Sunlight - A Twilight Fan Fiction By Me And TwilightAddicted xx.

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Renesmee's POV-
Chapter One:
The familiar face of Jacob Black peeped his head into my bedroom where I sat, waiting, although I wasn't sure what for. A smile lit up on his face, his brilliant white teeth gleaming against his russet skin. "Hey," He said in his deep, husky voice that I loved. I smiled. He opened the door half way and came to sit on my bed. Already his musky, forest scent was kicking in- it was one of my favourite smells. I moved closer to him, still smiling contently. Then I realised what I was waiting for- it was right in front of me.
"I was waiting for you." I said, fully aware of him shuffling closer toward me.
"Sorry. I got held up with the pack." He replied apologetically. The pack had expanded insanely since my arrival. Now there were five new members- Sean, Aiden, Gavin, Drew and another girl, Sarah, the girl who Embry had imprinted upon. Jacob then did something which took me totally by surprise. He ran his long fingers through my rib-length bronze-tinted curls, tucking a strand behind my shoulder. It gave me Goosebumps. The good kind though.
A/N:- Beware, cheesy line incoming!! --- "I prefer seeing your face." He explained. I closed my eyes and sighed. If only there was a way possible to freeze time.

"Where's Edward?" I asked, suddenly remembering my father. I panicked, I didn't know how Edward would react to this- I had never been like this with Jacob. He was my best friend, always there for me and I loved him dearly but it had never been more than friendship. Which was why this was the slightest bit strange. But the strangest thing was, there was nothing about this that felt wrong.
"He went out with Bella and the rest of them. I hoped he wouldn't freak out at the sight of me moving closer. He changed the subject.
"Nessie, I gotta tell you something," He said, looking like he was struggling to explain something. I nodded slowly.
All of a sudden, a booming but still strangely calm voice yelled out,
"NESSIE!" My eyes flew open and I was in the same room but with my father instead of Jacob. I jumped. Edward looked apologetic. "Sorry sweetheart, it's the only way to wake you up, you sleep like a rock which is ironic for a half-vampire." He smiled slyly.
It took me a moment to realise what day it was.
"Oh! Sorry Dad, I completely forgot we were hunting today!" I yanked off my bed covers and started to get up to find something to wear.
"Alice has already chosen your clothes and has everything you need." At that moment, Alice had appeared with my outfit. "Ok I know you don't like dresses but I still wanted you to gorgeous on our trip so I got you this." She laid the clothes down on my bed which Edward had already made. I gasped. On the bed were black, skinny jeans, black matching flats, a white tank top with the maternity look but had a built in belt which finished the top. On top of the surprisingly - for Aunt Alice - good top was a nice necklace, an unfamiliar shape with little diamonds emblazed into it. It was astonishingly... effective. I moaned. "Alice," I whined, "I told you to stop buying me stuff." She just rolled her eyes. "You're just like Bella." She said, then ushered her brother out of my bedroom. After I had changed and done my hair, I joined the others to hunt.