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I had my phone in my hand, ready to call Nessie, when she burst through my front door. I rushed to her and wrapped my arms around her. For the first time in too many days, I took a deep breath with my nose buried in her hair.

"I missed you so fucking much, Nessie," I murmured, squeezing her tighter.

"I missed you too, Jake. I'm so sorry."

"You're here now. There's no need to be sorry."

"Yes, there is, Jacob. I haven't been honest with you."

I loosened my hold on her just enough so I could see her face. "Are you breaking up with me?" There was only a small part of me that was worried, but I had to be sure.

"No. Never."

"Alright then." I kissed her hard. Nothing else she had to say could be more important than how much it had hurt to be apart from her.

"Jake." She pulled away, panting. "I need to tell you now."

"Nope," I argued, shaking my head. I pulled my t-shirt off and then grabbed the hem of hers. "You can tell me later."

"But, Jake-" she argued even as she lifted her hands so I could get her shirt off.

I cut her off with another kiss. I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her over to my bed where she dropped her feet down and tried to talk to me again.

"Jacob, I think you'll regret it if you don't hear me out before-"

"That's my problem then, isn't it?" I growled, just a little too roughly. I had been without her for too long. I needed to feel her skin on mine to prove to myself that she was really here – that she was really still mine.

She nodded, and I knew she wanted the same thing I did.

I palmed one breast and used my other hand to unclasp her bra.

"Jake, please," she moaned. "Wait."

I bent down and sucked the available breast into my mouth. I pulled on it gently before releasing it. "Do you really want me to stop, Ness?" I put my hand between her legs and cupped her gently over her clothes. "Don't you want me inside you?" I whispered.

"You know I do. But-"

I kissed her again so she'd stop talking. While she was distracted, I unfastened her pants and slid one hand in to massage her clit. I broke the kiss to insist, "Tell me to stop now or drop it until I ask to hear about it." I curled my finger and slipped it inside her.

"Don't stop," she gasped. "Just don't hate me after, Jacob. Please?"

"Never," I promised. Nessie meant everything to me, and I knew that it didn't matter what the catch was; I could never hate her.

She must have believed me finally because she pressed her lips back to mine and unfastened my pants. She slid them past my hips, and I stepped out of them when they hit the floor. I slipped another finger inside her as she took her own pants off.

Nessie leaned into me and moaned as I supported her weight with my hand. I was so tuned into her body that my finger already knew where to apply pressure. Lifting her slightly, I stepped towards the bed. She whimpered when my fingers slipped from the warmth of her body.

"Shhh… let me do this right," I whispered in her ear before lowering her to my bed. The way her hair pillowed around her beautiful face made my heart do funny little jumps in my chest. Her body was so fucking perfect. My hands would never have their fill of her smooth, pale skin. I ran them up her magnificently-toned legs.

Nessie set her ankle on my shoulder and smiled at me, lighting up my world. Her thighs were soft and supple; nestled between them was a soft patch of hair that matched the copper-colored curls on her head. I could smell her arousal already, and I felt my body respond to it, wanting to taste her and take her at the same time. I fought off my own desire to rush; this would be slow and beautiful.

I placed hot, open-mouthed kisses on the creamy skin of her inner thighs. I gently bit down on the soft flesh, fighting the urge to be forceful enough to leave a mark. The breath she exhaled was laced with a sexy moan. I buried my face into her thigh and took a moment to steady myself. Chastely, I pressed my lips to the downy hair at the apex of her legs; she twitched, and it nearly undid me. My hands slid up the sides of her body and grazed her breasts. Her nipples puckered - amazing that such a slight touch could incite such a reaction.

Running my fingers lightly over her raised nipples caused her body to shiver and her eyes to close. I slid my body over hers and was nearly undone again at the feeling of her breasts pressed against my chest.

"Nessie, look at me." I cupped her cheek in my hand and caressed it with my thumb. Her eyes shot open, and I found myself in them. "I love you."

"I love you too, Jacob." My lips melded into her lips; there was nothing else in the world but Nessie and me. I was lost in the rich ocean of sensation of her body, and I would gladly drown in it.

My hand left her cheek and trailed down her neck and shoulders. Her nipple rose up to press against the palm of my hand, and her body arched into mine. Nessie exhaled sharply when I brushed against her folds. I slid two curled fingers into her moistness once again and pressed on the rough bundle of nerves inside. She moaned loudly and jerked in my grasp. Her face was the most beautiful thing. Flushed and twisted with pleasure was how I always wanted to see her.

The soft swollen skin of her clit pulsed against my thumb, and it didn't take more than a few careful strokes until Nessie was panting beneath me. I kissed her deeply as her walls convulsed around my fingers. The scent of her arousal surged, as did my excitement. She rode out her orgasm on my hand, and when I slowly withdrew my fingers, Nessie whimpered in a high-pitched groan that made my cock twitch, desperate to be inside her.

I licked the beads of sweat from her skin as I leaned down to feel the heat rising from her body, taking special care with her flushed breasts. My tongue swirled around her nipples, and her hands dug into my hair, fisting tightly. When I finally made my way back to her mouth, Nessie kissed me hungrily. She pressed her slick center against my erection, further igniting the slow burning inferno inside me.

"I need you now, Jacob. Please?"

I wanted to bury myself in her and lose myself in her tight warmth. As I positioned myself at her opening, my lips claimed Nessie's neck. The pressure against the very tip of my hardness was maddening.

"Please, Jacob," she whined softly. My arms tightened their grip on her body as I finally pushed into her. The heat and softness were too much; every last thought I had flew right out of my head.

"Ah, fuck, Ness." My voice came out breathy and deep. "You feel so good…" This was exactly the kind of special I'd wanted for my first time, and a part of me wished I had waited – though she hadn't either. But this was special on its own. Because it was Nessie. That was all I needed to make it the most special experience of my life.

Her breaths were coming in ragged spurts as I moved inside of her. Nessie held to my shoulders tightly, and her legs formed a vice grip around my waist.

The pillow-like softness and indescribable, wet heat of her slit were encompassing me entirely. So much more than the joining of our bodies, our souls became one. After years of running, I felt at home.

I'd been in such a rush to get inside her, and now that I was there, I wanted it to last forever. I kept a slow pace, but Nessie lifted her hips to meet my every thrust, and the need to release myself inside her was quickly becoming overwhelming.

I reached between us and softly stoked circles around her still-swollen clit. Nessie responded immediately, and her pussy clenched around me. It was those precious contractions that brought my own climax.

Still connected to her, I collapsed on the sheets and tried to catch my breath. She rolled onto her side to face me, keeping me inside her though I'd begun to grow soft. When I peeked up at her, my heart did a back-flip. Nessie's face was pink, her breasts were heaving heavily with her panting breath, and her mouth was set in a tiny grin. I reached up and pulled the tendrils of hair from her face. Her eyes met mine, and she whispered, "I love you, Jacob."

Yeah, she owned me. What could she possibly have thought was more important than that?

"I love you so much, Ness. Whatever you wanted to tell me could never change that. Can't you feel how much I love you?"

Her expression changed the moment I brought up whatever secret she'd been keeping from me.

"Jacob, I'm not who you think I am, and I've been lying to you from the moment we met because I knew you'd never talk to me if you knew the truth, but now I have to tell you because Billy's in the hospital, and I know you'll never be able to forgive me, but you just have to because I love you more than anything." Her words came out in a jumble, and it took me a moment to process them all.

"My dad?" was all I could manage to reply. I moved a little further away from her, and my cock finally slipped out of her. I felt the cold, specifically the absence of Nessie's warmth, but my focus was on understanding what Ness was trying to tell me.

She nodded.

"You know my dad somehow, and he's in the hospital?"

She nodded again and then sat up. When she started talking again, her words were flying as fast the rest of her, she'd gotten up, dressed herself and threw clothes at me. "Oh, my god, Jacob. I can't believe I just did that. I mean, that was amazing. But I can't believe I did that while your dad could be dying. What if you miss him? What if you don't get to see your dad again before he dies because I manipulated you into sleeping with me first?" With her perfect nudity covered, I had a marginally easier time grasping what she was getting at.

"He's dying?" I asked, beginning to let her urgency affect me. I put on the jeans and t-shirt she'd tossed on the bed near me.

Nessie went on speaking while I dressed, making wild hand gestures since her hands no longer had the task of dressing herself. "This is like, the worst possible thing to do to a person. I swear that I came here today to tell you. Yes, I was lying before, but your dad was fine before, and the minute I heard, I came here to tell you everything. But then you were you, Jake, and how could I resist?"

"Okay, okay," I said, trying to calm her. I would hate myself for not letting her speak before sleeping with her if I didn't make it to Billy on time, but that wasn't entirely her fault. "How do you know my dad, Ness?"

She froze. I think she was even holding her breath. I guess she was worried that whatever it was would really upset me.

"Do you have to know that now?" she asked in a soft voice after a long silence.

"Yeah, now is probably a good time to tell me everything." If she would just spit it out, she could quit worrying about how I was going to react.

"Everything is really a lot."

"Why don't you start with the part you're worried is going to upset me?" I suggested, trying not to let on that I wasn't taking her all that seriously.

"I'm a half-vampire." And just like that I was taking her seriously.

"A what?"

"My father is a vampire who unknowingly got his human bride pregnant."

"Are you fucking with me?" I wanted so desperately for this to be a joke.

"I wish I were."

"And how do you know my father?" My teeth gritted around the words, already fearing the answer some part of me knew was coming.

"My mother knows him well. She was best friends with his son before he ran away."

"No." I shook my head, trying to make her words not add up to a fucking nightmare.

"Bella's my mother, Jacob."

"That's not possible," I argued. Even if everything she'd said were true, I hadn't been away that long.

"Hybrids reach maturity in about seven years." Hybrids?

"NO!" I raged. After all this fucking time, how could Bella find a way to fuck up my life again?

Nessie started to cry, and it hurt me. But it wasn't enough to kill my anger.

"Just go to Billy, Jake."

She was making sense again, so I listened to her and left.


Billy might die. I hadn't seen him in eight years. And now I might not make it home fast enough to get another chance. I had never even called him. I could've. I should've. I've been over Bella for a long time. I should've called. I had been so caught up in my new world – and that world hadn't included anything from my past but a pile of postcards that I sent out every now and then.

Fucking postcards. They were always ridiculous too. I never told him anything about my life. I just kept sending them, thinking that, as long as he knew I was alive, it would be enough. How would that be enough? What had I been thinking?

I hadn't been, and that was the crux of the problem, wasn't it? I never thought about anyone but myself. Years ago I thought about Bella first, put her needs before my own. But even that I had done selfishly and for selfish reasons.

If he had passed and Nessie hadn't been around, would I have ever known?

My mind began to wander to Nessie, and I forced it back on track. I didn't even really know who she was. There were too many questions, too many lies, too many things that weren't even possible. I didn't have time to think about Nessie right then.

Now that it was much too late, and I was somewhere on the highway heading north, I realized that I should have flown home. It would have been faster. But then I would have had to either run to La Push or figure out who would come get me or rent a car or some shit.

Hell, I bet I hadn't even taken the fastest freeway. Highway Five was a more direct route. But I hadn't thought about any of this when Nessie told me Billy might die. I had hopped on my bike and gotten on 101 North. 101 South had taken me away, why shouldn't 101 North take me home?

Home. Could I even think of La Push as my home anymore? It hadn't been for so long. My first memories were from there, of course, but that isn't really what home means, is it?

With a start, I realized that Nessie had become my home. I didn't want her to be. I had wanted to make a life, a home, with her. But I didn't even know her now. I guess I hadn't really known her before, but I had at least assumed she wasn't hiding anything. Now I knew differently. I didn't even know all the details or how many of the things she told me had been lies.

A long time ago, in another life, I had wanted desperately to imprint on someone, anyone, to escape how hurt I had been by Bella's choices. A part of me had wondered, even then, if imprinting would really be better. I was certain that it would take away the pain of Bella, but I had feared that it might open up a whole new set of problems. I took no joy in being right.

Would she tell them that I was coming? Would that be enough for Billy if I didn't make it in time?

There was a text message on my cell phone from Nessie when I stopped to get gas.

He's holding on. Hurry though. I'm so sorry.

No attempt to explain herself or answer any of the questions she must know I had. If she had told them I was coming, had she also explained how she knew me? Would everyone on the Rez have more information for me? Did I want answers from them? Could I wait for Nessie to explain herself? Would she bother?

I shook my head to clear Nessie out of it again. Everything to do with her could wait. I needed to get to my father before he died. I needed to apologize for leaving, for not really staying in touch, and for assuming he would be fine until I wanted to see him again.

I cranked the throttle. I needed to get there faster.

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