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Neji lived peacefully and successfully in Konoha. Being the prodigy that he was, he graduated early and prospered in all he did. By 15, Neji was a jonin, he was the shining star and all academy students aimed to be like him. Naturally, there were a lot of fan girls. More than Uchiha Sasuke, who even after betraying his village made village girls' hearts throb. Neji was not interested in love, for he had one girl in his mind constantly, but was not remembered by any of his peers. It was as if she ceased to exist. Everyday he would find time to stare out into his window wondering if he had protected Tenten's smile. What was she like now?


The relations between the Mist and Leaf were getting tenser as the days went by. The prospect of war was imminent… And then it was finally declared, the Mist greeted the Leaf Village with a butterfly trap between the 'treaty borders'… The trap ensnared six unsuspecting Jonins. Only one lived long enough to claim that a demon had constructed a trap around them. Coincidentally the casualties were the academy students who fell into Neji's first constructed butterfly trap.

It seemed as if fate could not be changed.

Neji was on his first mission as the head of ANBU, failure was unacceptable for the current Hokage, Tsunade. Neji was sent on a reconnaissance mission with the top ninjas of the village. They were to travel to Mist to find out why they were launching a war against the Leaf. Perhaps they were blackmailed or had joined Sound, Leaf's number one enemy.

Donning his cloak, Neji and his two companions departed from the village before sunset. No a single village member came to say good-bye.


They journeyed for days until they came across the treaty border. All eyes were alert. Neji's especially. He activated his byakugan and scanned his surroundings. It seemed that there was someone trailing them.


There was nothing Neji could do. Tsunade had specifically instructed for them to not engage in battle unless absolutely necessary. The butterfly trap may have been a misunderstanding, and if it wasn't, then it was better for Mist to declare a war on them. That way, neighboring villages that had an alliance with both Mist and Leaf would side with Leaf as the other village was the antagonist.

Neji alerted his companions.

After a thorough discussion, the group decided that Neji was to flare his chakra to warn the spy that he was not unnoticed. Neji focused all his chakra onto his palm and pushed as hard as he could. A vein bulged in his neck. The air itself shook, pulsating, in sync with Neji's heartbeat. Trees bowed down in fear and the forest was silent. Neji relaxed and scanned his surroundings. The spy seemed to have run away. Neji smiled in contentment. Dispute was avoided. Though he was an ANBU captain, he was benevolent man and disliked excessive fighting. He willed with all his might that there wasn't a war against Mist. He knew he could not choose between his village or her...

Neji's squad continued walking when suddenly his female companion, the medic, swore as she tripped over something. Instantly Neji activated his byakugan.

"No one move an inch." he ordered, breathless. He could not believe his eyes, it was as the survivor of the "Butterfly trap incident" had said.

A demon wove the trap around us.

They were encaged, the trap was massive and intricate, and just one wrong movement would cause the whole trap to fall on them. There was no escape. Neji willed himself to keep calm. How did the perpetrator construct the trap around them? Neji squinted hard into his byakugan and finally he found what he was looking for.

That was when his suspicions were confirmed, whoever constructed the trap was a demon. On the end of each string was a kunai embedded in a tree. The demon who constructed the trap 'built' the trap around his team by jumping up high above the forest, and in the time that he was in the air, sent out thousands of kunais specifically aimed at each individual tree. The wires were effectively put in place, the butterfly trap was completed within seconds. And as it did not require excessive chakra, Neji let the whole incident slip right under his nose.

What kind of person could do this sort of thing?

"Okay," Neji said in his most calm voice, he explained the situation slowly and deliberately.

A cold voice laughed and clapped. "Well done for getting this far, Leaf. As expected from the ANBU team. But playtime's over. Let me introduce myself, I am Mist's number one weapon mistress."

Neji's turned his head, and a lithe figure stood in front of him.

Neji's blood ran cold. At the recognition of the woman standing in front of him and at the fact that he felt a tiny wire cut his cheek. Blood trickled down his cheek...

History is all of what is remembered of the past. We remember it by perserving it in writing.

However, in reality; history is the choices we make. One slight change could alter the whole outcome of your future, that, is the butterfly effect.


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