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Summary: Isla Sorna the island that InGen began new cloning of Dinosaurs. A young Ranger is trapped there after the Compound on the Isle is overrun, and fights for Survival. Until an impossible thing occurs. This is the story of the young Ranger, who lives with the Velociraptors.

A breeze was blowing gently as the sun reached its peak over Isla Sorna, the infamous Island where InGen cloned the prehistoric dinosaurs. A young man dressed in a military style camouflage( A/N: Think of Call of Duty 4) , with a Jurassic Park Ranger hat, the symbol was on the left side of the hat, and had the icon of the T-Rex on it in yellow.

The Ranger's name was Luke Anderson, he was the youngest employee of the InGen Corporation, roughly 18 years of age, green eyes, had short dark brown hair, Caucasian, and he was the protégé of his generation.

I had gotten into to survival school, at only 13, it was only a 5 month course of basic skills in tracking, surviving, and shooting a rifle. Though I was a natural in my class, and quickly excelled my fellow classmates who some were adults. During my time at the school, I actually got an invitation to a U.S Marine military camp for about the whole year. It was the real military though at the same time a test for a specific company. Still since I got excellent marks in tracking, shooting, and surprisingly first aid.

It was here that an In-Gen Representative was looking at the young group of candidates who were all over eighteen but I wasn't and the representative was none other then John Hammond himself. He and his company were looking for select individuals to become his Park Rangers at Jurassic Park. When Hammond saw me, assuming I thought he was shocked to see a 14 year old teenager in this camp.

Later through the year John watched the young man at the camp, and was thinking the impossible since its what he did in Jurassic Park. He looked over his file to see his parents dead, died in a plane crash in the Alps of Europe when he was 5, and had no relatives. His Drill Sergeant said to him once that the boy could become a great Sniper in the Army if he joined up at the age of 18, but John had a gleam in his eye when he pulled the young man into an interview. Luke still remembers it to this day.

- Flash Back -

John Hammond the CEO of a major Company was in front of a 15 year old Luke Anderson, and he was damned nervous! It wasn't every other day that a major CEO interviewed a teenager for a job! It was unheard off from what he knew. John walked into the lounge inside the main building of the camp, and the old man was walking in with a cane.

"Hello Mr. Anderson, I'm John Hammond of InGen Corporations, and I have a job I want you to full fill." he said kindly in as he smiled at the boy.

"Why would you want me! A fifteen year old kid like me sir? I'm not legally able to get a job." My eyes were wide as I said this with a nervous look at Mr. Hammond, and he was curious in why.

"Well Luke, your talented in your field of expertise, and its required in one of my parks that I hope to make." My jaw practically was dropped to the floor, as he sat stunned at the smiling elderly man that was asking him, to accept a Job at one of the Tycoon's Thriller Parks! The man was richer then god as everyone knew this.

"What park is it sir?" I asked in a low voice, damn wasn't I just excited, and well I tried to be calm but John saw through it as it was any young person's dream to be at a famous park. " Does that mean you want to work there?" he asked gently giving his grandpa look at the boy who nodded nervously.

"Great, but first there are three things you must agree to, since well I can't put it on a contract till you graduate at sixteen for its legal to sign by law." I nodded since he had a smile on his face. I looked over this fact as I was getting a real job, and that meant no more Foster Care for me, I thankfully thought this was awesome.

Hammond continued, " The first condition is that you'll be on an Island off the coast of Costa Rica, second your salary will be any price you name." at this Luke swore, " Your Shitting me right?" Hammond simply chuckled at the vulgar from the young boy since it was understandable.

" Oh the third is, how much are you interested in Dinosaurs Luke?" said John as the boy spoke in an excited tone, " I love to read about them, and well once my dream was to be a Paleontologist." I said simply to the CEO who simply said, " Excellent you'll love the Island." with that Luke continued his training until his Sixteenth birthday only a month later, and he was sent to Isla Sorna.

- End Flash Back -

I sighed since waiting up in a tree for some sign of a herbivore to come across, and hopefully be small enough to kill. All I had was my camo, hat, a few energy bars, a small pack filled with some medical supplies, and I also had been able to get weapons before the facility here was overrun by the Carnivores.

I looked down to see I had an eight inch hunting knife that gleamed sliver in the sunlight, and one hunting rifle with a scope. For so little things, for me it was enough for heaven to live everyday. My rifle had 3 clips with 30 rounds each in it plus the one I was using. Here I was sitting in a tree hunting dinosaurs on an overrun island with no other human alive. Great fucking day it was here now.

"Why did I take this job." I groaned to himself as my stomach growled from the lack of meat to fill it. " Oh yeah that's why, money. It's all about the pay Luke." I scowled to myself. Even though I was a Ranger for this god forsaken Isle it was still dangerous to a person whose never set foot here.

I knew what predators were on this Island, Spinosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus-Rex, a few smaller species, and the Velociraptors, the smartest dinosaurs on record. Just as smart as prime-apes, maybe human if the genetic enhancements came through. ( A/N: Exaggeration on my part but I love smart Dino's)

"Christ were is a plant eater when you need one?" I said sighing, they had cloned over 23 species of herbivores and not one was near me, really! I heard something before then stayed silent in my perch above the ground which was a good fifteen feet. I had been living out here for two weeks so far, the what was left of the compound was a mystery to me since I wasn't one to look at a Rampaging Spinosaurus wrecking everything.

SNAP! My eyes looked down to my right, and I pulled out my rifle to view what animal was going through the undergrowth below me. It was food but it was a small horned dinosaur a cousin of the Triceratops, it was a styracasaurus, it had one long curved horn, it was six feet long, but only four feet high. Its head had the horn, and it was apparently forging for plants in the undergrowth.

I stayed absolutely silent knowing that even up here I could startle the near blind dinosaur though its smell, and hearing were good. Carefully I got into sitting position, and carefully started to aim my rifle at the dinosaur.

Breathing steady, I got the scope revealing the herbivore only twenty yards away to my right, and I hoped the gun would pierce its skull.

Through it I saw the animal munching away on some shrubs, and I could see its eyes moved to look around, the yellowish green of the animal. I waited as it put its head down again, and my nerves pulled the trigger. BAM! The shot echoed, and startled the birds in the tree I was in, and the dinosaur that was hit was now limp. A bullet hole that was half an inch in diameter was in its right face, and I felt a moment of regret knowing I was to watch these animals but survival was survival in anyplace.

I waited for a few minutes just in case for any other sign of life to come investigate the noise as many of these animals did. The jungle was silent for several minutes, as I tensed waiting for something to come investigate the echo of my gunshot.

Taking a deep breathe, I decided to climb from the safety of my tree perch, and descended onto the jungle floor, and I was then swarmed immediately by insects. " Ok nothing yet." whispering to myself as I pulled out my knife, and walked over to the dead animal, and begun to cut into the body.

I ate a raw piece and my stomach lurched as I had swallowed the bite size meat. "If I ever get a fire, this is becoming roasted lizard." I muttered as the taste of the meat was surprisingly chicken. Dinosaur meat tastes like chicken as I thought for a few moments in disbelief. It was just wrong, but hey I went with it.

The body of the dead animal was soon spilling with blood at my Ranger issued boots and I continued to eat much as possible before finding a spot to rest, and hopefully watch my back. I knew that Hammond's company wouldn't send a rescue party to the Isle as the man who replaced Hammond wasn't as sympathetic to human life.

Sitting next to the body my body was trying as much as humanely as possible to block out the bare taste, and flavor of the raw meat. It was warm, but the coppery taste of blood was on every piece I ate. Laying my gun down at my side, I continued to find a piece of the body that was untouched, and I failed to notice movement in front of him in the bushes. Something moved ahead of me as I heard something.

SNAP! My eye's shot my head up right away at the sound of a twig snap, and I felt my blood freeze over at what was not even thirty feet in front of me. The two massive claws were on both of its feet, and the narrow head, in front of me was a female Velociraptor, I could tell since I had actually seen the pack of raptors when they hatched. Also I knew that male's had a bluish hide, with feathers on them, while females did not.

I froze in complete horror as the Raptor stared right back at me with its yellow eyes, and it hissed jaw widening at the human in front of it. My eyes darted toward the weapon now at my side, and I wondered how long it would take for the predator to cover the distance if I even moved to take a shot.

The raptor stepped forward slowly, and I caught sight of something on its right leg. I then noticed that the raptor had a bad limp, and suddenly the raptor's leg gave way underneath as it sank into a damp part of the growth. A pain chirp came from the down dinosaur, and it was breathing as if the thing was tired, and hungry from how thin she looked.

I was with sympathy as I looked at the dinosaur with a saddened look in my eyes, and I felt sorry for the once proud predator. I sighed sadly, since I wondered if I should put it out of its misery, or attempt to examine what was wrong with the female's leg. " I know I'm going to regret this." I grumbled as the raptor sent a threatening hiss to him at the sound of my voice.

Getting his knife I started to cut a massive piece of the dead carcass, as I was doing this the Raptor looked at me with a bit of curiosity. She saw the two legged hunter continue gorging on his kill, and wondered why not attack? It clearly saw her weak, and vulnerable to attack. She saw the two legged hunter left its head toward her.

I took a deep sigh, as I cut a good sized chunk of meat for the raptor to feed on, as I would attempt to look at her leg. It was my job to observe the animals, and report any fatal injuries so the scientists at the Compound could study the body of the animal. It was my official yet not official job to the public past Isla Sorna's shores, so I technically didn't exist to the world beyond this island.

Sheathing my knife onto my belt, I carried the meat over to the stilled down raptor as it hissed at me, and attempted to get up to face me. Hopefully it didn't need that much as I thought. Though a sharp chirping yelp was the result. Slowly coming up to face the front of the raptor I placed the meat only several feet away as it growled menacingly at the human.

I clearly backed off to the body to see if my bait would entice the injured hunter to come closer. I had a plan to make the raptor focus on sating its hunger, and hopefully it would understand I was not a too large of a threat to it. So if it understood then I could probably check its leg though most likely get tore apart in the attempt. I sat down at the carcass to see the predator's reaction. My breath in check now.

"C'mon its not poison." I whispered, my tone was truthful since I had no idea why I would be honest with the female raptor. The dinosaur growled at me, not surprisingly but it slowly crawled using its un-injured leg to drag its body across the ground to the warm piece of flesh.

A small smile graced my face as I saw the injured dinosaur eat the meat, and I noticed she was eating it at in an almost starved state. She must have been unable to hunt with that leg I thought shocked as the meat was nearly gone. My stomach was clenching, and not to the raw meat but the fear of this raptor near my side.

Slowly cutting more of the flesh I had two chunks of meat, only the size of my forearm but it would do, and I got back up holding the two long pieces, while I set them apart evenly so they were both in reach, and if she got to the last one, she was only two or so feet away from the back thigh of the dead animal.

Going through the raptors head was mainly caution, and a bit of curiosity in why this hunter attack her? It appeared it didn't mind sharing the kill, and the line of fresh meat was too much to ignore as its hunger grew as it lay. She moved forward on her good leg.

" Damn is this really happening?" I thought amazed as the injured raptor was now devouring the hunk of flesh, and before heading to the carcass Luke sliced an opening for her to dig into with little trouble, and stepped toward the opposite end of the carcass.

The raptor was now on the last piece of flesh in front of her, and as she devoured it, she eyed the carcass now only feet in front of her. A long gash was there, making the scent of dead flesh in front of her nose, and she lunged at the body tearing pieces of it to sate her long lasting hunger.

I really held my breathe as the raptor was only on the other side of the carcass, and it took all my mental will to not bolt up into the tree with the rifle. Sighing I placed his rifle over my shoulder, and slowly took off my bag, and I pulled out some medical tape, along with a rubbing alcohol patch. However I still kept my knife, if things got close, at least then I would be able to fight.

Walking slowly as I could, and every step took closer to the 5ft tall raptor, since I got a good look at it. At full growth raptors here were 6ft tall, and from their head to tall, roughly 10 ft. It was all due to genetic enhancements by In-Gen's new owner.

The raptor noticed the human walk towards her, and she growled threateningly at the smaller hunter. I stopped, and knelt next to her not making an advances on her, and she still growled at me. So far everything was good I hoped. "Its alright. I'm no threat to you." the hunter spoke, and she didn't know what sound it was.

She then resumed eating though keeping a wary eye on the human that lightly touched her wound.

I silently thanked god if there was one, as the predator allowed me to be near her, and I saw what was the injury. I grimaced at the sight of it. Her upper leg bone that reached her knee was slightly off, and I knew what it was from the angle. Her bone was either broken, or simply popped out of place. Also to add the gash that bled every now or then if movement was too sharp.

Carefully I reached out, my heart beating into my ears as I kept silent, and gently I touched the scaly hide of the raptor. It was hard, but smooth at the dame time, and the dinosaur was warm, which was odd. Somehow I always thought they were cold blooded, not warm blooded? It was irony as I thought about it with a bit of humor.

The raptor winced, and hissed as the human touched its wounded leg, and I turned pale as he saw the dinosaur growl at him. It was still eating so he took it as a sigh to speak to the dinosaur hoping it would at least understand him, "Your bone is out of place, I have to push it back in. So please don't try to kill me…yet." I whispered in a tone of uncertainty to see the dinosaur cock her head before eating the flesh.

Sighing deeply I gently found the bone through the swelling, and I brought the killing claw into my stomach area so I could get a grip on the leg. I knew this was bad news, and for lord's sake the killing claw was on me! I was damned right to be nervous. The female raptor looked at me, still hissing at my touch but it seemed that this hunter was not a threat to her. I took a breathe before I quickly pushed both of my hands together on the broken bone, making it attach to the original alignment but a sickening crunch, and crack sounded as I did this.

When I heard the crack, the raptor roared in pain, and automatically her leg swiped due to leg's bone back into place. I gritted my teeth in pain, and screamed as the killing claw dug into stomach, it went through my clothes, and just enough nicked my skin to draw blood. Tears streamed down my eyes as I fell back clutching my stomach. "DAMN IT FUCKING HURTS!" screaming mentally.

The Raptor panted, and drew deep breathes as she felt her leg able to move properly though it would be some time for her to walk. She looked curiously at the injured human, she smelt blood, and some salty form of liquid down its face. The human got up, and was breathing laboriously, and picked up some bright object.

Slowly reaching toward the now, calm raptor, the medical tape I wrapped several times around the wound to stop it from bleeding. After three times around the wound, I used my knife to cut it, and the end of it taped onto fabric, gluing it down.

Then I used the rest of the tape, to wrap myself twice around the cut, which was about seven inches long, and it hurt to press the tape as I bit down on my lip from yelping. When it was done I tried to stand and make my way over to other side of the carcass but I stumbled, and landed onto the ground panting. The wound the raptor gave me was from my lower left rib across my stomach. Long story short, it hurt like hell.

Slowly walking on my fours I had finally reached the gun, and continued on all fours to lean against the tree where my perch was. Taking a few deep breathes I was stunned to see the female raptor still looking at me! It was cocking its head as if wondering why did I help her?

I stared back at the female, as she stared me down in open curiosity, as well as gratitude. The pain was there still but it was lessened to where she could move her leg. She decided to call the pack for help, and yet loose her call.

"What the hell! She's calling for help!" I realized this with open horror, and she continued ( A/N: You know how Raptors sound from the Movie.) her calls, more were answered from a distance. "Shit!" gritting my teeth I tried to climb the tree but I fell after only climbed a few feet. More raptor calls were coming near as the female called again. I had two choices, die without a fight, or die fighting. Not great choices as I thought readying my gun.

I could hear the sound of others coming through the growth, and taking a deep breathe I tried to stand against the tree so I had a better vantage to shoot from rather then the ground. Sweating as the pain from the slash from raptor who was now attempting to stand, as it took its sweet time.

" Well I guess that's thanks from you." talking to the raptor who stared at me again, and cocked her head to listen to her pack coming. I stood up now, raising my gun to chest level ready to shoot. Hearing the noise, and chatter around me I could hear chirps, and occasional raptor calls. There were planning something as my head knew that their intelligence was high.

Around the small clearing I had my back to the tree, in front were bushes, and the sides were pretty much the same. I was the hunted now, and add the obvious fact since I was at a disadvantage now. If I were in the tree that would've been reversed. No, I wanted to be the good Samaritan now.

My eyes darted around me as hissing, and more growling was heard as the others were hear. The female raptor near was almost on its feet, it gave out chirps every other second, and kept staring at me! Seriously it was creeping me out before I was ripped to shreds. Just then in front of me there was movement, and stepping into view was blue raptor. "Damn." muttering to myself, I knew Velociraptors hunted in packs but how they did was a mystery to me.

The Male blue was directly in front of me as I held my gun at it ready to shoot, and it hissed dangerously at me. My heart was beating so fast I could faintly hear it. The other female just got to her feet, and slowly tried to walk as if testing my bandage. A hiss sounded to the right as another female leaped at me!I jumped before I had to stumble back as the new raptor jumped at me. I raised his gun but it was knocked away by the dinosaur's claws, and I was sent to my bottom.

The male blue hissed, and began to eat from the dead horned herbivore, and another raptor male again appeared from the right and advanced to the carcass as well, getting a free meal. The wounded female raptor was still ignoring what was happening as she tested her leg by walking a step or two.

I saw the raptor in front of me, and saw my gun to the right. The carnivore snapped at me, who then I kicked its head and scrambled to my weapon, and just as I got within an arms reach, a claw foot stomped on it. For a few moments all I saw was a huge claw on my gun, and slowly I looked up, and there was another female raptor.

She hissed at me, and her yellow eyes narrowed as she opened her jaw revealing at those sharp teeth that were about to tear my face off. "Oh shit." I whimpered as I back away from her till I hit the tree, and when I hit the tree my rib flared up as my face winced in path.

I could see roughly a pack of five, and three are female, and the other two male. My breath was coming in and out of me at a rapid pace, as the fear was eating away at my sanity, as the urge to scream was coming. The female that stomped on my gun was above me looking down, and she growled and reared back ready to Kill Me! Oh man please let this be quick I shut my eyes waiting for my death to come.

It never did, a loud roar from in front of me, and opening my eyes all the raptors were looking at the wounded female who was making her way in front of me. I noticed a few things now, one she was the largest member in the clearing, two she was walking by applying the least amount of weight onto my dressing. She was using her one good leg to support her weight but using her other to balance her. She chirped in an angry tone, as the hissing was applied, and well as her standing in front of view, shielding me from their view.

"What the hell was going on?" I thought frantically, what was this one doing! Defending me? Saving me for last! What was it! My body shook, and this caused my wound to flare up, and let a strained groan as my hand shot to my ribs. Above me the female was hissing, roaring, and causing the others to back off surprised, and add in their chirps of surprise.

After a minute some were looking at the dead animal then to the raptor, it as if they were shocked by something, though whatever they said in these growls, and hissing was beyond me. Just then the female gave a growl and the raptors all went to carcass to eat. All obeyed her without question, and a few new things were forming in why. I had one thought only.

That this female was the Alpha of the pack, as it was, though were was the Alpha Male? Wasn't there one I wondered. I then saw the Alpha Female who I thought was turning to me, and limp her way over too. She knelled down on the side of him, and began sniffing him. She out her snout against the side of his head, and knocked his hat off in the process, as it was near his left hand.

She kept doing this for a little while longer, until she gave him a nip, and lay near him watching the members of the pack eat their fill from their newest member.

I saw the Alpha female watch her pack, and I was wondering what the hell happened? Shouldn't I be dead or torn apart? Getting my hat from my side I placed it on my head, and I took a deep breathe in trying to figure what was going on here. I didn't get my answer until all of the pack had eaten, and were now standing in a circle around their leader.

She got up slowly, and then turned to me, using her head to nudge me up, and I was speechless as this raptor was telling me to get up! Slowly I got up, and she began to move to the forest, and from the side of me the blue male hissed slightly at me, but pushed me forward. Before I moved I grabbed my gun just to be safe, and he growled at me to move. Shouldering my gun, I stumbled into the jungle with five raptors, and we traveled for over an hour until we reached a Creek bed. There were three nests, none were filled with eggs though, and there was two more raptors there as well. One male, and female and they ignored me for the most part.

The sun was setting, and the pack started to pick spots to lie down, and rest for the night, and I was left standing alone. Looking for the raptor I treated I saw her near a tree, under it in a patch of grass, and it overlooked the whole nesting ground. Slowly making my way over I sat near the tree, with the female only a few feet away from me.

Then is where my answer hit me in the face. I had become somehow part of a…Velociraptor Pack. A member of it! This startled me, and the other raptors were all starting to sleep, but only one was awake. The one who I helped, and this is where I decided to name her, because I'm somehow alive, and not dead. Jean the Velociraptor, and my first night in the pack had begun.


Author's Note: As you see I kind of switched views from where you Luke's perspective. As for his flashback, I'll understand that some people find it odd but its how I write it. Same for the Pack of Raptors. Originally I was going to leave the rifle out but I decided it would be interesting. Sorry for miss spelling the names of the Dino's since I can' t really spell them, so I hope my attempt can make you see it.

Also this story is not really my prime story, as I'm working on two of my best Fic's so this might be awhile before I update again. Hope you enjoy it.

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