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I am surrounded.

The walls of my cubicle loom before me, and to my left and right. I sit at my old oak desk, and
silently curse the mountains of paperwork scattered haphazardly about. A distant change from my
normally organized self. Another dull report. That's all my life has been. A series of
meaningless reports.

Growing up, I didn't see much of my father. This was during Voldemort's reign, and I was a small
child, about four or five. These were crucial moments of my life. The defining of my character,
that would affect my actions and attitudes for years to come.

It was Mum, Fred, George, and myself. No father.

I could understand, though. They needed him at the Ministry. Even in my child's mind I could
tell the strain the long hours were putting on him. But he always seemed to have time for the
twins and mum, no matter how tired he was. All I got was a brief pat on the head, and then I was
discarded in favor of the twin's babyish antics.

Perhaps it was because they were funnier than me. I always thought my father possessed a
fantastic sense of humor. Except, of course, when he was using it against me.

My siblings turned against me as well. They made fun of me because I was the only one who had to
wear glasses. They made fun of me because I liked to read, but really I absorbed myself with
books so as to escape their taunts.

I was glad when I was old enough to attend Hogwarts. I thought it would be a new, fresh
beginning for me. Unfortunately, I had no such luck.

In my excitement, I had forgotten about the legacy my older brothers had left behind. Bill and
Charlie had already graduated, being Head Boy and Quidditch Captain respectively. They were all
around fantastic people, and were liked by the general population of students.

I imagine how much anticipation had been built up. Another fun-filled, exuberant, and
mischievous Weasley to liven things up. How very disappointed they must have been when they saw
me. I had neatly-combed hair, horn rimmed glasses, and was a little too skinny for my height.

Eventually, just as my siblings had, the students turned against me too. I suffered at the mercy
of their endless taunts and jokes. It was even worse when Fred and George started school, and
encouraged the breakdown of my mental and emotional stability, never knowing they were
destroying me, from the inside out.

Four longs years I had to deal with it, until finally, in my fifth year, I was made a prefect.

And I met her.

She was a Ravenclaw, with a mass of curly blonde hair, and clear blue eyes. There was a
smattering of freckles across her face, but not nearly as many as graced my own. Here was a
person who understood. She too had suffered by her classmates' ridicules, teased because she
was smart. We immediately bonded, and became good friends, until finally, the attraction grew
too strong and I kissed her.

We had been meeting in places all over the castle, so as to avoid rude words and stares. We were
sitting on a desk, and chatting about transfiguration and Animagi. And suddenly, I kissed her. I
was shocked at my boldness and behavior, and even more so when I realized this was something I
had wanted to do for a long time. I was especially surprised when she kissed me back, but
ecstatic to learn the emotions were shared.

Unfortunately, Ginny decided right then to walk into that classroom. Out of all the hundreds of
rooms Hogwarts holds, she had chosen that one. I remember it well.

"P-P-Percy?!" she gasped, eyes widening in disbelief.

She startled both Penelope and I. We fell off the desk into a heap of appendages. I untangled
myself quickly, and turned to look at my sister. I could feel a deep blush spreading itself
across my face.

"Ginny! You, uh, you didn't see this, all right?" I pleaded desperately, so distraught I forgot
to use proper grammar.

She merely nodded and turned to leave the room, eyes still wide, and mouth forming a perfect

I glanced at Penelope. She was grinning, and shaking with silent laughter. Suddenly, I could
see a humorous side to the situation, and I laughed. She erupted with giggles, and for a while
we both remained on the floor, laughing so hard it hurt.

After that, we were inseparable. Well, until two days after our graduation. Then I got an owl
from her saying we were through; she was running off with some rich ex-Quidditch player, and
didn't want to be found.

I locked myself in my room for three days after that. Ginny was the only one who tried to
comfort me during those times. She would bring me food, the Daily Prophet, and any little bit
of conversation that could to take my mind off Penny. I strongly believe Ginny was what kept
me sane during that time. At least someone cared for me. No one else in my family did. Either,
they didn't notice my absence, or they didn't care.

I sigh, and snap myself back to reality. I pull up the sleeve of my robe, and check my watch.

At first though, I am distracted, and my gaze travels from the wristband down my arm. I count
as I go along. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Six pink scars, laying as a memorial to six
dark times, in which I tried to end my life. I guess 'Perfect Percy' isn't so perfect after all.

I shudder, then glance back at the watch. Five o seven. Dad was supposed to be here a few
minutes ago, to say a hasty good bye before apparating back home, leaving me to my overtime.
He probably forgot. Maybe he'll come back and say 'Sorry, Percy. Just got a little too rushed.
Hey, why don't you skip the overtime, just this once, and come home with me?'.

I won't hold my breath. That day may come, sometime. But until then, I sit in my cubicle and
wait. I wait for salvation from this lonely life I never wanted. An escape from my own Azkaban.

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