Ryan did not have a thing for Zeke. He did not. Because having things for straight boys was not his thing, at least not since Jr. High when he found himself looking at Chad a little too closely. (It's the hair?) Not that Ryan was completely sure that Chad is straight, what with the hair and the girlfriend who is obviously a lesbian, but that's totally not even the point.

And the point is: Ryan did not have a thing for Zeke. Because Zeke is straight, and totally hot for Ryan's sister.

Except straight boys do not kiss like that.

And now we're confused again.

But the point is, Ryan did not wait up after his sister left with the boy he had just kissed, waiting for bad news, hoping against hope that she would come home, crying, dramatically announcing that Ryan had won: he could have Zeke. He was just watching The Daily Show and laughing at Jon Stewart's clear comedy genius.


But then, it wouldn't be so bad to think about Zeke. He was that kid that was always adorably taller than everybody else. The skinny kid who had, well, blossomed after a summer at the gym right before their senior year. The nice kid who always looked out for his teammates, his friends, was always there with that dazzling smile and shoes to match his shirt and a tray of cookies…

Okay, so Zeke was kind of adorable. And Ryan may or may not have been letting himself feel something.

But then, Zeke was also that kid with the body, the amazing arms, that beautiful skin, and the hothothot tongue that did this little flick against Ryan's that gave him an instant-

Okay, yeah, definitely feeling something.

The door slammed shut, and Sharpay came into the room, flopped down and changed the channel to MTV. True Life was on, and Sharpay never missed a chance to see people with terrible lives, even if she did miss the choking noise Ryan made as he grabbed a pillow and put it over a, well, embarrassing situation.

"How was the date?" he asked as nonchalantly as possible.

"Huh?" Sharpay said intelligently. Ryan cringed and tried to not slap his sister in the face.


"Oh, the tall boy!" Sharpay laughed. "He was so awkward. I totally can't take him anywhere." She paused, watched the drug addicts crying on the television.

"He's probably a good kisser, though," she said.

"Probably?" Ryan choked out, as his heart, he noticed, stopped beating quite so loudly.

"Well it was our first date, Ryan, I wasn't going to kiss him until I know he's… acceptable."

"He took you to prom," Ryan pointed out.

"Yeah, but that was convenient," Sharpay said pointedly. "I mean, he's hot and all, but he's so… middle class."

Before Ryan could scratch her eyes out, his phone buzzed. It was a text from Zeke. Now his heart was pounding again, as he hoped against hope that it was a text to say "jk hate ur sister luv u lets get 2gether yeh yeh yeh."

"wat did she say?" is what it actually said.

That was close enough.

Ryan cringed and wrote back, "she didn't say anything. sorry :("

It was a step closer, anyway. They texted now.

Ryan had a perfectly good reason for hanging around the Home Ec room after school ended. And that reason was: to see Zeke.


Ryan stood outside the doorway, watching Zeke's arms as he stirred the bowl of batter, imagining his hands were doing something else, commiting to memory the way the muscles moved under his skin for his… special time, later.

And then Zeke looked over at him.

Don't panic.

Zeke smiled, and started walking over.


In Ryan's mind, Zeke was walking over to kiss him. They would hold hands as they walked down the corridors at school. Everyone would talk, but they wouldn't care. They would get married. Adopt two children, a boy, and a girl. And they would have hothothot sex all the time, everywhere in their three-story house in Connecticut.

"So has she said anything yet?" Zeke asked when he finally reached Ryan.

Well, it wasn't exactly a three-bedroom house in Connecticut, but remember: they texted now. They didn't need "hello."

"Um, not yet," Ryan answered, awkwardly. Zeke's face fell, and Ryan couldn't help but want to kiss it.

"What does that mean?" Zeke asked, shifting his weight to his other foot. There was a spot of flour on his nose, and it took everything in Ryan's might to not lick it off his face.

Even though that would taste disgusting. Sacrifices have to be made for sexiness!

"Don't worry about it," Ryan babbled, distracting himself from the flour. "You're a great guy and I'm sure she'll see it. I mean, she's selfish, but she should see it. Everybody sees it. How great you are. You know what I mean? You're great. So she'll see it. And if she doesn't then she's not great, you know what I mean? So everything will be great."

When he finally stopped, he noticed that Zeke was staring at him.


"Um, there's flour on your nose," he said, finally. Zeke darkened and swiped at his nose, taking away the flour, and thereby ending all of Ryan's fantasies of mouth-to-nose related activities.


"So yeah, I gotta go," Ryan said, weakly.

"Oh, okay. I'll text you later!" Zeke shouted after Ryan's quickly retreating form.

Ryan's heart fluttered. He had almost forgotten. There was still hope!

After all: they texted now!