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Eragon sat sheepishly, looking at the ground, wondering what to say.

Saphira was right… I am an idiot!

At that moment Saphira barreled into the tent, her large head tearing the hole in the roof further.

ERAGON! she projected her thoughts out loud.

Nasuada looked rather peeved, though Murtagh seemed to be fighting back a smile.

Saphira bowed slightly at them both. Lady Nasuada, Murtagh – my apologies. I was flying above your tent, when I tried a particularly difficult maneuver mid-air and dropped Eragon.

Eragon nearly choked. I LOVE YOU SAPHIRA! he thought mentally. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA! THANK YOU!

Saphira snorted at him, and did not answer.

"Which maneuver were you trying?" Murtagh asked rather awkwardly, obviously trying to diffuse the tension. Eragon glared at him and Saphira fidgeted.

Oh, you know… just a triple back loop while corkscrewing in mid-air… she answered casually, hoping he would buy it.

Murtagh's eyes narrowed slightly. "I never knew you were that good…" he mused.

"Of course she is! She's brilliant!" Eragon snapped in defence.

Murtagh seemed rather impressed.

"I've never heard of a dragon doing a maneuver like that…" he said thoughtfully. "Could you show Thorn and I how it's done?"

"Sure!" Eragon said chirpily, relieved to have gotten out of the situation. Nasuada was now silent, staring at the floor.

You idiot, Eragon! I couldn't possibly do something like that! Saphira seemed extremely annoyed.

Come on, you're brilliant… Oromis said you're naturally suited to the sky… I know you can.

Saphira proudly arched her neck back at this place, but then narrowed her eyes.

Nice try… but NO! It's too dangerous, I'll end up puncturing a wing, spiking myself or twisting my tail!

"Ahem…" Nasuada cleared her throat, looking exceedingly uncomfortable with the situation.

"My lady?" Eragon asked, turning to her. He noted that Murtagh was pointedly avoiding her eyes, staring upwards at the hole in the tent.

If looks could kill, Eragon would have been brutally murdered by his liegelord at that very instant.

"Do you want to practice right now? Thorn hasn't had a good workout in days," Murtagh suggested suddenly, his eagerness to get out of the tent all too evident.

Nasuada's face fell, and her annoyed expression turned rather lachrymose.

Eragon didn't quite know what to say, so decided to keep his mouth shut, and an awkward silence filled the room.

Nasuada shook her head, standing up abruptly.

"Eragon, Murtagh," she said tightly. "You are dismissed. Please go to your tent. Else if you wish to practice, you know where the battlefield is."

Her voice was dull, not betraying a hint of emotion, though Eragon thought he saw her eyes glistening. Any animosity for her vanished, and Eragon suddenly felt pity for Nasuada.

He curtsied gracefully, and left the tent, followed by Murtagh and Saphira.


Once outside the tent, Murtagh heaved a sigh of relief, running a hand through his hair.

"That was – awkward," he said.

Eragon nodded, not quite meeting his eyes. "Yes, it surely was."

"Let's just forget it ever happened?" Murtagh asked cautiously, a faint pink tinge appearing on his cheeks.

"Sure." Eragon replied.

"So!" Murtagh proclaimed suddenly, changing the topic entirely. "How about we get in some flying practice. I really want to see that move you and Saphira were doing. Plus, we'd need to coordinate our techniques if we want to stand a chance against Galbatorix."

"Yes, that's certain, Saphira and Thorn need practice together," Eragon agreed. "But about the – um – maneuver? I don't think – I don't think it's a good idea we try that."

Saphira nodded vehemently.

"Why not?" Murtagh asked. "If sounds like a pretty useful move for battles."

Eragon looked desperately at Saphira who shook her head obstinately.

Eragon, I'm not doing that kind of stuff, it's far too dangerous, even for me!

"Well, I don't think we should do it because…" Eragon began, attempting to find an excuse. "It's really complicated, yeah, advanced you know. I don't think we should risk Thorn and…" he trailed off realising his mistake, as Murtagh raised his eyebrows, face hardening.

Idiot, Saphira grumbled mentally. You shouldn't have provoked him!

"You think Thorn and I aren't capable of it?" Murtagh questioned. "I mean come on, Eragon! I've defeated you already, must I really prove my worth to you?"

His supercilious tone irritated Eragon.

Shut up, please, will you! You're just making it worse! Saphira snapped in his head.

Eragon's pride, however, which had already been humiliated with the previous incident, could not suffer another blow.

"What rubbish! I nearly beat you last time we fought, when I didn't even have a proper sword!" he fumed.

Murtagh snorted. "Yeah, with Arya and twelve other elves assisting you…"

"You had Eldunari helping you!" Eragon shouted.

"You had Brom's ring!"

"I didn't use it though!"

"Is it my fault you were that brainless?!"

Shut it, both of you! Saphira projected her thoughts out loud, sounding extremely exasperated. Eragon and Murtagh however ignored her.

"Well, then without the Eldunari – I'm stronger, I'm an elf!"

"Elves are wimps, be a man Eragon!"

"No they're not! And I'm much more of a man than you are!"

"You just said you were an elf! Make up your mind!"

"I'm stronger than you!"

At this Murtagh laughed openly, and then cracked his knuckles, flexing slightly. Even

Saphira had to stifle a snort.

Bad idea to say that… now shut it before you subject yourself to further mortification… she commented dryly.

Eragon gulped… Murtagh was slightly more well-built than him. Though Eragon had the lithe, muscular body of an elf, Murtagh's muscles were more well defined.

"Yeah, sure, Eragon…"

Murtagh's tone was teasing this time, almost as if he was humoring him. Eragon couldn't stand it.

"Well, my magic is stronger than yours!"

Eragon please, don't be so immature. Just leave it, you've embarrassed yourself enough today, Saphira snarled.

"It is not! I lifted Saphira at the burning plains, you couldn't resist. You're lucky I was nice enough to have pity on a weakling like yo-"

"You're the one whose weak, you succumbed to Galbatorix!" Eragon snapped in frustration, having run out of witty things to say.

He didn't need Saphira's growl to tell him how low that insult was. Eragon immediately regretted it.

Murtagh's expression turned embittered, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"I'm sorry Murtagh, I shouldn't have-"

Murtagh however ignored him, his hand going to Zar'roc's hilt. Eragon immediately drew up his magic reserves, preparing himself for an assault.

"Fine then. Have it your way. I challenge you." Murtagh's voice was low and his eyes glinted as he fingered Zar'roc.

"You challenge me?" Eragon asked, rather perplexed.

"Swords only. No magic. No Eldunari. No spellcasters. Only physical and mental strength."

Eragon smiled slightly, accepting the challenge. He had longed to fight Murtagh for a long time… no one else in the Varden matched up to his skill, and he was getting bored defeating people without having to try. He assumed Murtagh wanted the same.

It's a brilliant opportunity for you to let go of all that unresolved sexual tension, Saphira said, smirking as Eragon blushed.

I don't think so, he replied mentally. He seems pretty angry with me, not that I blame him. I shouldn't have said that.

"Do you accept?" came Murtagh's taunting tone. "Or are you too much of a coward to fight me-"

"I accept!" Eragon said, grinding his teeth.

Murtagh aggravated him so much, yet there was something thrilling and strangely satisfying about fighting with him.

Murtagh's lips twisted into an almost feral smile.

"Good, then. Let's go to the training field and get this battle started." he said grimly.