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It felt good to stop walking. Her feet were tired, her back ached, and she was vaguely uncertain with where she was headed. Hikari's eyes flickered down to her right hand. Her poketch still said she was at least two days away from Xia Town, which was where Satoshi, Takeshi, and herself had been headed. The blue-haired girl sighed audibly and dropped her feet into the nice clear river she had come across. She still couldn't believe that she had been separated from the boys that easily.

You see, the Sinnoh trio had made been making their way through a forest, as it was the quickest route to Xia Town, where Hikari's next contest was to be. Unfortunately for her though, the entire forest was covered in fog, and the minute she let go of Takeshi's hand to triple check for her pokeballs, Hikari was lost. After wandering around in what she prayed to be the right direction, Hikari had arrived in this neat little clearing, where she had spent the night.

The girl yawned again;; It was only five in the morning. Hikari couldn't sleep very long knowing she was alone. Well partly, her pokemon currently didn't count, as Buneary refused to wake up until atleast ten (such a diva), and Piplup and Pachirisu had been knocked out during a battle...

Oh well, this area was supposed to be peaceful, the worst that could happen was to have Team Rocket appear, and that wouldn't even be bad, they were pansies. Hikari laughed to herself as she pulled out her clips and pulled off her hat. May as well bathe, the water was cold, but Hikari was used to it by now. She pulled off her other clothing, and squished them into her bag. The azure eyed girl lowered her self into the cold water. She hadn't bathed properly in two days. That was far too long. Hikari leaned over the side of the river and flicked through the apps. on her poketch.

She had gotten a new one, a radio-- there we are! The music was something foreign, about a girl named Misa and Caramel and Dancing. Or something like that. She had seen alot of coordinators dancing to the song at her last contest. They flapped their hands above their head and waved their hips. Hikari had wanted to join in, but she had to go appeal.

So with the strange music and the cold river, Hikari dove under the water. It was so relaxing.. The soft current rushed against her, washing away her thoughts, even if it was just for a moment. The coordinator resurfaced a moment later, her long hair sticking to her skin. She panted softly from lack of air, and went on with her cleaning.

After scrubbing her entire body and rinsing her hair thoroughly, Hikari pulled herself out of the river, and proceeded to wrap one of the biggest, fluffiest towels around her body. No seriously. It was like being curled up in an Altaria's wings. But after doing this, she noticed something. There was no Misa, Caramel, or Dancing. There wasn't any noise. Something was wrong. There should've been atleast those weird radio guys talking about the weather or something that happened to their feebas.

Hikari stared at the rock where she had grabbed her towel. Where was her bag...? The girl timidly turned around, and screamed piercingly.

A tall man loomed over her, his face hidden, her bag and poketch in his hand. His smile was twisted, and he was advancing faster than Hikari could slip away. The girl screamed again and turned to run, clutching her over sized towel. But his legs were longer, he moved faster, and in a matter of seconds he had grabbed her and thrust her to the ground.

This was all so wrong. This area was supposed to peaceful. No.. she didn't want this..no.. "GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF! HEEEELLPP! FIIIIIREEEE!" [A/N: Why Fire? Well, when I went to a self defense thing, were shown that people are more likely to respond to a possible fire, then someone just yelling help or rape. Man, people are dicks.]

The man was tugging at her towel, but Hikari wouldn't give. This was not going to happen. But her arms were tiring, and the man was just so strong.. Please someone Takeshi, Satoshi, even.. Jessie..James... "No.. Please.. Leave me alone!" Hikari cried, trying to rip the towel away from the man. He pushed her with his hands and she fell back, screaming. There was no use. It was going to happen. She was going to be raped, and possibly killed...and there was nothing she could do. No one was going to come save her, Satoshi was not going to appear, and Pikachu was not going to Thunder bolt this mans ass into the next century. Hikari cried silently, and closed her eyes, waiting for it to be over.

SLAM. When nothing happened, Hikari slowly opened an eye, only to see a black and blue shoe slam against the strangers head. Was she saved..? The kick caught the man off guard, probably knocking him out. As soon as she felt the weight lift from over top of her, the girl clutched the towel to her body and backed away as fast as she could.

But..who had come to save her?


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