Title: The Darkside of Twilight

Rating: M (which means there are complex plot devices, lemons, decapitations and lots and lots of blood)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns twilight. She is Bella's creator. I am Bella's Executioner. (and this is the story that I kill her in)

A/N: So….here is where I leave you. Just a taste of the final chapter that is still held hostage in my brain. I hope you enjoyed the ride and that one of these days we meet again over these characters.

Thank you for reading!

Xoxo Qute



The whispers were all around me again. The darkened corridors loomed above, below and all around. My chest was restricting.

This was not the homecoming I had hoped to dream of.

I could see it- My parents standing in the middle of the great hall. In their arms were identical bundles of life. I screamed as they stood facing the line. My feet wouldn't move.

There was no voice to my cries.

"Watch Renesmee. This is how I expect you to do it."

Aro's dark laughter was everywhere. It was the very darkness around me.

No. Not my mom... not my family. They were words I shouted in my mind, but I couldn't give voice to them.


From his left side Aro looked down at the bitch that had made my life a living hell. Her blond hair was perfectly coifed on top of her head in a tight bun. His frozen porcelain doll of innocence- on the outside.

Inside she was the devil incarnate. Jane's scarlet eyes danced as she turned them on me. She knew better than to expect them to work on me. The one damn thing the world granted me when my world ended, I had my mother's gift.

I shielded my mind from her gift. She smiled delicately at me. I glared back at her. She raised one tiny eyebrow in question. I looked to my unsuspecting family in horror.

I was too slow. Not focused enough. I stood in shock as they all hit the ground writhing in pain. Suddenly Jacob was with them, screaming for me to help him.

I felt it then- the pain. It was the closest I had come to feeling the agony of losing my family when I was a child. I could only guess that it was what Jane's talents forced a mind to believe she was doing to her prey.

Jacob screamed louder and the pain swelled inside of me.

I understood the lesson. With Master Aro that was the objective of every encounter- the lesson.

This one was easily understood. Jacob. I might be able to shield myself and in time many others but if Jacob were ever attacked before I could wrap my protection around him, it wouldn't matter.

I sat up with a giant gasp.

"Baby?" Warm hands were around my arms and dark beautiful eyes were enveloping my vision.

"You okay?" His voice was tight with fear. I nodded. My breathing was labored and I really just wanted to forget it. I learned what I needed to from the dream- I didn't need to relive it.

"You aren't going to tell me what that was about I suppose." He cocked his brow and pursed his lips.

"I think they invented the word thickheaded to describe you Jacob Black." He chuckled and pulled me in to his warmer than heaven embrace. I sighed against his heat.

"True. And handsome... and sexy." I giggled. Jake could put a smile on my face faster than anyone ever could—next to my mom. She was the embodiment of my happiness.

"Tell me about it honey." His hands rubbed soothing circles across my back and his voice was misty like the cold air that warned the approach of a storm.

"It was just a bad dream Jake."


I sighed. I leaned back and looked him in the eyes. "I don't think it would surprise you to know that the guys who... kidnapped me were not nice."

He snorted and rolled his eyes. I tried to laugh with him. But all I could see was his body writhing on the floor in pain.

"What was that?" He asked, stunned.


He swallowed hard. "That image you just thought- me... in pain."

I sighed again. "Damn." He glared at me.

"What?" He snarled.

"Just something my brain was working out for me. That... that this," I waved my hand between us. "It makes us both vulnerable."

He nodded in agreement. Then he thought about something. "What did your brain have to figure out?"

"My ability. I'm a shield. The Volturi have a lot of mental weapons and none of them can harm me. And if I concentrate hard enough I can shield others too, but my body is... naturally shielded... but yours... isnt..."

"So if they get to me before you shield me..." he finished. I nodded, biting my lip.

He chuckled. "You look just like her when you do that."

I looked at him with wide eyes. No one had ever compared me to my mother. Everyone always saw the beauty of my father in me. He tapped his finger against my trapped lip.

"Just like her."

I smiled. "Thanks."

"Question?" I cocked my eyebrow to listen to whatever it was his brain was working out.

He chuckled. "Now you look like him." I smiled wider. I liked to be told I looked like Dad too. I loved both of them very much- second only to the love I felt for Jacob.

"What is your question Jacob Black?" He rolled his eyes and sat back with his hands on the ground behind him.

"Why can't Edward hear Bella's thoughts? If you are the shield and she no longer has that ability..." I cocked my brow higher. He blushed and looked at the trees. "I snooped." He grinned I found it impossible to be angry with him for doing so.

"They are as much your thoughts now as mine Jake. And you are smarter than you look."

I punched his arm lovingly and jumped up. I forgot that I was wearing nothing but his t-shirt and his eyes were level with his number one favorite distraction. He growled and launched himself at me.

I giggled and leapt away from him easily. We danced like that- back and forth. I led him back to the meadow in the forest where my parents first pledged their love to each other.

I stood in the exact center- the moon casting a silver glow on to my body and I removed his shirt. There was a slow rumble that rolled in his chest.

He was so gentle and loving with me- but he was primal and feral to see as he made love to me.

I liked that about him.

He kneeled before me and launched himself in the air. I laughed again and trapped him under when he landed. We kissed, passionate and hard.

"I'm hungry," I whispered. He growled and leaned his head back to let me feed.

It was insane… I never knew of any vampire who lived off wolf blood. But I was no mere vampire and Jake was also human.

I bit his chest over his heart and drank deep of his blood. He hissed as his skin tore but moaned as I fed. I didn't take much. I never took much… not from my mate.

I licked his wound and watched in fascination as his venom infected skin sealed it closed before my eyes.

I rose up from his chest- his blood still dripping from my lips. I hummed as I licked it with my hot tongue.

He groaned. "God you are perfect baby." I smiled.

"Back at you."

His hands wandered up my sides and rested on my chest. "Why can't Edward hear Bella's thoughts?" He asked quietly.

I laughed. "You already know."

He nodded. "True. But she once told me... well I accidentally stumbled across the memories..." he gave me a sheepish grin and I winked at him. "When they do it he can hear her."

I smiled. "I have no need to have any part of their sex life Jacob. I watch her and shield her every other time but when they... do it," I said raising my brows to match his. "She is on her own."

He rolled us over and we laughed together.