Anita's Birthday Gift

It was just one day before Anita's birthday, about 2 months after victor had saved her life. Anita couldn't stop thinking about how victor pushed her out of the way of that car, and spent a couple of weeks in the U.Z.Z. infirmary in a coma. What she was really thinking about the most was how Victor made his grand return by stopping T.H.E.M. Then telling her that he loved her, but she didn't know whether after all they had been through during that time if he was just in the moment or if he really meant that he loves her. This ran through her mind because she really meant it when she told him she loved him back. Could the kiss they had shared been fake and not real even after it felt real to Anita. It was now time for her to go home. Just like always they said "Ill see you tomorrow" as they both went home for the night. Anita got off her sky bike at her house when a fancy envelope fell off her sky bike. She went inside her house opened the envelope. Inside the envelope was an invitation to a fancy and expensive restaurant, by the invitation was a note that read:

Dear Anita Knight I invite you to a romantic dinner for your birthday at this fancy restaurant. A limousine will be at your house at 7pm tomorrow to pick you up. In this restaurant I got us a fancy room for just the two of us.

Your one true love.

There was no signature, no name. Anita thought who could this be. Anita went to bed thinking about how to avoid getting romantic with another guy when she loved Victor. The next day came. It was Anita's birthday. Anita herd a knock on her door. It was victor . He bought her expensive perfume and a free massage coupon, because he knew how Anita liked getting massage when she has days off. She thanked him. They hugged and flew to work together on their sky bikes. Anita got many gifts from all of U.Z.Z. Professor Professor got her a speed boost battery for her sky bike, special agent ray got her a birthday card with money in it, changed daily gave her the day off. So Anita went home. She put on a dress and did her hair to get prepared for her romantic dinner that night. The limo arrived at 7pm sharp. Anita got in the limo and thought about Victor and how she had second thoughts about even going to the dinner. She was thinking about having the limo driver take her back home, but she decided not to because who ever set up this dinner must have paid a lot for this limo and the private room. The limo arrived at the restaurant. She told the waiter her name and he shoed her to her private room. She waited a few minutes when she heard someone at the door of the private restaurant room. She watched at the door began to open. She was about to find out who invited her for the romantic dinner. As the door knob turned. She got nervous. When the door opened.

To Be Continued. In Chapter 2