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This story may or may not make much sense to you but it depends on how you envision Randy's character. Me? I'm playing with Randy's 'I hear voices' deal. In other words, he's going to seem a bit nut-so. And yes. I went there. Good old Mike Adamle. Warning you now. This is probably going to be a two-shot. Now I say two shot like I say oneshot which means, who the hell knows? I'm just entertaining an old muse that won't go away. Also you should know that the story will jump around a bit. Its somewhat psychological so take that for what its worth. This may not make one bit of sense to you but it makes sense to me. And with that being said you are free to enjoy…

Randy Orton sat on the couch in his hotel room watching an old episode of Raw. He stared intensely at the persons on the screen, his eyes just seemly entranced by them. The persons on screen were him and Mike Adamle, and they were standing face to face while Randy gave him every reason in the book to fire him. It was all part of the script. Randy was to interrupt Mike and talk a little trash before forcing the GM to put him in a big match the next week. Randy had every intention of following the script that night until he noticed the way Mike seemed to shift his eyes. Mike couldn't stand to look him in the eye and it made him wonder. Ever since Mike joined the WWE there were rumors spread about him being gay. Mike never really struck Randy as a fag unless you counted the queer looking ties he wore from time to time. But still, Randy couldn't help but find himself curious. Plus it was no secret to the others about his sexuality. He and Adam had an open relationship when they worked together but things kind of fell apart when they got separated. Now they barely talked since Adam had gone 'straight' so to speak. But Randy didn't care. He had Teddy and Cody, both who were very fuckable indeed. He cut his eyes over at the two lovers making out on the bed. Cody was sucking Teddy's cock while Teddy combed through his dark hair. Ted suddenly looked up and saw Randy staring at them longingly.

"Hey boss. Why don't you come join the fun?" Randy just smirked before turning his attention back to the screen. He was now standing so close to Mike that if he wanted to, he could take his lips for his own. As he watched the old clip, he could still feel Mike's warm breath on his neck. Randy could remember the terror in his eyes as he stood his ground waiting for him to do whatever he was going to do. This was not part of the script but he couldn't help it. He had to know. He pressed his nose against the GM's and started screaming at him; telling him to fire him, hoping that he'd turn coward and run. It would make good tv and the script writers wouldn't be so pissed about him fucking up the script but noooooooooo. SMACK! Mike drew back and slapped the shit out of him…like a prissy little girl who'd just been insulted. The audacity! Randy rubbed the side of his cheek chuckling at the memory. He hadn't expected the scared little stiff to fight back but he did and Randy found it wildly erotic.

Later that night he could remember following Mike back into his office unnoticed. When the dark haired man heard his door close unexpectedly, he jumped, his face draining of all color at the sight of The Legend Killer.

"Randy why are you here?" he asked. He was nervous. His voice came out in a higher pitch than usual and his hands were clinging to the back of his desk as if he needed some kind of support. Randy raised his eyebrow teasingly as he studied the man. There was something about the intense look in Mike's eye that drew Randy closer to his prey. He liked preying on the weak. It was fun, thrilling even but it was also boring, especially if the prey was too pathetic to fight back and Mike seemed to be the perfect example except…there was a problem.

"I came here to see you…Mr. General Manager," he sang. Randy slowly, cautiously like a fox studying his target approached the older man. Mike cut his eyes around the room as if trying to spot an escape route but it was futile. Randy stopped a mere two feet from the GM – just enough space to intimidate yet remain seemingly intimate for conversing. Mike cleared his throat and spoke in a low but forceful tone.

"What can I do for you Mr. Orton?" Randy was in no hurry to answer the man because truth be told he had no idea why he wanted to see Mike…well, besides the obvious fact that he found him intriguing. Right now, Mike wasn't looking so good in the eyes of the corporation or the WWE fans. His job was technically being held over his head on a day to day basis so Randy was pretty sure Mike was stressed out. Furthermore, a lot of the superstars either hated Mike or just didn't take him seriously because of his background. But still…despite all of the pressure Mike was standing there defiantly masking his fears behind gray eyes that entranced in a futile attempt to look calm. It wasn't working. Randy could see right through the gray mask and what he saw only intrigued him even more. Randy closed the gap between them, moving to stand so that they were only inches apart. Randy heard Mike's breath hitch and his eyelids lowered until they were level with his chest. "I…If you don't need anything then I…I have things to do," he stammered. Randy scoffed.

"Look at me," he commanded. The older man slowly lifted his head to meet Randy's unscrupulous gaze. He inched closer to Mike until their bodies were barely touching. "Randy…please…I have things…" Randy's nose twitched as the scent of Mike hit his nose. His cologne was light…refreshing…expensive. Randy dipped his head low to the nape of Mike's neck and slowly breathed in his scent. "Randy?"

"I want to know what you are wearing Mr. Adamle." His voice was dangerously low sending all kinds of chills through Mike's body. Randy noticed the shudder which made him smirk. "Well?"

"Uh…it's uh…CK…Kline. Calvin Kline." Randy lowered his head like he was going to sniff him again but stopped short when he noticed that Mike's eyes had closed. Was he afraid? What exactly had he been anticipating? What was going on inside the head of Mike Adamle? Randy decided to confuse him. Just for the hell of it, Randy brushed his lips alongside Mike's cheek breathing in deeply. Randy felt Mike's body tense up and his breathing suddenly stopped. The Legend Killer smirked before he reached behind Mike grabbing a handful of his hair, pulling his head back. The GM whimpered softly as Randy towered over him, his hands digging deeper into the wooden desk. Randy towered over Mike with a sadistic smirk on his face. Mike was scared. Mike was so very scared and it made his insides tingle with desire.

Mike's eyes were tearing up from the painful grip that Randy had on his head but instead of crying out in pain or alerting security, he took it like a man. Only a soft whimper escaped him in the beginning and even that was barely audible. Randy was impressed. Randy was intrigued, but most importantly Randy knew this was only the beginning. Without warning he pressed his lips to the GM's taking his mouth for a kiss. He loosened the grip on Mike's hair only to bring his hands to his face, cupping it…deepening the kiss. His tongue delved deeper into the older man's mouth tasting him, exploring him like he wanted. Mike's lips had no choice but to respond. Randy seemed to be in control of his body and even though Mike tried to pull away, Randy's lips wouldn't allow it. It was when Randy finally gave out of breath that he released the older man. Randy stepped back and admired his work. Mike's eyes were filled with curiosity, anger and fear but his body was filled with nothing but want. The slight bulge in his pants told on him which made Randy laugh a little. He also took note of Mike's swollen lips. The were puffy and red – just ripe for the taking. Just when Randy thought he'd won Mike's voice threw him off.

"Why?" he whispered. Feeling slightly taken back, Randy frowned. How dare he speak to me? He should feel special…but then again, he might already be special. He sure tasted better than I expected.

"You'll have to earn the answer to that. Have a goodnight Mr. Adamle." Randy chuckled to himself as he backed out of the room leaving Mike rooted on the spot confused as hell.

"Hey boss? We have something for you." Randy snapped out of it looking around wildly. Did I fall asleep?

"Yeah. Uh…"

"You were in deep thought boss," Cody answered. "But that was cool for us because you didn't even notice that we had left."

"You guys are way too good for your own good…sneaking in and out unnoticed," Randy smirked. "So what did you bring me?" Ted and Cody cut each other evil looks.

"Well uh…" Ted hurried over towards the walk in closet. "You ready boss?" Randy got up from the couch and walked over to the closet.

"Sure," he shrugged. "Let me have it." The doors of the closet swung open and his jaw dropped. Standing there in a black suit and tie was Mike Adamle. In the flesh. He was gagged…sort of. The guys had a bandana wrapped around the inside of his mouth. It didn't prevent him from making noise but Mike was just as quiet as a mouse. The boys also managed to bind his arms behind his back using some kind of wire. Mike looked absolutely calm but Randy knew better. The eyes told all. The man was scared to fucking death but he had good reason. He was now in the presence of Legacy which meant he was in for quite the thrill whether he wanted it or not.