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"Mm..Shinji…Oh Shinji.."

Shinji sat up, panting, his black eyes wide. He had…she had…that had…that had been one graphic dream. Why? Why was he suddenly plagued with these dreams! Had Cresselia and Darkrai joined forces to give him nightmarish dreams that at the same time were oh-so-pleasurable? Ugh. The teenager groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. Not the best way to wake up. Shinji sighed and glanced around. He had slept in this clearing a little ways away from Xia for the past week. Why? It's probably because Shinji planned to stay and confess his love to Hikari! Yeah, don't bet on it.

There was a crack of a pokeball, and a flash of red light. Torterra decided to come out. "I didn't tell you to come." Shinji said blankly, looking at his oldest pokemon. If that pokemon could've, it would've shrugged. Shinji glanced sideways, and then back at the pokemon, who was laughing. The lavender haired boy crossed his arms over his lap. "Don't judge me."

More pokemon laughter. "Shut up!" Shinji snapped, and Torterra laughed a few more times to spite him, before calming down. Shinji didn't find anything funny about his boy hormones. "Any way." Shinji said sharply, glaring at his Torterra, as if to say 'You bring this up ever again, blood will be shed.' "I thought we could head into town today, We're low on potions…and stuff."

"Tor. Torter. Terra. Tor.~"

Shinji feigned confusion. "Contest? What? I have no idea what you're talking about." He said, standing up and rolling up his sleeping bag. "Lets go." Shinji avoided Torterra's gaze and returned the pokemon, before dumping a bottle of water over the weak embers of his fire.

Alright, you caught him. He did know about the contest, and that was the only reason he was going. To see that girl again. That annoying, troublesome, girl. Shinji rolled his eyes as he walked along the dirt trail. He was insane. That was the only answer. He HAD to be. I mean, what else could make him feel so…happy? No…not happy. Sick. Like there were a thousand butterfree's fluttering in his stomach. He wanted to vomit.

"Look at it all…" Shinji said, his jaw slightly slacking. The entire town had been dressed up with flowers and streamers. All for a stupid contest. Wow. Shinji wandered through town, his eyes narrowed. It was nice and all, but the people were just so…pushy. In the last five minutes seven vendors had come up to him, attempting to sell off their merchandise. Not like they needed to, the other tourists were gobbling it up. Okay, so he knew where all the annoying pushy merchants were, now just where was that contest hall..?


"I love you Hikari. Hikari…I really do love you, Hikari. Hikari. Hikari. Hikari." "HIKARI!"

The girl screamed and flailed. "WHAT?!" She yelled, sitting up, her eyes wide. That had been an interesting dream. A purple blob had confessed it's feelings to her. Hikari had been having strange dreams like that for the last week. It was so bothersome! Especially when you were trying to train your pokemon for a contest, and all you could think about was that purple blob. Her vision cleared and she found Satoshi's head leaning over her.

"About time you woke up!" He was saying, his wide brown eyes looking at her in disapproval. "The contest starts in one hour! Lets get moving!" He clapped his hands and then turned to Takeshi, who had called him over to help him with something or other. Hikari yawned. That was right, the contest was today. How could she have slept in!? The blunette jumped out of bed, her eyes wide. "An hour? An Hour! Guys hurry up and lets get moving!" She said flailing her hands about.

"All right, All right, just calm down." Takeshi said, sliding on his vest. "We still have plenty of time.."

"PLENTY OF TIME?" Hikari shrieked, flinging the door open and herding the boys out. "I WISH! Last time we got there this late I got stuck with the stupid cracked, dirty mirror. IT'S NOT HAPPENING THIS TIME."


"Piplup! Spotliigghhhttt!~"

This was it. Time to shine! Hikari beamed brightly as she released her pokemon, bubbles sparkling down thanks to the seal. She posed, as did Piplup. They were both wearing matching scarves, both purple, and both tied at the side. Hikari though, was wearing more than just a scarf. She was wearing Shinji's sweater, with a white camisole, along with the new black and purple short skirt. Takeshi had managed to make the girl a set of black and purple boots, and to set off the hole look, the blunette had a purple star barrette in her hair. Hikari posed again, her finger pointing forward. "Piplup, Bubble beam!" The girl called out, and Piplup sprang into action sending a giant amount of bubbles into the air. "Now Ice Beam!" She commanded again, and Piplup, quickly froze the water into a solid block of ice. "Great! Aerial Ace into Peck!" Hikari said, her eyes bright. It was going to work. The pokemon disappeared for a split second, only to reappear in front of the ice, before attacking it with a super fast peck. The ice shavings sparkled, and within seconds a giant ice sculpture of Piplup was standing before them, with Piplup on top, posing. The ice shavings fell down like snow. It was truly beautiful.

The entire room erupted into applause.


Shinji found himself in the farthest row back, watching the jumbo screens. She was wearing his sweater! And using it like it was a new fashion statement. He had to admit, She looked pretty damn adorable. He had to hold back another nose bleed when he saw her legs. She looked good in black and purple. Well, she looked good in everything. Ew. Vomit. Shinji couldn't believe he had just said that. BAD SHINJI. He couldn't really be falling for her. Right? RIGHT? Right. Well..maybe.

He watched her performance. Maybe the pokemon she owned were somewhat strong. I mean, to have a simple Piplup like that carve through all that ice within seconds… "URGGG" He yelled, thankfully being drowned out my the clapping, and only being heard by the unlucky few around him. Now he was complimenting her pokemon! Great! Lets go find a bullet and shoot of Shinji in the head!


She won. She actually won! Hikari wiped away tears as her hugged Pachirisu and Piplup, the battle had been tough, but she had done it! "Great job guys!" She said, smiling broadly. "Look at this! The Sunset Ribbon, it's so beautiful~" She cooed, showing her pokemon the beautiful sunset-esque ribbon before pinning it into her case.

"Hikari!" Satoshi and Takeshi were running towards her, their smiles as large as hers. "You were amazing!" Satoshi said, happily giving the coordinator a friendly high five. Hikari swiftly returned it, and then gave a hug to Takeshi.

"Thanks.." The girl blushed. "We worked hard…I just can't believe it."

"Well, you did it, and be proud. Now come on, Zoey and Kenny said they organized a party for you. Lets go! Theres FOOD."


"Amazing Job!"
"That Sculpture was so beautiful!"

"You're following in your mothers foot steps!"

Hikari blushed at every compliment. She wasn't that good. These people were too kind. The Blunette smiled and responded with a thank-you, before sucking on her carbonated pop. Zoey rushed up to her, grinning. "Like it? Kenny and I invited everyone we could think of!" Everyone minus Shinji. Hikari thought mournfully. Then again, even if he was invited, he probably wouldn't of shown up. Coordinating was for Frilly Lame Trainers, so he said.

"It's great thanks!" Hikari smiled brightly, giving her rival a hug. "It's just a shame it had to rain." The girl's eyes glanced back to the window, where the rain was lightly pouring. She didn't mind, she loved water, but it was almost as though it was raining on her parade, you know?

"Oh Hikari, can I see your ribbons?!" A random girl asked, hurrying up to Hikari. Surprised, Hikari blinked.

"Uh, sure.." Hikari felt down for her ribbons. They weren't there. Shit. "Oh silly me.." Hikari sweatdropped. "I left my ribbon case back at the Hall…"

Zoey perked up. "Want me to come get them with you?"

"No, it's totally fine Zoey, I'll be back in a second, the halls only a few buildings down, right?" Hikari smiled, embarrassed. "I'll be right back!" And with that she took off, flinging the door open, and running down the darkened street. The rain fell lightly, as if it was trying to avoid the girl. Thanks Arcues. Hikari beamed happily, as she passed past the mall she had been in earlier that day. Suddenly, a hand gripped out and grabbed her hair, dragging her into an alley and throwing her down onto the cobblestones.

"Where's your boy tonight?" A familiar raspy voice threw out. It was him. The man.. Hikari squeaked. "You ain't got no body guard tonight, do you?" He hissed, grabbing the blunettes face, and forcing it to look into his. It was still pretty broken. His nose was dark purple, and bent in an odd shape. Hikari's eyes filled with tears. "You'll pay for what he did you know. And I think I'll take my precious time doing it. Because your boys not here, and no one's going to hear your pathetic little scream."



A large iron rod came crashing down over the man head. With a disturbing groan, the man tumbled off of Hikari, but wasn't in the least knocked out. He jumped up with drunken energy, a rusty blade in his hand. "Purple haired twerp." The man slurred, running head long at Shinji his blade raised. His ducked, and head butted the man in the stomach.

Hikari starred open mouth, her eye brimmed with tears. "Shinji…" She sobbed, watching as the fight went on.

The knife connected his Shinji's arm, making the boy yell in pain. He kicked his leg out, tripping the man and watching at his body fell to the ground, his head meeting the rock path with an audible crack. The man didn't move, and Shinji pulled the blade from his arm. He reached out for Hikari, and dragged her away as fast as possible. As soon as they were far enough, Shinji threw her against the wall of a building, and pinned her there, his arms on either side of her.


He screamed at her, his eyes wide.


What was worse then death?


Hikari cringed. She had almost died again. For the second time in two weeks. And now he was screaming at her, and he was probably going to hit her and tell her how stupid she was… She closed her eyes, ready for another round of screaming. But instead… Shinji's lips were mashed against hers, and his arms wrapped protectively around her body. Hikari blinked. Shinji was.. Shinji… He stopped as soon as he started, and left Hikari against the wall, his face flushed red.

"Oh Shinji…" Hikari whined, looking at him. He liked her…he did! Why else would he… Hikari jumped at him, her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry Shinji." She sobbed, clinging to him yet again. "I am stupid. I am foolish, and you saved me again."

"I'll always be there to save you." Shinji promised, pressing her against the wall and kissed her again. "Always."

They stayed like this for a good long while, underneath the canopy of the building, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing. Until that is..


"Satoshi! Shh!"

Shinji and Hikari broke away, looking around at the…search party? Indeed, a good few had come out, including Zoey, Kenny, Satoshi, Takeshi, and even 'Jessilinda' and 'Jamison'. All had flashlights, and all were wearing water-proof ponchos. Shinji glared daggers at them, and Hikari flushed red.

The group was no better. Satoshi was staring wide mouthed and pointing, Takeshi was laughing merrily, Zoey was blushing as red as her hair, Kenny looked crestfallen, and the disguised Rockets giggled merrily and talked about twerp love.

And yet, it didn't really matter, as the group ushered the love birds back to the pokemon center, because Shinji was staying with her. That was the only thing that mattered.



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