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Whispering Your Name Out Loud

We sat in companionable silence as we drove to the ocean, my hand resting on Luke's thigh. Dinner had been amazing and I couldn't believe how wonderful this date had been so far. It was already the best date I'd ever been on and it wasn't even over yet.

I rubbed my thumb lazily along the fabric of his slacks. All evening I'd been aware of his closeness; our thighs touching as we ate dinner, our ankles brushing casually. I craved the contact. It was as reassuring and comforting as it was exciting and intoxicating. I breathed deeply and stifled a moan. God, he smelled so good. For an instant I was thrust back to that moment in the living room when he'd caught me in his arms. Just the thought of that kiss had my heart thudding frantically in my chest.

Luke parked and flicked off the ignition. He turned to me, planting a chaste kiss on my forehead before opening his door and slipping out of the truck. I felt panicked at the loss of his touch and quickly tumbled out after him, anxious to be near him again. He locked the truck and took my hand, leading me to a trail off to the left. It was dark, the moon providing the only light as we trudged down to the beach. I watched him silently as we walked, my eyes transfixed on the shadows that danced across his face. He looked even more breathtaking in the moonlight and suddenly our joined hands weren't enough. I needed to touch him, to feel his lips press against mine, to run my fingertips across his cheek, his chest, his back. I needed him more than I'd ever needed coffee, or French fries or a cheeseburger. The realization startled me and I stopped, right there on the trail. I couldn't wait any longer.

Luke looked at me questioningly. "Lorelai, are you okay?"

I tried to speak, but no sound came out, so instead I nodded and tugged on his hand, pulling him to me. I snaked one hand around his waist, pressing his hips to mine as my other hand grazed his cheek, tracing the definition of his jawline. His eyes clouded over, turning to a sexy shade of greyish blue as I pulled his face down to meet mine. My tongue darted out and I traced his lips, relishing in the feel of his soft, supple skin. I sighed and molded my mouth to his, drawing his bottom lip between my teeth and suckling gently.

Luke moaned and slipped his tongue between our joined lips. I accepted it eagerly, circling it slowly at first, savouring the taste of him. His hands slid to my ass and he pressed against me. I could feel the evidence of his arousal resting against my stomach and I felt my own desire grow. I kissed him more fervently, with enough force that we both stumbled, loosing our footing. Luke caught me, effortlessly, our lips still fused together as he gently leaned against a nearby tree for support.

He planted a series of gentle, wet, mind-numbing kisses against my lips before trailing his way up to my ear. He blew on the sensitive skin before kissing it tenderly, sending a series of heart-stopping shudders up and down my spine. "Luke," I gasped, breathlessly. He caught my eye and grinned at me with a glint in his eye. He leaned into my neck catching my tender skin between his teeth as he gently nipped and licked his way to my collarbone. He traced lazy patterns along my skin with his tongue, driving me wild with each passing millisecond.

We heard voices coming toward us and we quickly pulled apart. Luke ran his hand through his hair nervously as though he was only now becoming aware of our surroundings. I smoothed the rumpled skirt of my dress and took a series of deep breaths. My heart was hammering in my chest and I was certain he could hear it. The owners of the voices walked past us, chattering excitedly as they made their way up the path we'd recently descended.

Once we were alone again, Luke shuffled his feet. He looked at me and shrugged sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I got kind of carried away there." He used his head to gesture in the direction of the tree.

"Hey," I said softly, approaching him again. "It's okay. I kind of started it. I've been wanting to kiss you since we left the restaurant." I was certain my cheeks were flushing.

Luke chuckled, a low deep sound that sent my heart racing again. He took my hand and squeezed gently. "How about that walk?"

"That would be nice." Hand in hand, we walked down the rest of the trail until we reached an expansive beach. Waves crashed rhythmically against the large rocks that dotted the shore, creating a peaceful and serene setting.

Luke paused as he searched for something at his feet. He released my hand and stooped to pick up a round, flat rock. He flicked his wrist and tossed the rock toward the water. It hit the surface with a gentle splat, splat, splat, jumping three times before sinking into the depths of the ocean below. Luke turned to me, his eyes dancing with amusement at the baffled expression on my face. "Haven't you ever skipped rocks before?"

I shook my head. "The Gilmores aren't really 'rock skipping' kind of people. They're more 'lie on a sandy beach under an umbrella' kind of people."

"That's a shame," Luke said softly. "My dad taught me to skip rocks. He tried to teach Liz too, but she never had the patience to learn properly." Luke looked wistful. I remained silent, hoping he'd continue. He didn't talk about his family very often and I was eager to learn more, but I didn't want to push.

When he didn't say anything, I decided to prod gently. "He sounds like a good man."

Luke smiled faintly, his eyes were glazed over as though he were somewhere far away. "He was the best. Always willing to help other people, to share his opinion." He took a shaky breath. "He would have loved you," he added softly.

I felt tears welling in my eyes as I touched Luke's arm gently. "I would have loved to have known him."

Our eyes met and for a moment it was as though I could see into his soul. I saw the love he had for his parents, the regret and pain of losing them so early in his life. He blinked and the connection was broken. He stooped down again, picking up another rock. "Here, let me show you how to skip rocks."

I nodded my agreement, trying to get my own emotions back under control. Luke came up behind me, resting his chest against my back. He placed the rock in my hand and held my wrist, showing me the motion to make with my hand. I tried to pay attention to his words, attempting to ignore the warmth of his body as it brushed against mine, the tenderness of his hand as it held my wrist. At his command, I flicked my wrist and released the stone. It traveled about a foot before plummeting to the ground and smashing against a rock. I laughed. "Well, that was an epic fail. It didn't even make it to the water. Let's face it, I'm a rock throwing dunce."

"You're not a dunce. You just need more practice. You want to try again?"

"Nah." I shook my head and leaned against him. Luke rested his chin on my head and wrapped his arms around me. We stood like that for a while, watching the waves as they lapped languidly against the shore. Our breathing became steady and synchronized. Gradually, the sound of the waves faded and I became hyper-aware of his presence. My skin tingled where ever we were touching and I could feel his heart beating ceaselessly in his chest. I shifted, turning to face him, my arms automatically sliding up his back. I looked up at him and whispered, "Hi."

"Hi," he whispered in return.

Our lips met, and the now familiar jolt of electricity flowed through my body, heightening my senses even more. We kissed hungrily, wasting no time in entwining our tongues. My desire to touch him increased as Luke deepened the pressure of the kiss. I tugged at the base of his shirt, freeing it from his pants. Soon my hands found their way under the light fabric and I ran them slowly up and down his back. He bit my lip, eliciting a purr from the back of my throat. "Luke," I gasped as he released my lips and bent his head over my chest. A second later I felt his warm tongue as it slid over the swell of my cleavage and descended into the deep v between my breasts. I dug my fingers into his back luxuriating in the sensations that vibrated through my veins.

Luke slid one hand over my ass and gently down my thigh, bunching the material of my dress in his hand as he shifted it upward. He crushed his mouth against mine as his hand plunged between my legs. I moaned as his fingers grazed against the lace of my black panties. He skillfully slid a finger under the elastic, gliding it along the slick moisture until he found my clit. He circled it, adding a second finger as his tongue explored the depths of my mouth. I wriggled my hips and whimpered into his mouth as the warm tingling I'd felt all evening began to spread and intensify. He thrust two fingers into my depths, the palm of his hand pressing against me as his fingers began to slide in and out. I grasped his shoulders for support as I felt myself losing control. Luke began to move his hand more quickly. The first wave of pleasure began to assault me and I cried out, screaming his name as the second wave followed. Suddenly the dam broke and my knees buckled. Luke held my waist tightly with his other hand, supporting me as my body shook.

I slowly regained my senses, the sound of the ocean once more entering my consciousness. My head rested against his shoulder and I realized we were still on the beach. At first I was horrified. I'd never in my whole life done anything like this before. I turned to Luke and the shocked expression on his face sent me into a fit of hysterical giggles.

"Lorelai," he growled, clearly not amused. His tone made me giggle even harder until I was practically snorting with laughter. "Stop."

"I'm sorry." I bit my lip, trying to control myself, but another giggle escaped. "It's just that I never would have guessed that you of all people would be so dirty."

"Jeez." Luke pulled away.

I stopped laughing and grabbed his arm. "It's okay, Luke," I said earnestly.

"No, it's not. You deserve to be treated better than this. There's a proper way to do this. We aren't some hormone-crazed teenagers who don't know any better." He buried his face in his hands.

"Luke," I said softly, pulling him into a hug. "Please stop beating yourself up about this. I'm okay. Better than okay. That was pretty amazing."

He dropped his hands and looked at me wearily. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. This is absolutely the best first date I've ever had." I smiled and squeezed his hand. "Come on, it's not over yet, let's go home."

"Yes, let's go home." Luke grinned and my heart did that flippy thing again. Why exactly had we waited so long to be together? I wondered as we walked back to the truck arm in arm. Man we were idiots. Good thing we'd finally come to our senses.


The ride home felt like the longest 30 minutes in my life. I couldn't keep my eyes off Luke as he drove us back to Stars Hollow. Every once in a while he would cast me a heated glance that would set my heart racing and I'd have to restrain myself from giving in to the desire to reach out and touch him. I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to stop and that wouldn't be very safe considering he was driving.

I tried to distract myself by filling Luke in on the whole Taylor and the loafers fiasco at the inn. "You should have seen it, Luke. Michel insisted that he hadn't added shoe shining to the brochure even though he'd pretty much confessed to it earlier. Taylor was livid and started calling him a liar and a cheat, which of course set Michel off. So then, Michel started cursing at Taylor in French and Taylor turned red. You would have loved it. I swear, if I hadn't intervened he would have exploded."

"You mean like that guy from Monty Python?" Luke kept his eyes on the road but I could see the amusement pulling at the corners of his mouth.

My jaw dropped at the reference. "You've seen The Meaning of Life?"

Luke shrugged. "Yeah, I don't exactly live in a cave. I just don't watch all that stupid crap you like."

"HEY! And wow, the uber monk surprises me yet again. What next? Are you going to whip off your shirt to reveal your secret life as Superman?" I felt my cheeks burning as I immediately pictured him whipping off his shirt to an entirely different result.

Luke must have been thinking along the same lines because he suddenly turned beet red. When he spoke there was an edge to his voice, "Uh, if you're expecting Superman, I'm afraid you're going to be horribly disappointed... but I may have another surprise or two up my sleeve." He shot me a flirtatious look that sent my pulse into overdrive.

My breathing was ragged as I laughed, trying to keep the mood light even though it was anything but. "Oh, really?"

His voice dropped to a low, husky whisper, "Really."

My body reacted instantly to the sexy tone and the unspoken promise of his words. I had to sit on my hands to prevent myself from ripping his shirt off right then and there. Good grief, what is wrong with me? I'm acting like a hormone-ridden teenager. I haven't acted like this since... I've never acted like this before.

I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself. I didn't want Luke to think this was only about the physical for me. It was so much more than that. I was in this thing 100% and that was a first. I honestly couldn't claim that about any other relationship I'd ever been in before. Right now though, the physical aspects of our relationship were the only thing I could think of. I jiggled my knee impatiently. I was tired of waiting, of restraining myself. I wanted every part of him and I wanted him to know it.

Luke reached out and touched my knee, causing the jiggling to stop. I looked at him in surprise, suddenly realizing that we were in my driveway. The warmth from his hand was radiating down my leg, and up my thigh making it difficult for me to focus.

"We're here," he said softly, moving his hand away and unfastening his seatbelt. By the time I'd unfastened my own seatbelt, he was already opening my door. He offered his hand to help me out and I quickly accepted.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, my back was pressed against the side of the truck as Luke kissed me hungrily. The discomfort of the cool metal against my back quickly faded as Luke's tongue slipped between my lips and traced the contours of my mouth. His hands were running up and down my sides leaving tiny shocks of pleasure in their wake.

I wrapped my arms around him, returning his kisses with fervent ones of my own. I slid my hands over his back in a slow, zig-zag motion, pausing at his ass. I squeezed gently, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure. The low, sensual sound was muffled by my mouth as we continued to kiss passionately. Luke shifted, and the handle of the truck dug into my back, causing me to become cognizant of our surroundings once again. What was it about this man that made me lose all sense of awareness?

I broke the kiss, panting as I stared into his eyes. "What do you say we take this inside?" I laughed nervously.

Luke blinked, clearly realizing where we were. "Jeez. You must think I'm some sex-crazed psychopath." He ran his hand through his hair in embarrassment.

I stood on my tiptoes and planted a quick peck on his lips. "Quite the contrary, my friend." I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the house. "I think you're acceptably turned on."

As soon as we were safely in the foyer, my hands flew to the buttons of his blue dress shirt. I quickly popped them open, backing him into the living room. I slid the shirt off his shoulders, revealing a smooth, defined chest. Luke's legs bumped against the coffee table as I began to run my hands over his well-sculpted muscles, caressing and tickling with my fingers. I planted warm kisses along his neck, my fingers flicking at his nipples as I worked my way lower. I licked my way across his abs and Luke moaned, grasping at my shoulders for support. My hands found the clasp on his slacks and within seconds he was stepping out of them. His boxer-briefs promptly followed and then I was kneeling before him as he sat on the coffee table.

I kissed his knee, my hand stroking him slowly as I licked my way languidly up one thigh and then the other. I watched him closely, grinning as I saw him tilt his head back and take a deep breath. My lips gently brushed against his testicle. My tongue darted out, tracing circular patterns over the soft skin. Luke's chest was rising rapidly as his breathing became labored and I moved to the other side. I took each round organ into my mouth in turn, rolling them gently with my tongue, letting my teeth graze the delicate skin lightly.

"Lorelai," Luke gasped. His voice was raw and his breath was coming in rapid puffs.

"Mmm?" I murmured. I began to slide my tongue along the underside of his shaft. I reached the tip, swirling my tongue around it before enveloping it with my lips. Luke whispered my name as he leaned back and grasped the sides of the coffee table for support. I started to suck slowly as I bobbed my head, engulfing more of him with each movement. My hand massaged the base of his length while I continued my ministrations. Luke's hips began to gyrate beneath me as I increased my speed.

"Lorelai," Luke moaned again. He grasped the sides of my face, extracting me with a resounding 'pop'. He leaned forward and drew my lips into a searing kiss. He stood, pulling me with him, his lips never ceasing in their endeavors. As we fumbled our way to the stairs, Luke worked at the zipper of my dress and his warm hands caressed my back.

We stumbled over the bottom step, and nearly landed in a heap on the floor. Luke regained his footing first, and for the second time that evening his hands slid to my waist, preventing me from falling. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his hips, my arms wound tightly around his neck. Our lips connected again and heat seared through my veins as Luke carefully ascended the stairs.

We were halfway to the bed when I remembered the state of my room. I felt Luke's frown against my lips just seconds before the first cuss came. I giggled as Luke kicked at whatever he'd tripped on. "Lorelai," he growled, causing me to giggle harder. "What the hell is all this crap?"

"Rejected outfits."

"What'd you do? Raid your entire closet?" he asked as he set me on the bed and surveyed the room.

"How else would I make myself look beautiful?" I rose to my knees and batted my eyelashes playfully.

Luke turned to look at me and immediately the heat in his eyes had my pulse racing and my palms sweating. "Lorelai, you're always beautiful." He stroked my cheek with his thumb, traced my lips and kissed me with a tenderness that made me want to melt. His hands found the gap left by my open zipper and the feeling of his hands on my bare skin made me shiver. He nuzzled my neck, grazing the skin with his teeth. One of his hands found the button on the halter and the straps of my dress fell forward. Luke tugged lightly, releasing my breasts from the confining fabric. "Beautiful," he murmured, taking a step back, his hands resting on my hips. I blushed under his appreciative gaze, while still taking the time to properly admire his naked form.

He knelt beside me, and ran his finger along the outline of my collarbone, then bent his head and mimicked the motion with his tongue. His hand cupped one breast, squeezing gently as his tongue leisurely danced across the swell of the other. My nipples hardened instantly as his mouth encircled one of them. He began to suck on it, and I arched my back as his fingers played with the other breast, twisting and pulling at the tip.

I moaned and raked my nails up and down his back, as the heat I was feeling between my legs intensified. His hands remained on my chest as he blazed a trail of sizzling kisses across my stomach. His hands fluttered down my sides to the bunched fabric that was still tangled around my waist and legs. He took his time freeing me from the rest of the dress, his eyes following the downward motion of his hands. I stood and he gave one last yank, letting the dress and my panties fall to the floor.

Luke's lips were crushed against mine a second later, our naked bodies pressed together for the first time. The feeling of his warm skin against mine heightened my arousal and I returned his kisses with feverish determination. We tumbled backwards onto the bed, landing awkwardly on a pile of clothing and shoes. Luke growled at the interruption and swept the debris to the floor in one fluid motion. I giggled at the annoyance etched on his face, and his eyes narrowed.

"Stop that." He crawled toward me, his look of irritation turning to one of desire as he neared me. He lifted my foot and planted a series of tiny butterfly kisses along my heel and my ankle, all the while never breaking his eye contact with me. My entire abdominal area fluttered excitedly as he continued his journey up my leg, stopping at my knee and moving to the other foot, repeating his actions. My breathing became laboured as he traversed my thigh, nipping at my skin. He paused when he reached my centre, his eyes locking on mine. They conveyed such emotion, those eyes, and I knew with certainty that this was about more than the physical for him as well. He bent lower, and I felt warm air tickling my skin. He lowered his mouth and began to lap at the dampness he had induced.

The fluttering sensation expanded and spread through my body causing me to writhe beneath him. His hands held my hips as he increased his pace, twirling and flicking his tongue. My hips began to buck and I felt the last remnants of my control flee. "Luke," I cried out, squirming and twisting as he continued his relentless mission. "Oh, God. Luuuuuuke." Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and it was several minutes before I emerged from the fog, breathless and relaxed.

Luke grinned mischievously, taking his sweet time as he licked his way up my abdomen, swirling his tongue over my belly button. He reached my breasts and again he took his time, driving me to the point of insanity with his gentle nibbling, twisting and pulling. My impatience to finally feel him inside of me grew and I arched my back, using the leverage to flip us. Luke looked up at me in surprise, his eyelids heavy with unspent passion.

I sat on my knees, unable to resist running my hands over his chest again. I was awed by the way he exuded strength and safety. He really was the one I'd been waiting for all these years. Why the hell did I wait so long? I berated myself silently, finding his lips. His tongue prodded for entrance and I yielded immediately, sighing contentedly. The evidence of his readiness pressed against me as the kiss built in intensity. I shifted my hips, positioning myself over his shaft. I eased myself down gradually, enjoying the sensation of my body adjusting to his girth. Luke moaned into my mouth as I began to move, my walls caressing his shaft with every movement. His hips began to move in time with mine, each thrust more urgent than the last.

He grasped my ass tightly and I ground against him, each of us moaning at the friction it created. Luke flipped us again, devouring me with his hungry kisses as he plunged into me over and over again. He made me feel so full, so complete. It was unlike anything I'd experienced before and I never wanted it to stop. I moaned, my pleasure building with every stroke, every grind. I tried to maintain control, not ready for this to end. I attempted to distract myself by concentrating on his kisses. I drew his bottom lip into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth just as his hand slid between us and began to circle my clit. I cried out, digging my nails into his back as my third orgasm of the night began to rip through my body.

I felt my walls tense and pulsate around his shaft as the surge of sensations engulfed me. I heard Luke call my name as he plummeted after me. Together we fell into the blissful abyss, panting and clinging to each other as we slowly returned to earth. We rolled to our sides and lay there, staring at each other adoringly as we regained our equilibrium. He smiled at me, his eyes shining brightly. God, he was sexy. I kissed him lightly, and shifted so I could rest my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating rapidly, not unlike my own.

"Can you stay?" I asked, hoping that he could. I wanted to fall asleep in his arms, and wake up with him next to me in the morning.

He kissed the top of my head. "Yes, I can stay."

I let my eyes droop, suddenly exhausted. "Good, 'cause I could get used to this."

He laughed. "I'm glad, because I plan on sticking around for a long, long time."

"You promise?" I yawned sleepily as I nuzzled against his chest.

"I promise," he whispered, pulling the covers up and holding me in his arms.

I felt myself drift off to sleep, feeling content, safe and loved.