My own take on the latest genre, 'The Death of Ahsoka Tano'. I know there's a million... but now it's a million and one.


Ahsoka Tano blocked a blaster bolt, and looked around grimly.

Clones! They were invading the Temple, killing their former allies – was this some Seperatist thing, a trick to destroy the Jedi once and for all? She had heard that Master Windu had found the Sith Lord, and had seen her Master – Anakin Skywalker – go up, after them. Typical of him really. She remembered their final exchange.

"I want to come, to help you," she said.

"No, snips," he had replied. "You stay here – you'll need to defend the Temple."

"I will need? It's certain that we'll have to defend ourselves?" she had asked him, suddenly almost afraid. The Temple attacked?

He had looked at her, and there was conflict in his face – something Ahsoka had never once seen. His final words to her had chilled her to the bone;

"Nothing is certain anymore."

Now she realised that he had meant it. She had trusted the Clones, and here they were, attacking the Jedi - their friends!

She turned a corner, hoping to find a clear corridor and fight her way out of the Temple – she had a vague idea of what would happen after that, hiding in the underbelly – but then she stopped dead.

The sheer aura of the Dark Side that radiated from the small, hunched figure made her sure that it was the Sith – and kneeling to him – it couldn't be – Anakin?

"Skyguy?" she called out. The Sith looked up, and Anakin stood straight, lightsabre drawn.

"You shouldn't have come here, Ahsoka," he said, his tone uncharacteristically bland and emotionless.

"Yes," the Sith said. "Yes she should – it's your destiny, calling, Anakin. A Sith must make a sacrifice."

Anakin looked to the Sith, then back to Ahsoka.



Ahsoka raised her lightsabre – but she didn't – she couldn't –believe that Anakin had turned...

He approached her, made a salute, spun his blade.

She looked into his eyes.

Golden, brimming with hatred.

Her life filled with blue fire.


Obi Wan Kenobi was broken. Anakin had betrayed the order, killed younglings... Yoda was pensive and grim, as they walked back to the rendezvous with Bail Organa – when Kenobi gave another cry.

He ran to the body of the young Togruta girl, and now the tears fell unabated.

"Whatever that thing on the holorecording was," he said to the watching Yoda, "it was not Anakin Skywalker!"

Yoda looked at the corpse, and sighed his deep sigh.

"Leave we must," he said, already walking. Obi Wan joined him, after a moment, the tears abated – but still waiting.