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Full summary- After a series of strange events and a couple new rivals, thrown together with a near fatal experience, Scar might have to face the fact the he loves Armeria.

First chapter- Armeria and Scar get into an argument, two pirate captains go head to head and Scar's first rival appears, Miles


Chapter 1

Damn pirates, Damn them to bottomless pits of hell. They were all arrogant, self-centred bastards, the lot of them. They claim that they are 'loved by the sea', but in sense, they were nothing more then dim-witted fools. Armeria's thoughts turned dark as she fumed and glanced around at all the smug, grinning faces staring at her with increasing amusement. No it was safe to say they were cunning and devious, that was what they were and it was the most cunning of them all that was the focus of her furry. His boyish smirk only caused her fury to rise and if it were possible, steam would have come out her ears.

'What's wrong Alto. I thought a 'delicate' lass like you would have no trouble in the ways of womanly sports' Scar said rather smugly and watched with a twinkle in his eye, the adding fascination as the brown-head girl in front of him blush harder in anger that seemed to reach her roots. A slight wind picked up and ruffled Scar's shirt lightly, causing his Grim Reaper tattoo to come into view. Even that would cause anyone to feel intimidated, but not Armeria. Oh no. She was on a mission.

'Well excuse me! I told you that I have never been fishing before and what do you do. Throw me on a boat, with nothing more then a piece of line and a hook, I might add and expect me to catch anything. Have you looked around lately? There's nothing out here but ocean.' To prove her point, she waved her hand over the vast blueness the surrounded them. She turned back and walked up to scar and pointed him in the chest. 'And besides, fishing is not a woman's sport.'

'Well it's a good thing there ain't no women here.' He removed the offending appendage and walked over to the railing before turning around. 'Because no woman would ever have such reedy arms.'

The rest of the crew started hooting in laughter, but Armeria was less then impressed. She knew that she shouldn't be so upset but how long would she have to wait until Scar acknowledged her as a worthy crew mate. Given, she did sneak on board, pretending to be a young lad and then almost got kidnapped by the Royal Navy for information of Scar and his crew. Still, it would be nice if Scar actually made an attempt to say something remotely kind to her. She balled up her fist and closed her eyes.

'You…YOU JERK.' She screamed and turned around, storming away towards the ship's cabins, eyeing the crew as she past not to get in her way. When she was out of sight, Scar's first mate slapped him on the back with a look of amusement.

'You sure know how to rile her up, Cap'n. But you don't have to hide your feelin's for the young lass. The whole crew practically knows about it.' Scar took a glanced at all the knowing faces of his crew and closed his eyes.

'Pfft. With a girl like that. I don't think so.'

First mate chuckled slightly. 'Aww come on Cap'n. You can't deny that our little Alto is a cute one. Even you promised to protect her, remember.' Scar flinched slightly. Of course he remembered it. How could he not? His crew, even Armeria had never let him forget it. He had convinced himself that it was due to the poison induced fever he had suffered while trying to uncover the 'devil's music' in which he had also gotten shot and almost crushed as well. That's what he would like to think but even that seemed like a lie in his ears. Not one to dwell on such mediocre things, he turned irritated eyes to his crew.

'All right, you bunch of slackers. Get off ye lazy butts and back to work. We have to reach the port of Southland in just two days if we want to resupply in time. Who I see not pullin' their weight gets thrown overboard.' Scar shouted in authority and folded his arms over his chest, his command final. He watched in satisfaction as his crew sprung to life and ran around the ship, towards their designated posts. Orders were shouted across to one another and before long they were sailing through the blue waters.

As his First Mate bellowed orders to his fellow crewman, Scar found himself unconsciously glancing behind him at the ship's cabin, where Armeria had stormed off. 'Maybe I was a bit harsh' Scar wondered and thoughts of a certain brown-haired girl sprang to his mind, thoughts that he didn't want to remember but also ones he didn't want to forget, either. Armeria, you silly girl.


'Time to wake up, you noble scum.' A harsh, scratchy voice bellowed and stood in front of a small steel cage. The lone figure inside opened his blurry eyes and closed hem again as cold water was poured over him. He coughed and spatted and through his water-filled eyes, could just make out the outline of a rather brawly man.

'Maybe this will wake you up.' the Captain said smugly and watched as his captive struggles to get into a sitting position, despite his bindings and the swaying of the ship. 'So are ye ready to talk yet or are ye still playing ignorant. Well, what's say ye,' the captain smirked like a chesher cat 'Noble aristocrat, Miles Sutherland.'

'Well good morning to you to Captain Sparky. How are you this fine morning.' Miles said with a sarcastic grin and spat out some of the water that he had in his mouth. Even without looking up, the handsome man knew the vile pirate in front of him was fuming with anger. You could practically feel it come off of him in waves.

'You arrogant punk. My name is Captain Spariel. The most feared Pirate in these here waters.' Spariel said rather confidently but in truth, he was nothing more then a coward and a petty thief that thought he could get rich by kidnapping an aristocrat. Well isn't he in for a surprise. He took a glance around his one prison cell, looking for some sort of escape hole and grimaced when he felt a slight pain in his arm. Must have been when they grabbed me Miles thought and cradled his injured arm against his chest.

'Well sorry to disappoint you again Captain Spariel, but I have told you before. I am not a Noble. I just happen to have ties to Sutherland family, that's all.' Miles said and shifted before standing up, bending just a bit so his head didn't hit the roof of this small cell 'How many times to I have to tell you. Kidnapping me was a complete waste of time.'

Spariel cackled and said in his boorish tone 'I think not. I have been led te believe that there is a large amount of ol' Sutherland treasure buried somewhere in the south east.'

'Sutherland treasure.' Miles laughed. 'What a fool you are. There is no such thing.'

'Come now, Sutherland. No need to be shy about were all that gold has been stashed. Maybe… I should be more persuasive. If ye don't tell me where that ol` treasure is…' The overdressed glutton patted the large blade hanging at his side, his intent clear, before saying '…or would you prefer to sleep with the fishes.'

'I'll take my chances, thanks.'

'Have it your way kid. But I like your spunk.' Suddenly loud shouts could be heard coming from up deck and a sailor rushed frantically into the room.

'Cap'n, a ships been spotted a few miles away. It wears the flag of the pirate but it looks like it could be Cap'n Scar's ship.' Spariel turned to his crewman in curiosity.

'Captain Scar did you say.'

'Aye, I did sir.'

Spariel smiled with intent and turned back to his prisoner. 'Maybe you will be swimming with fishes after all. Red, prepare the crew and get the cannons ready.'

'Aye, sir,'


It had been a few hours and Armeria still hadn't come out of her cabin and it was making Scar feel irritated, if not worried for the stubborn, strong-willed girl. She would get so up set sometimes over the littlest thing he said, he was surprised she still had her head. 'I wonder why'? His sub-conscious thought with a frustrated Sigh. 'All you have to do is go too her and apologise.' No, Dammit. He had his pride. Besides she was on a pirate ship, his pirate ship and he would not treat her any differently then he did his other crewman. And that was final.

'Why don't you go and apologise. I know you want to.' His first mate said and Scar didn't have to look up to see the playful smirk on the other man's face.

Scar huffed. 'I have no idea what you mean.'

'Ye have been glancing back and forth at the cabin door for the last hour, that If ya stare any harder, the door's gonna explode. I can steer for a while.' First Mate's voice was final and moved to the steering wheel, gently pushing Scar away that Scar found it hard to resist.

'Alright!' Scar but his hands up in surrender. 'But remember I am captain here and if we weren't friends, I would of probably thrown you overboard for what ye're making me do.' Scar's threat reach deaf ears as First mate slapped him on the back, towards his cursed cabins.

'Good luck, Cap'n.' he heard Bowler Hat shout behind him and he let out a low growl, before opening the door and stepping inside. He walked down the small, narrow wooden hallway with heavy footsteps until he came to the familiar, mahogany door and stood in front of it. He went to reach for the door handle but hesitation stopped him just short of touching the handle. 'Damnation,' Scar swore and ran a hand through his blonde locks. This was not like him at all. Since when did he hesitate, over a female? His eyes narrowed in determination and he grabbed the door handle firmly, half expecting it to be locked but to his surprise it turned once and the door opened. He took a deep breath and braced himself for the onslaught that was about to come when he opened the door and walked in and what he found was not what he was expecting.

Armeria was lying on the small cot, asleep, curled up under the covers. He stepped inside and quietly closed the door, should one of his crewmen decide to walk by, and walked over to the small makeshift bed. Her hair partly covered her face but he could clearly see the dry tear trails that ran down her cheeks and he felt a pang in his chest. 'Silly girl' Scar leaned down and brought up his hand to brush some of the satin, brown strains that brushed her face and jerked back when he saw Armeria's eyes flutter then open. He stepped back as Armeria sat up and rubbed her eye cutely.

'Luce, is that you.' she said sleepily and yawned before opening her eyes and turning them towards Scar. Realization and surprise hit and those big bright eyes widened.

'Scar, what are you doing here.'

Scar rubbed his forehead and sighed. 'You know what, I have no idea. Apologising I guess.'

'For what.'

'Ye know. For what I said to ye.' Scar said, feeling rather embarrassed and rubbed the back of his neck. The day's recent events came back to Armeria and she turned her head and said coolly.

'There's no need. I know that a pirate could never comprehend the feelings of a 'helpless lass' as you kindly like to put it and I am quite capable of looking after myself and beside I am not upset. You are just wasting you time. Luce would never make that mistake' Scar blinked a couple of times, before anger and annoyance seeped in.

'What! After I come down here and try to apologise. Ye could at least be grateful.' Scar snapped. 'Or would ye prefer me to treat ye like one of the lads. Be happy ye're precious Luce is not here' Armeria's eyes narrowed and she climbed out of her cot.

'Grateful. Happy. Why? You don't appreciate anything I do and you make fun of me in front of the crew all the time. Why don't you just throw me overboard and be done with it because I remember quite recently someone telling me I had reedy arms.' Armeria said and stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest.

'Don't tempt me lil' miss. Other wise I might just…' he was cut off by a loud boom and the ship jerked sidewards, causing Armeria to loose her footing. Scar caught her just in time before she hit the ground. He brought her to his chest and held her protectively when another round of blasts hit the ship, but not as powerful.

'What the hell.' Scar swore and reluctantly let go of Armeria before walking unsteadily to the tiny window. He took a look outside and spotted the dark pirate ship a few meters away.

'What is it, Scar.'? Armeria asked in alarm

'Dam there firin' at us, sneaky bastards.'

Cap'n.' First Mate bellowed from the hallway and the door flew open. First Mate's worried face appeared in the doorway 'Cap' n, we've got trouble.'

'Who is the dirty dog that would dare fire on my ship.'? Scar said angrily.

'Its Cap'n Spariel Sir.'

To be continued.

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