in deliberately, her hands finding the inside of Kallen's thighs and spreading them further apart as she inched her head even further forward. She removed one hand and brought it up, letting two of tis fingers trace up and down Kallen's sensitive slit as she stared into it. Kallen began to pant a little as her body squirmed beyond her control. When Rakshata's hand returned to her thigh and was replaced by her long, warm tongue moving up and down, filling Kallen's sex, she knew for a fact she was completely at the woman's mercy.

Kallen couldn't help but moan and writhe at each little motion of tongue. It was incredible. The slickness, the moisture, the heat, everything between Rakshata's tongue and her sex, she could feel it all and it was amazing. She didn't want Rakshata to stop; she wanted to feel the older woman's tongue flickering madly against her clit as long as possible.

Rakshata did end it eventually, however. She gave a few slow, full licks across the entirety of her lover's sex before withdrawing. She didn't leave her lover waiting for long before replacing her hand at the lips of the opening, now completely lubricated with her saliva and Kallen's sexual juices. Two long fingers slipped in with ease, penetrating Kallen deeply. She gave a sharp moan as her insides were stimulated with each successive thrust.

Soon Kallen's hips were bucking with each pulse of the woman's hand. The repeated movements made her large breasts bounce back and forth. One of her own hands found it's way up to one and began to massage it softly, pressing the nipple between two fingers. Rakshata gave a high laugh at the gesture and then bent forward, extending her tongue so as it stimulated the other nipple.

The mix of sensations was impossible to bear. Each sharp thrust, the sensations visited upon her breasts, it all worked together to bring her closer and closer to the edge with each passing moment. Then Rakshata hurried things along even more. Keeping and actually increasing the tempo of her thrusts, she lifted herself up to place a kiss at Kallen's panting, open mouth. Kallen could do little to kiss back, but just staring into her lover's eyes as her tongue graced her lips was enough to send her spiraling into a massive climax; her whole body shaking wildly as it was filled with an incredible warmness.

Kallen wrapped her arms around her lover as Rakshata removed her hand. Their lips met, this time for a proper kiss. It was long and sensual. It wasn't quite as frantic as some before as Kallen's was still recovering her energy but it was beautiful. When it broke, Rakshata sat back onto the couch, the two fingersthat had been inside Kallen found their way to her lips and her tongue extended to lick them clean. She smirked as the other girl sat up as well.

"You're turn now..." Rakshata said in a very light, amused voice.

"Of course," Kallen cooed sexually, eager to undress and enjoy her new lover for the first time. She gave her a short kiss on the lips before letting her hands find the inside of the woman's lab coat. She tugged at it and Rakshata moved herself so as it could be removed and tossed aside.

The coat gone, Kallen concentrated on the next layer, her hands moving to Rakshata's exposed midriff before inching upward under her tight fitting shirt which accentuated her perfectly trim figure and ample bust line. She pulled it up over the woman's head and then fought with the clasp of the bra underneath, revealing the woman's beautiful breasts to Kallen's eyes for the first time.

Kallen's hands moved immediately to greet the soft flesh. It felt nice. Rakshata's breasts was comparatively small to Kallen's own but they were still good-sized and had a very beautiful shape; her nipples were also quite responsive and beautiful. Kallen couldn't hold back for long and bent forward over the woman, to taste one against her tongue. Her tongue did more than get a simple taste in the end; it took to exploring the whole of the fleshy mound, leaving behind a warm trail of saliva.

"That feels good…" Rakshata cooed, her arms wrapping around the other girl. Kallen pulled away and smiled at her for a moment before moving in for a kiss, pushing the other back and pressing against her so their breasts were in contact with one another. Rakshata quickly intensified both the kiss and the embrace, holding her lover firmly to her body.

Kallen soon broke the kiss, leaving a strand of saliva between their tongues, and went back to the woman's chest. She concentrated some strong licks on the thus far unattended breast while she pressed her own bust against Rakshata's stomach. The older woman moaned pleasantly as her hands moved to the back of Kallen's head, playing with her hair.

Kallen pressed downward, placing quick kisses at the beautiful, toned dark skin of her lover's stomach before reaching the hem of the older woman's pants. Rakshata gave a bit of a smirk as she took the hint and stood to remove them quickly along with the patines she wore underneath. She then sat back down, and spread her legs part, presenting herself to the other.

Kallen slid down to her knees on the floor, and eased herself in between Rakshata's thighs. She stared in awe at the women's beautiful, glistening, pink slit for a long moment, before deciding to touch it. Her hand moved up and she let two fingers trace their way through the very dap opening, causing Rakshata to give off a pleasured moan. Kallen couldn't resist after that. She just bent forward and let her tongue find it's way inside.

Rakshata gave a series of very sexy moans as Kallen's tongue went wild. Kallen was surprised she could enjoy such a thing, but that didn't change the fact that she really did. She couldn't get enough. Rakshata's scent, her taste, her moans, the dirty sounds her tongue made against the wet flesh, the slick feel of it inside, all of it was somehow spellbinding. Kallen's tongue was moving faster than she would have thought possible.

Her hands went to Rakshata's thighs to steady them as she tried her best to make it move somehow even faster. Rakshata's moans were becoming less subdued and more raw and frantic. A mixture of the copious liquid coming out of Rakshata's sex and Kallen's own saliva was spilling out and trickling rapidly don the side of her face, but she did nothing to stop it. She was lost in the act.

Rakshata's moans reached an even higher level as Kallen took to concentrating her tongues efforts almost entirely on her engorged clit. She was breathing heavy and moving wildly as well. Kallen just kept at it, pushing her tongue up and out again and again until Rakshata let out a fierce pleasured cry. Her body shook several times before becoming still. Kallen greedily licked up the new fluid produced in her lover's climax before pulling herself up and sitting next to the woman next more.

Kallen waited for Rakshata's breathing to become at least somewhat steady before she pushed forward for a deep, very wet kiss. Rakshata's hands moved to hold her and soon they were embracing once more. The older woman momentarily broke the kiss to lick some of the fluid residue off of Kallen's face before she thrust her tongue back in the woman's mouth for a while longer. It was long time before both women were done. When it was over both women were embracing each other lightly as they sat atop the couch.

"That was good…" Kallen cooed hazily. It had felt almost dreamlike.

"I made a mistake not trying this sooner," Rakshata said with a short laugh and a shake of her head.

"It was so much better than I would have imagined..." Kallen said in a quiet, feminine voice.

"The sensations certainly pass those reached in self-stimulation," the other said with a level expression. Kallen gave her own cute laugh.

"I never thought I'd do that with another girl, but that just seemed right," Kallen said, snuggling close to her lover.

"Honestly, I didn't either. I'm quite happy I changed my mind and decided to go for it now," Rakshata smirked as she affectionately rubbed Kallen's thigh a little.

Kallen was surprised by this words. Her dreamy condition vanished and she became more herself. "What's that mean? I thought you said you were into girls before..."

"Oh, I was," Rakshata gave a reflective smile as she stared ahead at nothing. "After that girl I told you about rejected me, I decided it wasn't worth it to try anymore. I decided I'd just focus all my love on my children instead."

Kallen's expression became sad. She didn't like hearing this. "You can't just let one girl get to you like that. I'm sure it really hurt, but giving up…"

"It wasn't her fault really. I didn't think I needed it. It didn't seem worth it to me. I was actually half glad that girl rejected me," Rakshata spoke in a somewhat tired, downcast voice.

"Why's that?" Kallen asked, her expression distraught.

"My parents were very traditional. They had wanted their daughter to be wife to some man of respect, not a respectable woman in her own right. Our relationship was rocky for awhile but fell apart entirely when I went to Britannia for school. I always held onto the hope that maybe I could repair those bonds some day, and of corse, if I had chosen to pursue certain interests of mine that hope would have become a very foolish one." Rakshata explained in an off-cuff fashion. Kallen knew for a fact she was the first person Rakshata had ever told this to.

"You said the other day you were content with being distant from your family? Was that a lie?" Kallen asked looking at her lover a little confused.

"Not really. I became content with it over time. I realized after a number of years that that hope was foolish from the start. We haven't talked once since I left. I doubt they even know me anymore. They certainly don't have any interest in rebuilding lost bonds. I lost interest in the whole matter eventually, but still clung to the notion it was better for me to stick with my children, that anything else would be too much trouble," Rakshata clarified, a bit of a frown on her face. Kallen's expression became more somber.

"I see…" Kallen started, unsure how to respond.

"If I had known being with someone was this, I doubt I'd have stayed open long enough for you," Rakshata said with a laugh, picking up the mood.

"I'm glad it all happened the way it did then," Kallen said with a smile, bending in to place a playful kiss on the other's lips.

"Me too. I doubt I'd have found anything as good as you," Rakshata said sweetly, smiling back at her lover.

Kallen didn't speak for a moment. She just smiled and felt the other woman's embrace. Eventually she arrived on an ironic point she decided to express. "It's odd how you strive to be such a good mother, yet didn't have a strong relationship with your own parents."

"I'm probably compensating. Trying to make up for what I never had," Rakshata responded a smirk on her face.

"I guess that makes sense," Kallen nodded.

"You've had strained relationships with your parents as well. I wonder if you'll be the same," Rakshata pondered, looking up at the ceiling.

"I've never really thought of myself as the motherly type, but I have a feeling that Guren is one child I can definitely handle," Kallen replied, a confident smirk on her face.

"I'm sure," sighed the other playfully.

Kallen lingered a while longer in her lover's embrace before standing from the couch. She began to collect their clothing from the floor.

"Good idea. This has been fun, but it can't last forever. It's the middle of the day; people are bound to come looking for us at any time," Rakshata said, standing as well. She retrieved her pipe before anything else, and quickly lit it and placed it at her lips.

"Yeah…. I'll be back tonight…" Kallen said, as she started to pull her clothing back on.

"Tonight, huh?" Rakshata laughed. "I get the feeling I'll be seeing you quite regularly in the coming days then, Miss Kozuki," she said in a humored voice.

"You don't mind do you?" Kallen asked almost teasingly. The other just smiled.

"See you tonight, Kallen," she replied in a very warm voice.

"Yeah, tonight," Kallen said after she finished dressing. She made her way toward the door, her head for once filled with nothing but the most content of thoughts.

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