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Title: All We Know

It was sickening, really.

Continually watching the two young men dance around each other like a pair of children who didn't know any better…

Sadly enough, that appeared to be the case when it came to the pair of geniuses who seemed to be chained together by not only the silver pieces of metal cuffing their wrists, but a sort of invisible string that always seemed to pull them back together again.

No matter how hard they tried to get away from each other, (though in the eyes of everyone else, neither really showed any real effort to actually get away from their chained counterpart) they never strayed very far.

In essence, they always winded back to square one, and it was usually everyone else who had to suffer for it.

The old man almost sighed as he walked into the room with his normally bland smile, trying his best not to snap at the two men stubbornly arguing with each other about nothing in particular.

Completely and utterly sickening.

Quillsh Whammy, better known as "Watari", barely held in another sigh of exasperation as he set down the small platter of coffee and cake on the middle of the table. The two men sitting across from each other simply stared at the other's face in some sort of strange contest only the both of them could understand.

One set of wide dark gray eyes barely blinked as they kept themselves trained forward, refusing to be the first to look away.

The narrowed pair of honey-brown orbs opposite to them twitched as they also kept themselves from avoiding the person just across from them.

"Will that be all, sir?"

"Yes, thank you, Watari." The slouched detective said nothing more as the older man held in another sigh (something that Watari did a lot of, if you couldn't tell) and took his leave.

"What do you think of these newest reports supporting Kira's rising support, Raito-kun?"

"… … You just don't stop do you."

Any outsider could see it…

"Not really."

It was just a matter of time before they saw it, as well.

For being two of the most intelligent people he knew, he had to say, it was pretty sad watching them act like a pair of juvenile dilenquents in cohorts against each other.

They were geniuses, for God's sake!

There was simply no way you could be so oblivious to 'it' all of the time.

Rolling his eyes, Yagami Soichirou took a sip of his now lukewarm coffee as he brought his gaze back to the case files within his hands, the words blurring over from lack of sleep and food.

"What are you, an idiot?!"

Which wasn't the first time that Soichirou had wondered that of the both of them, even if he didn't say it out loud for fear of, God forbid, upsetting one or the other, and not having anything productive done for the day.

"Raito-kun is the first person to ever ask me this. This leads me to believe that it may not be myself with the mental deficiency, but-"

"Finish that sentence and I will smother you with a pillow while you're dead asleep."



"… … Chances of being Kira, up fo-UUMPH!"

Soichirou sighed as he put down his cup and reached for the aspirin, quite sure that Excedrin was now officially his best friend and FPC (Favorite Pocket Companion).


For two supposed masterminds, those two really needed to just get over themselves already.


"An eye for an eye, after all, Raito-kun. No need to be such a spoilsport about it. You did initiate the confrontation after all"

"Spoilsport?! You nearly tore off my damn arm for one swipe of the legs!"

"… … … Well, I never said I was fair myself, Raito-kun."

If only reality could stop being so damn cruel.

Maybe then Soichirou could finally go home and just take the long, long, long nap he'd earned ages ago.

Unlike some of the other people within the little circle of detectives on the Kira Case, he wasn't one to judge others.

At least… not out loud, like some.

But these two even tried his patience…

"Just because you're feeling unmotivated, doesn't mean that everybody else automatically feels the same way by default!"

Mogi bit his tongue as Raito shook his fist into the air, face as red as a ripe apple ready to be eaten. L, on the other hand, began picking at his cake, the slight tilt of his lips the only indication that he was listening to the angry brunette at all.

"Your overly-inflated ego is going to cost us this investigation, Kira's real identity, and my damn innocence! Just get over your own stupidity for a second and actually help me, Ryuuzaki!"

There were times when Mogi felt sympathy for both parties; Raito for the position he was in, and the truth he was so desperate to uncover, and L for his lack of empirical evidence against anyone, really, and continual whirlwind of confusion he seemed so unused to encountering when it came to the Kira case in general.

But it always turned into a one-way street when it came to how easily his own sympathy then turned into (ultimately, unfortunately) disgust.

How could they be so blind?

"I'm sure, Raito-kun, that if that were so, that I would have taken myself off of this case a long time ago."

The two men stared at each other with solemn faces, neither really matching either of the facial features of the two geniuses who seemed to live in a perpetual state of frustration with the other.

Usually, Mogi reserved any judgment he might have for someone with a grain salt, as it did nothing but cause conflict and unneeded drama between parties.

Unfortunately, it seemed that nobody had taught Raito and L that same lesson as children.

But that wasn't his problem.

Taking a well-deserved deep breath, the self-sufficient officer simply blanked his mind of all distractions and concentrated on his own pile of folders and headaches just waiting to be blossomed by the end of the night, hoping against all hope that maybe, just maybe their night would become just a bit more peaceful and productive as it went on.

"Really? Because you're still here, and I doubt you'll be going anywhere anytime soon, but if you're volunteering to leave, I promise you won't hear any complaints coming from my end!"

Yet that might've been asking for just too much, wasn't it?

If he wasn't so used to it, he might've blown a cap in both of their asses and had just been done with it.

But considering that that would've then led to two of their best men being out of commission, he sucked it up and just did the best he could with what he was given.

Even if it wasn't all that much to begin with.

"Those two…" Aizawa heard Mogi whisper as he flipped through another series of papers, those looking as unpromising in leads as their predecessors. Nothing else was said as the other detective sighed and got back to his duty, once again the most silent and vigilante of all the men in the room.

If only everyone was as studious as Mogi, Aizawa was pretty sure they'd have had this case wrapped by now.

Instead, the afro-haired man was here, working on an impossible case that not only compromised his own safety, but that of his family's if his identity and link to the case became public. He didn't see it happening, but Kira (whichever Kira just so happened to be killing today, thank you very much) had already proven him/her/self/selves (honestly, it was hard to keep up with how many Kira's they were suspecting all at once sometimes) to be both precise and calculative…

For the most part, anyway.

Well, they gave L a run for his money, didn't they?

But working on the case itself wasn't even the most frustrating thing about coming to work everyday, if truth be told.

In fact, Aizawa was pretty sure it was a God send that they had any information to throw themselves at, all things considering.

"What was that Raito-kun? I couldn't quite hear you over there, with all that muttering."

Nearly banging himself over the head with his lone clipboard, Aizawa wondered if it would be some kind of crime to put that damned chain to better use and shove the two geniuses in a closet somewhere, where all they would have to annoy was each other.

"I said that maybe if you stopped being such a little whiny crybaby, we'd have found something already! But I'm sure you didn't hear that either, much in thanks to your damn selective hearing!"

Yet even Aizawa's monstrous afro did not have the powers to magically make the two shut up and just get a pair of lives, already.

Oh, if only.

Everyone else acted like they didn't see it, even when it was all but slapping them in the freaking face, but he himself refused to not acknowledge at all.

How would the two get it, otherwise?

"Matsuda, if you would be so kind, could you please hand me the small cup of sugar cubes by your left hand?"

"… … The sugar's right there in front of you, Ryuuzaki."

"Yes, but Matsuda is closer."

"No, he isn't."

"Yes, he is."





How could the other detectives find this exasperating?!

This was just half the fun, Matsuda would always think to himself as he hummed contentedly in the background, waiting for both men to come down from their argument high and get back to work as if nothing happened.

"It's not even six inches away from your hand, L! All you have to do is reach forward and grab it!"

"Says who?"

"The laws of physics, that's who!"

"… … Would Raito-kun pass me the sugar, then, since he is so adamant about Matsuda not giving me the sugar instead? He is much closer to it than I am, as well."

"That is so not the point, and you know it, Ryuuzaki."

"Then what is the point?"



Watching the two young men stare at each other so intently, Matsuda could almost imagine the sparks of electricity crackling around them as the two alpha-males (that's what Matsuda had dubbed them within his own head) refused to back down from each other…

"Just take the damn sugar, you sugar-obsessed freak."

But like always, Raito would acquiesce to L's demands, and L would delight in his small victory (which was never small, at least, to the both of them) all the while subtly shoving it in Raito's face-

"Up five percent for attempting to keep my main source of sugar intake away from me, Raito-kun."


On second thought, maybe not quite so subtly.

"You… are an ass, Ryuuzaki."

"So Raito-kun tells me every couple of hours."

"Damn right."

The other members of the investigation team might think this was a waste of time, but Matsuda couldn't help but think that as long as he kept playing the part of stooge, sooner or later, things would fall into place as they were meant to.

After all, nobody ever said that most men weren't without tenacity, if nothing else.

Luckily for L and Raito, Matsuda had plenty enough of that to spare for the both of them.

There had to be a guide for this.

There just had to be.

Or at least a set of rules people had to abide by…

Now, why did that sound so familiar?

Misa sighed as she tapped a manicured finger against the table, Raito glaring over at the man sitting next to him as he overtly ignored the young woman growing outwardly frustrated with the situation as a whole.

"Can't Rai-kun and I have some alonetime, Ryuuzaki?!" Misa whined, blonde hair falling over her eyes as she bounced against the cushion laying beneath her backside, hazel eyes narrowing in agitation.

"Even if I were to leave Raito-kun and yourself by your lonesome, you would still have camera's watching your every move, Amane-san." L dutifully stated, his crouched position and wide-eyed gaze giving him a rather childish disposition, which only seemed to further infuriate the young woman. "So what would you hope to achieve then? Except for more possible amusement for the rest of us watching, of course."

Ignoring the rather cute shade of red now dusting Raito's cheeks, Misa squealed as a future temper tantrum lay just over the horizon, even as she wondered just how these two didn't notice it!

Honestly, she didn't know what made her angrier; the actual connection itself, or the complete and utter disregard they both seem to have for it.

That wasn't something you didn't just throw away

"Ryuuzaki, you're crossing a line, now." Raito muttered as he hid his face with one hand, making both Misa and L wonder if he was hiding a grimace or a smile behind that solid piece of tanned flesh. "Enough is enough."

"Raito-kun is so shy." Though the comment was made in a patronizing manner, the teasing undertone was loud and clear to Misa, whom could only lament at the loss of something she had never got to have and that L got to relish with no hesitation.

The kind of connection she was supposed to have with Raito…

"RYUU-ZA-KIIIIII! Go away, you creepy pervert!"

"Misa, please…"

And though, for the most part, the anger, the jealousy and most definitely, the hatred, for this thing she could never actually have always won out, a part of her (a tiny, tiny, very minuscule part) did feel the slightest bit happy for the both of them…

What L and Raito had (whether they realized it was there or not, whether they admitted to the emotion or ignored it for what it was) was something a person might experience once, maybe twice in their lifetime, after all.

And even she was not so spiteful as to not appreciate that in all its glory.

In retrospect, Raito could appreciate the irony of it all.

L, as well, of course. He wasn't without a sense of humor, though many other people could (and would) attest to that fact.

And really...

It wasn't like everybody thought-

At all.

"Are they gone?"

Not in the least.

"I believe so…"

But it wasn't like they could let everybody else know the truth…

"Cameras and bugs off?"

"Only the ones Watari surveillances in the morning, our usual pre-recorded video will play in the morning once he awakes from his cat-nap."

That would just about ruin everything.


Without another word, both men jumped up from their seat and crushed the other within their own embrace, lips colliding in a whirlwind of desperation and frustration. The bright-colored clock sitting across from them on Soichirou's usual workplace read 1:04 am, a small testament of both of their wills seeing as they had survived yet another day without getting caught.

What strung them together went beyond just a sense of abhorrence, though to the other, the deception may have been there.


"Raito-kun… what do you think?"


It was about something much deeper than just a singular emotion, going beyond both vanity and pride, and stepping into another realm of passion that neither still understood, even as they stood slumped against the wall beside the elevator, ready to rip the other's clothes off.

The words would never leave their mouths, and the promises would never be said.

How do you build a relationship brought up on a foundation of lies, after all?

"Why didn't you get a faster elevator built in this place, Ryuuzaki?"

"I'll keep that in mind the next time I have to build a building just for the use of a case."

Hidden motives propelled them forward, but stunted emotions kept them right where they were…

A small bell indicated the elevator's arrival as Raito was pushed inside, arms flailing for a split second before L rushed inside after him, the chain jingling between them as a heavy physical manifestation of the invisible thread that kept them together beyond that of the case.

There was such a fine line for whatever it was that lay between them.

"Close your eyes, Raito."


"Can't Raito-kun do something without asking why?"

With a small snarl, Raito gave into his partner's wishes and closed his eyes, wondering when they'd be able to just getto their room alread-

A small, almost pliable touch rested over Raito's forehead as his eyelids fluttered for a moment, surprised at the tender contact. Another soft touch blessed his cheek, and then another hit his chin.

Finally, a small pressure of flesh against flesh caressed his lips as his hands automatically came up and held the other's face right where it was. After a second of nothing but satisfying silence, the two pulled away from the other's lips.

"What was that for?"

With a small shrug, L simply pulled the other forward as the elevator's doors swished open and Raito's bedazzled face held on for a few seconds before it disappeared behind a suddenly closed door.

There was something between them that held more clout than empty declarations of love and fits of dumb-down rage; something both natural and suspended in disbelief. Some thought that their relationship was grounded out of some sort of misplaced emotion, whilst others looked at their connection as just another form of the game they still continued to play to this day. Something to be justified, and then pushed aside as insignificant and droll.

What everyone else didn't understand was that Raito and L were not behind in their thinking...

Just ahead of the curb.

Labels were for the explainable...

The predictable...

To put a name on what they had demeaned it; brought it down to some earthly level that the two refused to acknowledge, nor accept. Raito and L knew that their relationship (though that was a word they did not use, if only because any connections either could have had was considered a weakness rather than a strength, even if it was with each other) was something... special, not meant to be simply broken, then thrown away.

This (whatever this was) was worth much more than any of the trivialities that the two faced on a daily basis, and they understood that much better than any of the other so-called detectives and gothic lolitas whom stared at them as if they were the most clueless fools on the planet.

Because even if they never said a word...

It would only be one word less spoken, when everything they knew was (inevitably, undoubtedly) bound to each other.