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I Have the Right to Remain Silent

"Now I understand why you needed to go to the gym after school. I was surprised to learn you are on the team now. I mean, you are shorter than me, not that it matters in terms of playing skill. Anyway, here are the changing rooms," Kyo explained, pointing to the locker room entrance.

Sam suddenly stopped when he saw the blue gender sign beside the door. He then turned to Kyo and gave her an incredulous glance.

"I can't change here,"skeptical, he pointed at the door that have seemed to be at fault for the change of his mood.

"Why not? It's not like you can change in the girl's changing room," Kyo scoffed.

"Isn't it obvious?" Sam questioned, now confused. "Even though all the guys are practicing now, I need to change in the girl's changing room because I am a girl."

. . .

"What?! You're a girl?!" Multiple voices yelled.

A crash was heard from behind, surprising the two girls. When Sam spun around, she saw Yura staring at her, Imai smirking, and the rest of the basketball team on the floor, looking like they just walked into an alternate universe.

"Do I resemble a guy that much? Last time I checked, I'm female, or was there some screw up with my birth certificate," Sam sarcastically remarked. "Honestly, that's why Captain Imai asked Kyo here to show me around."

"Captain Imai, you knew?" Kyo blurted out.

"Yes," he replied, uninterested. "Sam was rejected by the girl's basketball team, since they were full. Sam was determined to join a basketball team, so she gained the Principal's, the coach's, and my permission to join our team instead."

"And you couldn't tell us this, why?" Eniwa argued.

"Would you be less angry if I said I forgot?" Imai suggested, putting effort into his puppy-dog face, aggravating the boy further.


"Then, I have the right to remain silent," Imai smirked, happy his plan to irritate the boy was a success.

"Um, is it that much of a problem if I join this team?" Sam curiously questioned, interrupting their argument.

Someone from the team spoke up, "Why do you think that?"

"Well, most people can take hints, with all the arguing, shock, and the fact Yura over there is silently glaring at me," she replied smoothly, pointing at Yura behind her.

Aware his name popped up, Yura looked away, suddenly becoming interested at the wall. Noticing his peculiar behavior, Sam thought, "Hm, I wonder what was that about? I'll have to ask him later."

"Yes, yes," Imai impatiently stated, "Sam is a girl and is now a member of this team. Now, if you guys are done being idiots wasting time, go back to practicing."

One by one, the boys went back to the courts, finally giving Sam some time to change.

~In the Girl's Locker Room~

Seeing as the locker rooms were empty she began to sing as she changed.

"Who's in the forest strolling? The birds and the bee's sing~ Momiji.

The frogs in the pond are calling~ Momiji yes, it's true.

The trees raise their leaves to~gether. Who needs the sun when we've got you?

Who's in the forest strolling? The birds and the bee's sing~ Momiji.

The frogs in the pond are calling~ Momiji yes, it's true."

-{Momiji Souma's song from episode 12 - taken from English version. :D}

With that last line, Sam happily exited the locker room to find . . . Yura laughing?

Surprised, Sam blurted out, "Y-Yura? Whatareyoudoinghere?"

"That-that song. . . funny. . .you sang very loudly," Yura managed through his fits of laughter.

Embarrassed, she turned her head away and tried to look proud. "So what? I happen to love this song because it comes from an awesome anime! Besides, why are you in front of the girl's locker room anyway?" Smirking, she added, "Trying to take a look at an innocent girl changing, hm?"

Yura quickly calmed himself down enough to answer. "Well, captain Imai asked me to bring you to the gym. When I asked him for a reason, he said something about you being easily distracted."

"Hmm, I wonder who told him that? Anyway, what are the drills for today?" she asked, trying to keep up with his fast pace.

"Today, we're practicing our passing. Why?" He took a moment to think. "You could be my partner, but I won't go easy on you, even if you are new."

As if spontaneous was her middle name, she pulled out a mini microphone out of thin air and declared, "Yura, you are my new bestest friend!"

"What if I don't want to be your friend Sam?" Yura challenged.

"Too bad for you, since I will stick to you like glue!" Sam happily replied into her toy mic. Before Yura could make another complaint, she ran to the gym doors and went inside, leaving him behind.

What a weird girl . . . but an interesting one at that. Yura shook his head before he followed her inside.

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