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There once was a little dream.
The creator of the dream was unknown.
The dream didn't want to fade away
But, one day, the dream had a wonderful idea;
"Why not stray people into me? That way, they can make my world…"

The Red Alice.

Meiko was a girl of red hair and red eyes. She was very courageous. She fell asleep one day and the little dream took her to Wonderland. "Where am I?" Meiko asked herself, "Is this a dream?" "This is my world," The little dream answered, "It is called Wonderland. It is very small, I would like for you to use your courage to make it bigger." "Okay, since this is a dream," Meiko said, "I'll make your world larger." "I thank you...Alice…" The little dream said before it went away.

Meiko then felt something on her hand. She looked at it and saw a red spade appear. She was very confused by this world that she was in. She looked around only to see dark trees that looked almost dead. The red head girl then spotted a small glimmer of red light up the path. She went over to the glimmer and found a beautiful sword just staying in the air. She looked at the blade for a moment, and then she bravely grabbed the handle and held the sword in her hand with the red spade. A small smirk came across her lips, though she did not know why.

She then walked the path in the forest to see what she could find. As she walked, she noticed that life was slowly growing into the trees. Is this because of my courage like the voice said? Meiko thought. As she continued to travel through the forest, she saw animals walk from the trees. But, when she saw the moving life, she gripped her new sword tightly as she had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. Meiko walked a faster and soon began to run, trying to escape the feeling she had…The feeling to kill.

A few days passed as Meiko traveled through the forest. People started to walk in the forest as well. The red haired girl couldn't take it anymore. She saw a man walking down the path. Meiko rose her blade above her head and cut the man in two. Blood covered the ground and Meiko's fair, pale skin. She had an evil smile and crazed look in her ruby eyes, she wanted to kill mare and more.

Meiko walked through the woods, cutting down anything and everything that stood in her way. The path was now a trail of blood she had left behind. The little dream watched was Meiko was doing, and was deeply hurt that its world was being soaked with blood. The little dream had to stop her. So it used its power to command the trees capture Yamai.

Meiko stood at the end of the trail of blood as roots reached out to capture her. "NO! Why?" She asked as she was dragged away and was made a prisoner of sin, leaving her blood drenched sword in the pool of blood.

"That is too bad," The little dream said sadly to itself, "Now I have to find a new Alice to make my world…"

And so the first Alice of the red spade lost herself in Wonderland and paid for the sin she had committed.