Pairing: Tethys x Marisa
Summary: And her eyes are still on Tethys' retreating figure.
A/N: Written for one of my friends. I haven't worked in this tense for awhile,'s a little weird. I haven't worked in this tense for a while...ahaha, hope you like it. Simple drabble.

Marisa's posture slacks a little; as much as she doesn't want to admit it, she's exhausted. There's no time to rest, however–there are still enemies to fight. Even if it was a few.

That's when a familiar jingling fills her ears and, for a few seconds, Marisa closes her eyes–she relaxes. When she reopens them, there's Tethys dancing in front of her, and the myrmidon watches closely.

Tethys turns around and takes a step forward, casting a sensuous glance back at Marisa just as she spreads her arms out. She grins, and the younger woman feels the heat rising to her face; Tethys crouches once before she starts twirling gracefully–one full turn, two, three...Marisa loses count after the fourth, memorized.

This usually befalls most people, whenever they watch one of her dances.

Finally, Tethys drops to the ground and bows her head. And, for some reason, Marisa feels strangely rejuvenated (and a little bit sad).

"Thank you." She feels the need to say that.

Tethys gets up, grinning that same grin once again. Much to Marisa's confusion, the redhead saunters over to her, hips swinging (quite seductively) side to side. Once she's in front of her, the dancer raises her arms and wraps the silky material connected to her rings around Marisa, pulling her close.

Marisa blinks repeatedly, staring up in her deep red eyes and tries not to get lost. "What are you doing?"

Tethys' answer to that is a small kiss on the other's lips, "A kiss for good luck, Marisa!" And with a giggle, she whirls around and strolls off to find another exhausted soul, leaving a flushing Marisa to herself.


Quick as lightening, Marisa turns and slashes sideways, cutting down the offending monster before it even has a chance to attack.

"...Too slow."

And her eyes are still on Tethys' retreating figure.