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Red Blushes with Surprises on the Side

The sky was cloudless, emanating a clear, bright blue. The sun shined brightly as Yura opened his window, allowing him to inhale the fresh, crisp air. As a cool breeze passed by, leaves were shaken loose and danced through the air, creating a small circle of tinted leaves and hinting autumn was just around the corner. As Yura was preparing for the school day ahead, he abruptly stopped.

"Why do I have a feeling that something unexpected will happen today?" he thought.

He instantly felt foolish for even thinking such a question to himself, yet he couldn't shake off this feeling. Never the less, he ignored the foreboding sensation, scurried out the door of his apartment, and hurried to class.


As he stepped into the classroom, he spotted Eniwa and Kyo arguing, excuse me, 'discussing' over each other's performance yesterday during basketball practice.

"Eniwa! You could have passed it to me from behind,and I would have been able to shoot," Kyo articulated.

"Yeah right! Knowing you, the ball would have hit your head, instead of you catching the ball!" Eniwa retorted.

"And who's fault is that the ball would have hit my head instead?" Kyo yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Of course, the person who passed you the ball," Eniwa answered smugly.


"Wait, don't trick me like that! Don't turn this on me!" Eniwa feverishly stammered.

Kyo and Eniwa stopped their conversation when they heard quiet snickering originating from their classmates. They spotted Yura in front of them and saw he was trying to tell them something. Of course, as he opened his mouth to tell them, his laughter rang throughout the room. It was only natural that the class followed.

Yura tried to stifle his laughter as to talk to them, but his sentences were incoherent. Behind him, people muttered snide remarks that embarrassed Kyo and Eniwa greatly.

"You know, they should really just become a couple now," a group of girls said in a half sigh, half chuckle.

"I bet they would have become a couple by now if Eniwa would have stopped being so oblivious and have the guts to ask her out," some guys commented over their laughter. "Plus, we wouldn't think they were gay lovers if they go out now, since we now know Kyo is a girl."

At this point, both Kyo and Eniwa were scarlet red and clouds of steam exited their head.

"See, both faces are blushing," the class whispered.

Kyo and Eniwa argued back as the class bickered. Yura reminisced that time when the school learned of Kyo's real gender. Kyo decided to keep wearing a boy uniform since everyone was used to her wearing it. Returning from the past into the present in his mind, he completely ignored the 'Kyo and Eniwa vs. the entire class' argument, Yura glanced at the clock and noted it was 20 minutes before class starts. So why was the homeroom teacher already in the classroom? Finally, Teacher got the class's undivided attention.

"Class," he announced in monotone, "although we just started school two months ago, we have an unexpected student transferring here today. You can come in now."

As the door opened, a petite, fragile looking student with a brown, short hair cut wearing a gray tee-shirt and jeans walked quickly into the room. The student then turned to face the class.

"I am Hsia, Sam. Pleased to meet you."

Following some small conversation between the new student and the teacher about the uniform and the seating arrangement, the teacher stepped out of the room, not wanting to become involved with what was going to happen next.

"Um," a girl shyly said while raising her hand halfway, "can we ask you questions about yourself?"

"Oh, sure! I am sorry, but I really don't know how to introduce myself. So, who has a question they would like to ask me?" Sam replied, slightly embarrased.

As if on cue, the classroom was in a riot as girls yelled out of turn, wanting the new student to answer her question first. After a few minutes of silence from Sam, the girls finally quieted down and asked in a calmer manner. As all the girl's hands raised sky high, Sam picked a girl who wasn't part of the riot from before.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are your likes and dislikes?" she asked very curiously. A pregnant pause grew as the girls tensed while Sam thought of how to answer.

"I basically like sports, especially basketball," he announced.

"What about your dislikes?" the girl asked.

"Let's see. I dislike the color pink, skirts and dresses, and makeup!" he answered in an happy-go-lucky tone, oblivious to the girls reaction when they realized their favorite things are what their new idol-sama hates.

As these words reverberated around the room and hands dropped back to their sides, Sam joyfully went to his seat. As he practically skipped his way there, he didn't notice a black cloud shadowing every girl's head as they were disappointed, believing idol-sama has no interest in them.

Sam sat down in the once lonely seat. He then turned to his right and introduced himself again.

"Hi my name is Hsia, Sam and I hope we can become great friends!

"This person must be an idiot. He even forgot that he introduced himself to the class. It is better if I keep quiet and ignore him," Yura quickly thought as he turned his head away from the clueless idiot, who of which was anticipating a response or a handshake.

As Sam dejectedly realized that he would get no such response, the school bell rang, indicating class had started. The teacher walked in, grateful the class was in better order than he expected. As he began his lecture, Sam took out all necessary materials to take notes.

"Hey, don't look disheartened," Kyo, who was sitting to the left of Sam, whispered.

"I have to admit, even though Yura is a cold blooded guy, he isn't as bad as first impressions go," Eniwa added sarcastically.

Sam sat silent throughout that small conversation, even though Kyo and Eniwa were talking directly to him. Kyo and Eniwa apparently became irritated that they were being ignored by Sam, who was concentrating on the lesson like his life depended on it.

The school day passed by as slowly as usual. Kyo and Eniwa observed Sam the whole day and yet, Sam just took notes. As the teacher dismissed the class, Sam, as though was in a trance, sighed loudly and stretched. Sam then turned to face Kyo and Eniwa.

"I'm sorry, did you say something to me before? I wasn't listening," Sam innocently asked.

Eniwa's vein popped. He forced a smile while responding with a strained yes.

"I am so sorry! I am very serious with my schoolwork. So in order for me to concentrate, I block out all talking and noise not related to the lesson. I hope you forgive me," Sam frantically clarified.

Kyo, convinced by Sam's honesty, forgave him. He was, though, taken by surprised by Sam's next question.

"Do you guys know where the gym is? I was told to go there as soon school ended and since I am new here, I really have no clue were to go. This school is huge!" Sam asked first in a worried voice, then turned into an awed tone.

"We are going there for basketball practice. Although I have no idea why you need to go there, we'll show you where it is. Yura is also part of the basketball team, but he's already left for practice," Eniwa answered in a curious and annoyed tone.

"Then let's leave!" Sam enthusiastically exclaimed.

After a long walk around the campus, they finally arrived. Sam was awed by the huge building and the practicing team. As they made their way through, someone unknown to Sam approached them.

"You guys are late!" yelled a very irritated Imai, and then added when he noticed the new person, "Wait, who is this?"

"Hi, I am Hsia, Sam. I guess you are the captain. I hope you train me well during training," Sam said in a confident tone.

"Oh, you are the new transfer student. Very well, Kyo, can you show Sam to the changing room?" Imai said.

As Kyo and Sam walked over to the changing rooms, leaving a very confused basketball team and an even more confused Eniwa and Yura behind, a conversation struck up.

"Now I understand why you needed to go to the gym after school. I was surprised to learn you are on the team now. I mean, you are shorter than me, not that it matters in terms of playing skill. Anyway, here are the changing rooms," Kyo explained, pointing to the locker room entrance.

Sam suddenly stopped when he saw the blue gender sign beside the door. He then turned to Kyo and gave her an incredulous glance.

"I can't change here," skeptical, he pointed at the door that have seemed to be at fault for his change of mood.

"Why not? It's not like you can change in the girl's changing room," Kyo scoffed.

At that moment, the weather outside became bleak.

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