There is a moment in your life when have to take a certain responsibility. Whether it's a command, family, or someone else's life that has been put into your hands, But when I got the news....the news I knew that would forever change my life, I realized I needed to take full responsibility for everything that I held dear to me....even if it is becoming a father.

Kenz, that's my wife, called me to spread the news. At first she was frantic, so I was a little worried that something had happened to her, but when I heard her say, 'Dean! were going to be parents!' I thought she was shitting me, you know, playing one of her little jokes she always does. So, I came home and asked for proof, and she showed me. You know, that little stick you have to pee on just to see of you are having a baby? Yeah, those things. One line no, two lines yes, and there right in front of my eyes was two lines. The only thing I could think of when I saw those two thin black lines was 'oh my god I'm going to be a dad, oh my god I'm going to be a dad' over and over again, playing a repetitive message in my head, like a never ending tape recorder.

Kenzie had to snap me out of it when she saw the look on my face. She even thought I was mad! But I wasn't I had no reason to be.

That very night I got into bed with the love of my life and held her all night long. I was right where I wanted to be, and I was going to be the best dad ever.