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Chapter 1

"Auntie Bella!" the wind was knocked out of me as my best friend's kids tackled me when I had one step into the house.

"Hey you two," I knelt down and hugged them, "have you been behaving for your mommy and daddy lately?"

"Yes, we have been perfect little angels." Mary smiled sweetly at me while her twin brother Jimmy nodded in agreement.

"Mary! Jimmy! It's time for lunch!" Alice called from the kitchen.

"Yay!" they both yelled and ran to the kitchen, I laughed and followed. When I walked in the kitchen they were sitting at the table eating their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

"Hey Bella," Alice said giving me a hug, "how've you been?"

"I've been better but I'm fine." I sighed.

"Did you hear anything from that place you interviewed for?" she asked while she dug around the cupboards for something.

"Yeah, they called and said that someone else got the job, apparently they don't like the fact that I haven't had to much working experience." I rolled my eyes, "How am I supposed to get any when nobody will hire me because of that?"

"It's okay, you'll get one soon don't worry about it I'm sure." Alice said trying to comfort me.

"I know I just don't like how nobody is willing to take the time out to teach me the ropes if needed." I told her as I took off my coat and hung it over one of the chairs.

"Auntie Bella aren't you hungry?" Jimmy asked.

"You do know she's not your real aunt right?" Alice asked them.

"It's ok Alice I don't mind," I turned back to Jimmy, "I'm not hungry right now Jimmy but thank you for asking it was very kind of you." I smiled.

"You're welcome," he grinned and went back to his sandwich.

"He is looking more and more like Jasper everyday." I told Alice when Mary and Jimmy left to go and play.

"I know he is so adorable, just like his father." She squealed happily.

"Mary looks a lot like you though, even though they are twins they don't look anything alike, polar opposites." I stated. Alice laughed and nodded her head.

"Bella?" she asked, "Do you remember my brother Edward?" she asked.

"A little bit, isn't he in California now as a doctor?" she nodded and smiled.

"He decided to move back to Forks," she said excitedly, "says he's homesick I guess."

"That's wonderful!" I exclaimed, "Do you know when he's supposed to be back?"

"He should be back today, he promised that he would come and visit as soon as he got here." She said as she drained the dishwater and went to the cupboard, "want some coffee?"

"Sure," she poured two cups of coffee and handed one to me. We sat down at the table and talked for a while. I saw Alice glance out the window then groan, I looked out to and giggled.

"The weather man said that it wasn't supposed to rain today." She pouted.

"Come on Alice," I joked, "a sunny day in Forks?"

"I know, I know but I was hoping." She frowned, then looked back at me, "Are you going to be doing anything tonight?"

"No, I'm free why?"

"Because I want to invite you over tonight, I hate how you're alone in that apartment of yours all the time." I smiled, how thoughtful of her.

"It's not that bad Alice, but sure I'll stay for dinner tonight." I told her.

"Yay! Thank you Bella." I laughed. I heard a knock at the door, then the sound of the door opening and closing.

"Alice?" called a velvety voice.

"Uncle Edward!" Mary and Jimmy yelled, "We missed you!"

"I missed you guys to, where's your mom?"

"She's in the kitchen with Auntie Bella," Mary told him. She entered the kitchen pulling a handsome bronze haired man by the hand.

"Edward!" Alice got up and hugged her brother. He was handsome, ok strike that he was drop dead gorgeous! His bronze hair was wet from the rain but it didn't matter. He wore a dark blue rain coat that was unzipped and showed a green collared shirt.

"Edward you remember Bella don't you?" Alice asked him, and he looked at me.

"A little bit but not very much, sorry." He held out his hand.

"Don't worry about it," I told him as I shook his hand, "I don't remember a lot about you either."

"That's because he was either practicing the piano or doing some sport, coffee Edward?"

"Sure," he said as he took off his jacket and hung it over the chair that he sat down in. Alice handed him his coffee and sat down in her own chair. "thanks Alice,"

"No problem, so how was the drive up?" she asked.

"Long, but worth it." He winked at me but Alice didn't see it. I smiled a little bit and looked down at my own coffee. We sat there talking for a long time before Alice finally noticed the time.

"Shoot, I better get dinner started." Alice jumped up.

"Oh, let me help Alice," I got up and put my cup in the sink.

"No, no you're the guest. You and Edward can go in the living room while I make dinner, it won't be long I promise." I sighed, there was no point in arguing with her. After me and Edward were kicked out of the kitchen, we migrated to Alice's window room.

It was small room, but it felt very open because there was a ton of windows in a row going around three of the four walls. In the middle was a white table with matching chairs. On the ends of each wall there were baby blue curtains that could be pulled over all of the windows if need be.

"This is always my favorite room in the entire house," I told Edward as I sat down, "even if I told Alice I liked the living room more because of all the work she put into it." I giggled.

"This was always my favorite room to," Edward said as he sat down next to me, "so, want to play twenty questions so we can get to know each other a little more?"

"Sure, you go first though." I told him, and smiled.

"Alright, what's your favorite color?" he asked looking into my eyes.

"Dark blue, Alice says that it looks great on me so that's a bonus." I giggled, "What about you? What is your favorite color?"

"Same color as yours actually," he chuckled, "ok next question." We kept going on and on, asking way more than twenty questions. We were so into our little game that we lost track of time and it was getting dark out.

Both of our heads turned towards the door when we heard it open and close.

"I'm home!" I heard Jasper's voice yell.

"Daddy!!" Mary and Jimmy yelled, you could hear them running and tackling their dad.

"Hey you two," he laughed.

"Daddy, Daddy guess who's here!" Jimmy yelled.


"Auntie Bella and Uncle Edward!" he said excitedly.

"Really, where are they?" Jasper asked.

"In the window room," Mary told him. A second later Jasper was in the doorway with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Hey Jasper," I got up and hugged him, "It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Almost a month thanks to that business trip," he frowned.

"Well it was only a month and I'm staying for dinner so that makes it better, right?" I joked.

"Yeah I guess it does," he laughed.

"Hey Jasper," Edward said getting up and did that annoying man hug thing with Jasper (a/n: sorry if you are offended by that…ok not really that really does annoy me sometimes when guys do that lol ok read on)

"Hey Edward, missed you man you didn't visit enough." Jasper frowned again.

"Hey my job wouldn't let me take a lot of vacations even if I tried," he explained.

"Well, it'll be nicer that you won't be so far away now."

"Yeah, I missed little rainy Forks," Edward said glumly, "it doesn't rain that much in California."

"Wow, shocker," I said sarcastically rolling my eyes.

"Hey don't use that tone with me," he joked poking one of my sides. Not a good thing, I squealed and moved my body away but tripped in the process. I was ready to hit the floor, but instead two strong arms wrapped around me holding me to a muscular chest. I peeked threw my right eye then opened both my eyes. I was staring at two green orbs that were staring intently at mine.

"Are you ok Bella?" Edward asked, I didn't know if it was just me but he was holding me tighter than needed, not that I minded.

"Bella?" he asked again, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Oh yeah I'm ok." I told him, "I am just really clumsy and very ticklish."

"Well, I'm going to help Alice in the kitchen," Jasper said and left, leaving me in Edwards arms still.

"So," he looked at me in an evil way, "you're ticklish are you?"

"Yes," I answered in an unsure voice, "why?" I was a little nervous, then I saw the resolve in his eyes.

"No!" tried to get away but it was to late. He was tickling me so much that I could barely breath I was laughing so hard. "Edward s-stop!" I kept laughing.

"Are you going to be sarcastic with me again?" he asked.

"P-probably," I choked out, "but I wont tonight anymore." He still didn't stop tickling me.

"Mary! Jimmy!" I yelled and they ran into the room, "Get your Uncle!"

"AHHHH!!!" they yelled and tackled him, and even managed to pin him to the ground, "Got you Uncle Edward!" Jimmy yelled.

"Now Mr. Cullen," I said in a sly voice, "let us see if you are ticklish." His eyes widened in fake fear and I started tickling him. Mary and Jimmy started to help me and we soon had Edward rolling around on the floor laughing.

"Say Uncle!" Jimmy yelled.

"Never!" Edward laughed.

"Say it!" I said and tickled him more.

"Alright, alright uncle!" he finally gave up and we all got off of him, "Kidding!" he surprised us and tackled me and started tickling me again.

"Edward!" I managed to yell through my laughing. I squirmed around trying to get out from under him but failed. He startled my stomach and pinned my arms above my head, then leaned closer to me so we were only a few inches apart and I felt my heart skip a beat. His breath smelled so good.

"Say Uncle," he commanded me.


"Say it or I'll tickle you again," he teased me.

"Fine," I pouted, "uncle."

"That's a good girl," he laughed, but he started moving slightly while he laughed, and being on top of me that was awkward so he stopped. He stared into my eyes and I into his, I never noticed that they were so green before. He started to lean in closer and closer until we were about an inch apart.

"Bella! Edward! Dinner is ready!" Alice called from the dinning room. Edward lifted his head up and got off of me pulling me with him. I was going to kill that pixie for this. We walked into the dinning room and sat next to each other.

Dinner went very smoothly, Alice's spaghetti was the best in the world and she wouldn't share the recipe. After dinner Alice had made an amazing chocolate cake and we each had a slice. We retreated to the living room after that to sit around and talk while Mary and Jimmy played with their toys. When I looked at the clock I sighed, it was ten-thirty and I had to get home.

"Alice I better be heading home," I said glumly as I stood up.

"Aw, do you have to Auntie Bella?" Mary asked yawning.

"I'm afraid so honey," I told her. I walked over to her and Jimmy, gave them each a hug and kissed their foreheads. "Well, I better get going. By Ali, by Jasper." I gave them a hug, then I turned to Edward, "It was nice to see you again." I held out my hand to shake his, he stood up and grabbed my hand as if to shake it but then he pulled me into a hug.

"It was nice to see you again to Bella," he whispered into my ear, I shivered. He let me go and I went to get my jacket, I yelled by one more time before I left the house. It was still raining but not hard and I couldn't wait to get the heat going in my truck.

I climbed into the cab and stuck the key into the ignition, but when I turned the key there was a click and nothing else. I tried it again, click. Damn it.

I got out of the car and went back to the house I opened the door and stepped in.

"Alice?" I called out, Alice came out of the living room.

"Did you forget something Bella?" she asked.

"No, my truck wont start it died again," I explained.

"Oh, that's a real bummer let me drive you home." She said as she reached for her coat.

"Is there a problem?" Edward asked as he and Jasper came around the corner.

"Her truck died again so I'm going to give her a ride home." Alice said putting on her coat.

"Again Bella? You really need to get a new car." Jasper told me while shaking his head.

"Alice why don't you let me drive Bella home? I have to get going anyway so it'll only be a little side stop." Edward spoke up.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"It'll be no problem, I can promise you that." He smiled a crooked grin that made my heart skip a beat again. What was with this guy and doing that to me?

"Thanks," I told him sincerely as he put on his jacket. We said our goodbyes and walked out the door. We were about halfway down the driveway when I stepped in a puddle and slipped, and for the second time that night Edward managed to catch me before I fell onto the ground.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I blushed a deep red.

"You really are clumsy aren't you," Edward joked, making me blush another shade of red. I kept my gaze on the ground ahead of me and I heard him chuckle.

I kept walking down the driveway when I felt an arm snare around my waist and pulled me in another direction.

"Bella where are you going?" he asked, "My car is over here." Keeping his arm around my waist he led me to the passenger side of a silver Volvo. He opened the door for me and closed it again when I sat in the leather seat. I watched him as he went around the front of the car to the driver's side.

He climbed in and started the car up, turning the heat up and the music down. It was then that I noticed the music that was playing.

"Clair de Lune?" I asked.

"You listen to Debussy?"

"A little bit, but I only know the names of my favorites." I explained.

"This is one of my favorites to." He smiled at me. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by my phone ringing. I opened it to see a text message from Alice.

What r u guys still doing here?

You're not in the back seat r u? lol


I had to laugh at my best friend's assumption.

You never no Ali ;p


I hit the send button and closed my phone.

"So where do you live Bella?" Edward asked me and I realized that I never told him.

"Take a left up here, it's on the right." I told him and he nodded. My phone rang again, another text message from Alice.

ISABELLA MARIE SWAN!!…is he any good?? ;)


MARY ALICE WHITLOCK! He's your brother! And I was just kidding anyway!


Lol I know you were, u wouldn't have the guts 2 do that, well g2g


I glared at my phone, why did Alice have to be right?

"You seem exceptionally quiet," Edward spoke up, "a penny for your thoughts?"

"Your sister is bugging me right now." I said in a clipped tone, he chuckled.

"Well, Alice will be Alice," he chuckled again, it was such a beautiful sound I tried to commit to memory.

"My apartment is right up here," I pointed to my apartment building. He pulled up to the curb and put it in park. I turned to say thanks, but didn't say anything because his face was saddened.

"Edward? Is there something wrong?" I asked in a worried voice.

"I'm just thinking about how I'm going to have to wake up Carlisle and Esme when I get to their house, and waking up Esme is a death wish." He sighed, Alice's last text message come through my mind again, you wouldn't have the guts to do that anyway.

"If you want Edward," I said slowly, "I have an extra room in my apartment that you could use for tonight." Did I really just ask him that!? I must be going crazy! When he didn't answer I looked at him again, from the look on his face he was thinking about it.

"I guess that would be ok, it's better than going to a motel or waking my parents up." He laughed, then sighed, "but I still have to call them and let them know."

"You can call them once we get inside, come on I think this rain is going to kick into a big storm tonight and soon from what the sky looks like." I told him and he nodded.

"Just let me grab my suitcase first," he turned off his car and got out. He opened the door to the backseat and grabbed a navy blue suitcase and an umbrella, "always prepared," he laughed, "alright lets go."

He closed the door and ran around to my side and opened the door for me. I told him thanks and we both walked towards the apartment building under the protection of the umbrella.

Once we got upstairs on my floor we walked down the hallway towards my room. I was just about to put the key in the lock when I heard a door creak open.

"Hey there Bella," my annoying neighbor Mike Newton stepped out of his apartment, "What are you up to?"

"Not much Mike," I replied trying not to get to annoyed, "just having a friend sleepover tonight." I gestured to Edward. Mike seemed oblivious to the fact that Edward was standing next to me.

"Oh, I see," Mike glared at Edward, obviously not liking him, "Hey, I was wondering Bella, do you want to go out with me this Saturday night?" Was he really asking me this? What was wrong with him? I mean you think that a guy would get the point. If a girl has turned them down seven times that they don't want to go out with them.

Edward must have seen the annoyance and angry expression on my face because he saved me.

"Actually she's busy thins Saturday," he said politely.

"Oh really?" Mike's tone clearly stated that he didn't believe Edward, "With who?"

"Me," he smiled a bit.

"Oh, well…" he was at loss for words for the moment so I used it as a chance to escape. I quick unlocked my door and opened it.

"Well it was nice talking to you Mike but I've got to be getting to bed, night." I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him in, shutting the door as soon as he was all the way in.

"Don't like him I take it," Edward chuckled.

"No, he is annoying and never leaves me alone. I have rejected him so many times and he just doesn't get it!" I vented. "I mean really, if I said 'no' seven times already so I that means I don't want to go out with him, ugh!" Edward broke out laughing.

"You've said no seven times already?" he asked in a disbelieving tone.

"The guy cant take a hint," I shrugged then yawned, I hadn't realized how much energy was taken out of me from the days events.

"Why don't you show me where the guest room is, then you can go to sleep." Edward suggested.

"Alright, follow me." I walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms, "this is my room, this is the bathroom, and this is the guest room." I said as I pointed them out, "Just give me a holler if you need anything."

"Ok, goodnight Bella, oh and thanks again for letting me stay here for the night."

"Don't worry about it I don't mind at all." I told him truthfully, "Actually, it does get pretty lonely here sometimes so I enjoy it when I get company."

"Well, I'm glad I could keep you company this evening." I giggled.

"Well goodnight Edward."

"Goodnight Bella," I walked back to my room and crawled into my bed as soon as I changed into my silky blue shorts with a matching top. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was awakened by the sound of very loud thunder. Normally the thunder wouldn't bother me but I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I jumped when another clash of thunder sounded with a bright flash of lightning. The rain was pounding against my window making an annoying sound. I sat up in my bed and looked at my alarm clock, but the stupid power was out.

I shivered a bit; it was pretty cold in my room so I got out of bed and went to the hallway closet. As I was searching for my extra blanket I thought I heard something but brushed it off as my imagination.

"Bella?" I jumped a foot in the air and spun around with my hand on my chest trying to slow my heartbeat.

"Edward you can't do that to me," I said out of breath.

"Sorry I was woken up by the thunder and I got kind of cold. I didn't want to wake you to ask for another blanket but then I heard you in the hallway and yeah." He explained.

"Well I'm looking for one right now actually because it's cold in my room as well." I turned back to the closet, "I can only find one though and I thought I had more." I showed him the quilt I had in my arms.

"Oh, well you can have it I don't really need it." Edward said.

"No, no you're the guest you can have it," I protested.

"Bella I'm not going to let you freeze in your own home at my expense," he argued back, but in a kind voice.

"Well…we could share it," I suggested slowly.

"Would you be ok with that?" he asked, I nodded my head.

"I mean I only have the one blanket and we both want to give it to the other so I guess we could share it." Thank god it was dark in the hallway otherwise Edward would be able to see the blush covering my face.

"Ok then," I started to walk to my room; I could barely hear Edwards's quiet footsteps following me. I was nervous, but not as much as I thought I should be. I guess that since I've known him for so long, not well, that it's not as bad.

We remade my bed because the covers were everywhere and put the quilt on. We pulled back the covers and crawled into the bed, staying on our own sides of the invisible line that had formed.

"Goodnight Edward," I mumbled tiredly.

"Goodnight Bella," was the last thing I heard before I drifted into a deep sleep.