Notes: a new Alternate Universe, won't be too long. I love the idea of badass Neji and Tenten, because I love when they play rough. Probably two or three parts. title by a korean movie, very good i def recommend. enjoy!

Temptation of the Wolves

"Ne, Kiba, did you see the new girl yet?" Naruto murmured, nudging the other boy in the ribs. Kiba pulled out his cigarette, letting out a long drawl.

"Oh yeah man she's sexy, got the nicest ass I've seen in a while," he smirked. "What's her name again? Maybe I'll chat her up later."

"Ah, I heard her name's like Tenten, dattebayo!"

Shikamaru, who had a book over his face sat up, yawning, "You guys would want to shut the fuck up," he growled, lighting his own cigarette and taking a drag. "So troublesome all of you."

"And why's that? Just appreciating a woman's body," Kiba snapped.

"Because he got dibs on her," Shikamaru jerked a thumb towards the corner. Kiba glanced over and groaned, head on the table in defeat.

"You know the perks of being a yakuza really don't even out anymore," he bemoaned, and Naruto howled out, "Are you serious? I thought he was gay!"

A dart barely skimmed the blonde boy's nose, embedding in the wall of the room. A frightened first year outside let out a whimper. The classroom had been the ex-student council room, and now was the place for Konoha High's delinquents.

Neji, who had been looking out the window, legs up on the desk, retracted his arm, playing with another dart in his hand. He pulled his hair back at the nape of his neck, and smirked.


He had been in the park, as the moon was rising. One of them had pulled a knife, only to be sacked in the face moments afterwards. Neji flipped the knife, a nice shiny sharp thing, and pocketed it. He needed a new one anyway. He glanced at his work, wiped his mouth, only smearing blood on his face.

"Hn," he muttered, looking down at his clothes. Bastards dirtied it.

"You know sometimes you don't need to beat the living shit out of them every time," Shikamaru muttered, lounging on the bench. He was Neji's companion for the night, and he had barely lifted a finger, just chain-smoking, looking at the moon. Better that way, Neji had decided, didn't want anyone interfering.

"Mist group sent them," he growled, listening to the sounds of the city.

"You think adults wouldn't bother with immature teenagers like you," Shikamaru groaned.

Neji sighed, and suddenly the wind changed motion and he felt the cold sleek caress of a blade on his neck. It was a different being here, someone who had suddenly arrived on his turf. A girl.

"Missed one," the delicate voice breathed. Shikamaru sat up straighter, eyes wide.

Neji only smirked.

"Mist really got nothing left, sent a girl did they? Well doesn't matter, I'd still hit ladies."

He turned, bringing the arm up with him to meet gazes with a small frame. Her feet dangled ever so slightly, and he was almost pulling her arm out of its socket. She curled, and he glimpsed dark brunette hair as she pushed off his chest, relinquishing the knife for it to clang wildly on the cement.

"I don't work for Mist," she said a while away, and Neji finally got to see her and he scoffed. She had twin buns in her hair, rather childish and girly, and then she turned her eyes to pierce his. Dark he noticed, on a tan complexion and sharp features, full lips. She had a tall frame, pure lean muscle on her bare arms and wearing just a slashed top and dark jeans. She looked barely older than him, but her curves were seductive in its movement.

"Nice to meet you," she dipped her head mockingly, and his eyes spotted the holster at her hip. She was armed. His smirk widened.

"Shouldn't a good girl like you be sleeping at home?" he murmured.

"Shouldn't a rich boy like you be studying his books rather than beating up yakuza? Or actually, you might be the damsel in distress."

"Low blow," Shikamaru commented.

Neji turned his head to growl for the other to shut up, and then when he turned back she had already attempted a swipe at his neck, another dagger in her hand. He pushed a foot back, pulling out the knife in his pocket as his arms blocked the strong shove. Tenten kicked up the knife on the ground, and had already ran back at him, grinning, and he tensed, reading her movements. She aimed at his neck and such a speed, he heard the clang of metal, and then he felt the band in his hair snap, and his dark locks fell in front of his eyes.

One foot kicked off his back and she had already been up at Shikamaru, cheekily taking the tie off his shocked form. Neji turned and Tenten had already blindfolded his companion. She looked up at him, and smiled. He didn't return it, Neji didn't like the opponent he was fighting aim at his companion. But Shikamaru had done nothing.

"Such a troublesome bitch," Shikamaru muttered, and Tenten shoved his head down, taking the cigarette from his mouth and taking a long drag.

"Alright," she motioned at Neji, smiling and crushing the ash beneath her heel. "Shall we have another go?"

She dropped the weapons in her hands with a clang that made his nerves jump. She also unbuckled the holster, letting it fall with a surprisingly heavier than he imagined thud to the floor.

"You might be needing those, let's say to balance out the playing field," he smirked.

"Might be an advantage for me," she returned, "And I like playing fair."

"I haven't even given my all."

"I'd like to see it then, because I'm not impressed yet."

She circled him smirking, as a cat would around its prey. He felt the adrenaline running; he hadn't had such a good fight in a while. Especially not from a girl.

Then she pounced, and he felt it, he sensed it and grabbed her leg before it collided with his chest. She kicked up with the other, parallel to the ground and he blocked that too, as she pushed off once again. He went to her now, as she was in the air and didn't even have half a second to recover when he had swung back and his fist collided with her stomach.

He heard a nice retching sound and smirked, until he felt her leg get tangled with his, and suddenly his balance was gone. The back of his neck collided with the seat of the bench Shikamaru had just been in, and a warm heavy weight was pushing down on his hips. He felt a sharp sting across his cheekbone, and the warm bittersweet blood trail down. He felt her dark curls against his nose, as one of her buns had fallen to frame the right side of her face. She had been hiding a thin needle in her hair.

She was sitting on him, her whole body leaning on his own, one hand fisted in his hair pulling his face back to meet hers, the other arm leaning against the bench behind his head.

"Such a pretty boy like you, listen up," she breathed, inches from his face. Neji was panting, both hands were held against her waist, keeping her pressed against him. Her chest was pushing ever so nicely against his own.

"Don't forget my name. Tenten," she said panting, and grinned that feral, sexy grin, before Shikamaru extended a hand and she took it, pulling her up off him, the warm weight suddenly leaving. She looked down at him, kicking him playfully in the leg.

"You got a pretty strong punch."

"You would want to get that checked out," Shikamaru advised, still holding her hand. "There's a hospital up a bit."

Neji turned his gaze up at the moon, his heart still pumping, racing and not on the verge of stopping anytime soon.

She shook the hand away, and turned, walking away. "Yeah, I might just do that," she said offhandedly. Neji turned his head and he watched the line of her back and the swell of her hips in its seductive way.

"I think she might have won that," Shikamaru let out slowly, sinking into the bench beside him and lighting another cigarette.

Neji only smirked, touching the blood seeping from his cheekbone.

"Nice to see you again," he leaned up against the lockers as she was retrieving her shoes. She looked up at him, a smile growing on her full lips.

"I thought I'd recognized your uniform that night," she said easily, gracefully putting on her shoe. "Who knew your most infamous delinquent group all go to Konoha."

He extended his arm, and she chuckled, using it as a rest as she got the other one on. She picked up her bag, and he pocketed his one hand nonchalantly.

"You know, you look better with your hair like this," he leaned in and muttered in her ear, flicking the ponytail. It was thick and curled in the ends, while other pieces fell and framed her face.

"I wouldn't talk, Four-eyes," she grinned, raising an eyebrow at Neji, whose black glasses rested on the bridge of his nose.

"Didn't realize you were my age," he said. He had leaned in quite far, and the space between their faces had lessened. Before she could say something in return, a blonde sempai had wrapped her arms around Neji's waist from behind.

"Mm, Neji-kun, you didn't come by last weekend," she drawled. Neji rolled his eyes, a sudden feeling of irritation and being interrupted, especially by this notorious slut. Tenten looked over curiously. The blonde met her questioning look with a sizing-up look.

"Oh I see, Neji-kun you're a heartbreaker, always chatting up the girls, even the new transfer student," she purred, drawing circles on his chest.

"Mika-sempai, I'll see you another time," he said lowly. She beamed, her makeup heavy and unappealing. She leaned up and kissed his cheek, "I'll see you at lunch, Neji-kun!"

She threw another look at Tenten before bouncing off with her other girls.

"She doesn't mean anything," Neji explained slowly when met with silence. Tenten only raised a brow, a playful smile on her lips, "Now that's no way to put down such a charming girl."

But he knew there, his chances were shot.

"Didn't know you were the top student here," Tenten turned, shooting back a look that only commanded him to follow the walk of her hips, "You coming, Class President?"

He looked appreciatively at her form, looking innocent in the school uniform. He sighed.


She had become easily friends with everyone, much too charming and cheerful for a delinquent, and he had missed this kind of smile, one that didn't hide a secret or a seductive tone. She happened to be childhood friends with Lee, an annoyance who had been utterly thrilled by her arrival. She laughed with her whole body, and sometimes she sent him glances, and he then would realize he'd been staring the whole time.

She had disappeared at lunch time, and Neji was forced to ask Lee her whereabouts.

Lee grinned, "My eternal rival! Our cherry blossom went on the roof, why do you ask, are…"

He didn't finish as Neji had already left, just dodging Mika-sempai bounce into the classroom.

She was leaning against the railing, tipping forward on her toes bending out to the long fall down.

"Bend down a little more and I'll see your panties," he said. She was still a girl.

She straightened instantly, turning quickly, chuckling. She looked nervous, like a child caught stealing a candy bar. He liked that expression, the one of panic, before recognition dawned and she let out a breath.

"Thought you were a teacher, your voice is so deep," she said, and he saw what was behind her hand, a cigarette. She extended her arm, offering it to him. He took it, nodding his thanks. It was a strong one, and almost tangy in its taste. Foreign.

"You can keep it," Tenten said, "I'm going to quit."

"Smart choice," he said, and they both leaned against the railing before Neji flicked the finished butt in the wind.

"Whose side are you on?" he muttered. The question had been etching him ever since he met her that night.

"Ne, you know it's not smart to assume I'm on yours," Tenten said and Neji smirked.

"I'll take my chances."

"Suit yourself," Tenten sighed, elbows resting against the railing. She popped a mint in her mouth and Neji then had her caged between his arms and body.

"You seen to know a good amount about me."

"I didn't ask for your name, actually," Tenten said thoughtfully, not facing him but a playful grin on her face. She turned a sidelong glance at him. He only continued to stare down at the curve of her cheek and the dark wide eyes and full lips. She chuckled as he leaned in closer, their lips almost touching, "I know you're a Hyuuga, but I don't know why a boy like you would be a yakuza. You got money, position, smarts…"

"It gets boring."

"Beating people up day in and day out would get pretty abysmal after a while too…"

"Well it's getting a bit more interesting lately."

She wasn't quite able to respond, as her mouth was further occupied. Despite the mint, she tasted like warm, bitter smoke. When their lips finally parted, he was panting. He hadn't felt a kiss such like this in such a long while, if at all ever.

She chuckled softly, "You know, I heard all good yakuza have fucked up sob stories to tell,"

"You talk too much," he muttered, and closed the space again, and this time, a hand crept up the back of her leg. She smirked against his lips, and only wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

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