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"Alice, I can do it myself. I don't need your help."

"Don't be stubborn Bella. You obviously can't do it alone."

Bella was sitting at the edge of her bed, with her arms wrapped tightly around her chest. Alice was in front of Bella trying to convince her that she needed help taking a shower.

"I can do it alone; I know I can." Bella said.

Alice grabbed Bella's arms and pried them apart and away from her chest. She was beginning to pick Bella up, and take her to the bathroom herself.


Alice let go of Bella immediately, and gave her a mischievous smile.

"We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Which do you prefer?"

"The hard way." Bella mumbled

"Okay, have it your way then." Alice laughed and reached for Bella once more.

Bella pushed away from Alice and crawled up her bed. Alice just followed her, and sat on top of Bella pinning her against the bed; making sure not to cause harm to her at the same time.

"Alice, get off of me!" Bella half demanded and half laughed.

"You said you wanted to do it the hard way. Now I can carry you to the bathroom, or you can get up and walk." Alice pushed the hair out of Bella's face as she was talking to her.

So beautiful…Alice thought.

"All right, I'll walk myself." Bella gave in.

Alice jumped off of Bella immediately, and helped her to her feet. She grabbed hold of Bella's arm and walked her into the bathroom.

Alice closed the door behind Bella, and locked it.

"Why are you locking the door?" Bella questioned.

"You don't want your father coming in here by accident, do you?" Alice stated

"Oh…no I don't want that."

"Anyway…how do you prefer your shower water, hot or cold?" Alice asked as she was walking over the bathtub.

Bella watched as Alice approached the bathtub; watching every movement she made with hungry eyes.

"I like it hot." Bella simply said

"Okay, hot water for Bella then." Alice turned on the water, and put her hand underneath to test the water. Bella never took her eyes off of her.

What's wrong with me? This is Edward's sister! I love Edward, not Alice.

"Time to get in." Alice exclaimed as she approached Bella, tugging at her shirt.

"What are you doing?" Bella asked blushing.

"I'm taking off your clothes silly. You can't do it by yourself." Alice began to lift up Bella's t-shirt again.

"I can do it myself Alice. I don't need any more tension than I have already."

"Tension?" Alice questioned, trying to hide her smile.

"Yes, having someone helping me shower isn't too relaxing, especially when it's you."

Alice stepped back with the smile still on her face.

"Go ahead and take off your shirt yourself if you think you can."

"I will."

"Then do it."

"I will."

"I'm waiting." Alice laughed.

"Turn around." Bella commanded.

"Bella I'm going to see your entire body. Why even bother?"

"Fine" Bella slowly reached for the bottom of her shirt, trying to lift up her shirt without crying out in pain. She could feel her face burning with embarrassment.

She moved her arm the wrong way and Bella began crying out "Ouch"

The next thing she knew was that her shirt was being lifted carefully off her by cold hands.

"I told you, you needed help." Alice gently tossed the shirt aside, and reached for Bella's bra clasp.

While she was reaching around Bella; she noticed her face was red.

"Don't be embarrassed Bella. You need to take a shower, and I'm the only one who can help you." Alice said with glee. She would enjoy helping Bella take a shower; it was the perfect excuse.

'I know you're the only one. I'm just embarrassed that I won't look good to you. Compared to you, I look awful." Bella stated.

"That's not true. You don't realize how beautiful you are Bella. I think you're stunning to be honest. Now let me help you get your bra off." Alice turned Bella around and unclasped her bra.

Turning her back around, Alice reached out to take Bella's bra and put it aside.

"Bella, move your arms so I can take it off." Alice said politely.

Hesitantly, Bella moved her arms to the side, and the bra slid into Alice's waiting hands.

Simply stunning

Alice knelt down, and began to unbutton Bella's jeans. Bella had her head turned to the side, facing away from Alice. She was too afraid to look down; Alice might give her a wicked grin and make her even more embarrassed.

Alice tugged the jeans down Bella's waist, and Bella stepped out of them. Alice reached back up for the underwear, and placed her hands inside the band, ready to pull them down. Alice couldn't help but smile as the underwear fell to the floor.

Alice slowly moved her head upwards, getting a good look at Bella's body. She was tempted to attack Bella; her scent was more powerful without clothes to cover her up. The urge to kiss Bella was even more powerful than Alice's hunger for her. She managed control both of her temptations and took Bella by the hand.

She walked Bella towards the shower, and helped her step into the bathtub. Bella went underneath the spraying water, and began moving her hair out of her face.

"How's the water temperature?" Alice asked

"It's perfect." Bella slightly moaned

Alice's eyes widened for a brief second, but quickly returned back to normal.

"You know I'm coming in there with you." Alice smiled at Bella's horrified face.

"No Alice, you don't have to do that." Bella tried pleading with Alice.

"I do have to. You're going to get hurt if I don't come in there and help you. I can see the future, remember?" Alice used her power as a way to get in the shower with Bella. She wasn't taking advantage of the situation; Bella would get hurt if Alice didn't go in there and assist her.

"Fine" Bella breathed out a few seconds later.

Alice quickly stripped of her clothes and within the next minute she stepped into the shower with Bella.

Bella turned around sharply to see Alice standing right in front of her.

Bella closed her eyes quickly, and turned facing away from Alice's perfect body.

"I forgot how fast you are." Bella said awkwardly

Alice stepped under the water, and allowed the water to soak her hair. She reached for Bella's shoulder and turned her around to face her.

"I want you to look at me Bella." Alice stated.

Bella opened her eyes slowly, and looked at Alice like she commanded. Her mouth opened slightly as she took in all that Alice was. Bella's heart began racing a thousand miles.

"Wow" Bella slipped and said this out loud.

"I know" Alice laughed and reached for the bar of soap.

"Come closer to me." Alice told Bella, and Bella obeyed.

"I'm going to wash you, and that requires me touching you. Is that okay?" Alice asked Bella

Bella just nodded yes.

Alice lathered the soap in her hands, and reached out for Bella. Gently she put her hand on Bella's stomach and Bella flinched.

"Sorry I'm ticklish." Bella mumbled.

"I'm going to have to remember that next time you won't do as I say." Alice laughed again, causing Bella to laugh as well.

Alice continued to lather Bella's stomach, slowly moving her hands up towards her breasts.

She finally reached Bella's breasts, gently moving over them with her hands.

Alice noticed that Bella closed her eyes and moved into her hands a little more.

"Are you okay Bella?' Alice asked smiling.

"MmmHmm" Bella moaned, her head dropping a little bit.

Alice thought of what she was going to do next, and had a quick vision of her outcome. It would work.

"Do you like the way this feels Bella?" Alice asked as her finger grazed across her nipple.

Bella hesitated, but replied "Yes" in a small whine.

"Come closer to me so I can wash you properly." Alice told Bella.

She moved in closer, and Alice pushed her body against hers.

Alice moved in closer to Bella's face, but instead of kissing her she turned her mouth towards her ear.

Alice hesitated for a second; taking in Bella's scent, then whispered "I like washing you Bella. You are so beautiful; it's an honor to place my hands on your body."

Bella grabbed on to Alice's shoulders and pushed her back so they were facing each other once again.

"Alice compared to you…" Bella began but was cut off.

"Let's not compare each other's body's okay?" Alice said while stroking Bella's cheek.

"Okay" Bella said glancing up and down Alice's body once again.

Alice took a hand and placed it against Bella's stomach again. This time, instead of moving up, Alice slid her hand down.

Bella gasped when Alice reached her destination. The sensation of Alice's touch and the shock caused her to gasp loudly.

"Do you want me to stop, Bella?" Alice asked.

Bella shook her head and said "No"

Alice smiled, and leaned into Bella, letting her hands roam where they wanted.

Bella moaned slightly, as Alice closed the gap between their lips with her own.

Thirty minutes later…

Alice was helping Bella put her clothes back on. She noticed that Bella was looking upset so she decided to ask what was wrong.

"Are you okay, Bella?"

"No, I'm not. I just cheated on Edward." Bella exclaimed, tears beginning to form.

Alice smiled comfortingly, and stroked her cheek once more. "No you didn't Bella. I was just helping you take a shower, and I had to clean everywhere. Edward doesn't want you to be dirty; you didn't cheat on him."

"But I had an orgasm with you." Bella whispered

"You couldn't help it Bella. It happens."

"And the kissing?" Bella added again.

"Well, let's just keep that to ourselves. A little kissing never caused any harm." Alice smiled as she finished putting clothes back on Bella.

"Do you always know the answer to everything?" Bella asked sarcastically.

"Yes" Alice replied laughing.

Bella was laughing along with Alice; as they opened the door to the bathroom.

"Now anytime you need help with a shower Bella; don't hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to give you a helping hand." Alice said

"I'll remember that." Bella responded as they entered her bedroom and found Edward waiting for them.

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