I don't know why, but I suddenly got inspired in writing this poem... I've always wanted to write one about the Saiyans, and it seemed my wish was granted. Thank you, Shenron!

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z, and I never will.

Dragon Ball Z

The Saiyans

Seen in human form in the sunlight
But transformed into beasts in the moonlight
Such is the call of their bloodline
As they battle endlessly in the timelines

They are the embodiment of Grace, Beauty and Pride
For they are the Moon Goddess's children
Let the ground shake as they arrive
And they shall free you of your burdens

Roaring their challenge and defiance to the sky
The sounds of their battles can be heard for miles as they fight
They can be the most friendly beings if you are careful
But they can turn into the most feared predators if you're not truthful

They died in the most humiliating manner
But they were avenged by those who knew the enemy's face
They saw him fall to his knees and his body shatter
And they howled the restored pride of their race

Never forget your heritage, my son
For what lies in your blood was the only true gift I could give you
I can only hope that you'll be able to move on
When I won't be there anymore to watch over you.

Your Father, Vegeta


This letter, which was supposed to be a gift of praise to 8 years olds Trunks when he won the tournament, ended up being the Prince's last words when he felt that he would not come back home alive.

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