Ducking a bit, Hiko stepped into the restaurant. Glancing around, all seemed normal, with the exception of one unusual fellow his ki sense insisted wasn't there. Intrigued by the solidity of this particular 'specter', Hiko strode to the booth.

"It's odd to see someone like you here."

The young man looked up at him, smiling brightly.

"Ah, really? Sorry." He laughed, eyes closing and smile ever on his face.

Hiko raised an eyebrow.

"Passing through are you?"

The young man still smiled, but a sad note entered his voice.

"I suppose. I used to follow my master, but he was killed and his dream died with him."

Hiko slid into the booth across from the young man.

"Such is the way of the world; the strong abuse their power and act indiscriminately. Few have the inner strength to act upright."

"Really?" The young man tilted his head, studying him for a moment. They were interrupted by a waitress; Hiko ordered a drink as the young man's meal arrived.

They took their refreshments in silence. When he finished his sake, Hiko tossed some coins on the table and strode for the door, nodding once to the young man as he left.