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1. Speechless (The Veronicas)

Silence is a source of great strength.
Lao Tzu

Edward's POV

I ran north, then switched northeast. I hate hunting; As if I don't feel enough like a monster when I nearly kill someone innocent just because of their scent. I followed a three day old trail of scent from a couple of mountain lions. The rest of my family ran behind me.

I was on their trail. Give me five minutes, and my thirst should be satiated. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. That scent! It was delectable, yet somehow floral; obviously human.

Only a few blocks away, Edward. Who needs those rules Carlisle has set out for you? You are your own man. The monster inside me lashed about, wanting to escape like crazy. I skidded to a stop, while Rosalie nearly crashed into me from behind.

"What up?" Emmett said, and then his face turned expressionless. He zoned in and focused on the scent, his thoughts becoming that of a hunter.

"It's a female child, young and alone." Alice filled in, "We have to go, or this ends badly." But I hardly listened. I don't think the scent affected anyone as bad as it did me. I had to kill her.

Just calm down and leave, Alice thought towards me. Jasper very nearly ran off, if it weren't for the vise-like grip Emmett had on him.

"How old did you say?" Carlisle asked.

"About four or five… give or take a few years." she replied. I got a vision of the tiny child; she was definitely young. "We have to go. She is heading this way."

"The rest of you leave. I am going to stay and wait." Carlisle said. I took that as my cue to leave. I took off running, my mind wheeling. I had never felt anything like this before, with any human at all. This child's scent was so much better than any other animal of human I had ever come across.

I reached the home first. I took the deepest breathes my lungs could manage. I sat on the step and waited. Alice appeared on my other side while the rest of them slowly made their way into our little clearing, our home.

"What happened back there?" Alice asked.

"What? You didn't see that?" I asked. Alice sees decisions, but the future is always changing. It is never set in stone.

"I keep seeing this girl, if that's any help." she offered.

"Who is she, though?" Jasper asked, joining the conversation.

"I see two people, but they're the same person at the same time. I see a human girl attending Forks High School. I don't catch her name, but I know she's adopted. Then I see the same girl, but different. She has red eyes. She's one of us." Alice explained, flipping various pictures towards me.

Alice blanked out; more visions. I paid attention to them. Carlisle was the "star" of the vision, and so was a tiny, brown haired girl. "So, he's met her. Is she the other girl?" I asked cautiously. I didn't really want to know the answer. It would just make me mad, and then I will break something, run away and cause me parent's grief.

"Her name is Bella. She is four. Her parents are dead. And Carlisle is adopting her."

"Alice, her scent Alice! Do you have no sense of smell?"

"I smelled her, Edward. I know she is good. Just makes better practice, right?" She said, her tiny frame skipping around a room, arranging flowers in vases and tidying up.

"Well, then. I'll leave."

"Don't do that." Esme pleaded.

"What else can I do besides kill her?" I growled. The door opened.

"Don't startle her. She may have amnesia. It's sketchy, but I think she'll be alright. No sudden movements, she's in shock." Alice ordered.

"I'm going upstairs." Jasper mumbled. He hates being weak.

"We should all be going upstairs. We haven't hunted in weeks! We are sending this poor girl to her grave!" I said while they dragged me downstairs and Jasper pushed against the flow.

"Then you guys go hunt. Esme, Rosalie and I will stay here." Alice said.

"Why?" Emmett asked, a confused look on his face.

"Because we have hearts." Alice glared at me.

"Don't tell me who has a heart and who doesn't! None of us have hearts! They haven't beaten for decades! We are the living dead." I said, my anger boiling over.

"Way to point out the obvious." Alice snapped.

"Are you two done?" Esme asked.

"No!" we said in unison.

I stepped on the landing. The girl was asleep on the couch. She was dirty and her hair still had leaves in it. Her face was angelic. But, the worst part was her scent. The second I hit the landing, I ran. I ran until I found that mountain lion trail. I hunted for hours, staying away from that human.

How could an angelic child be my personal demon? Why does her scent affect me so much? Is there something wrong with me? I stayed out all night to clear my senses. I breathed the untainted air, the fresh air. I had over stuffed myself, but if it helps, then I would do it.

This demon is...indescribable. She is as beautiful as she is horrifying. Her face and her body is just right. She is like an angel. Her scent scares me. It chases my good side away and only shows my horrible monster side. But who am I to judge that? I am a monster. I always will be. The worst part is, is that we have subjected this innocent child to this life: the monster way of life.

I decided to go back. I knew Esme would be upset if I stay away. Not only that, but I hate being weak. Weakness gets you nowhere.

I walked into the living room. The place reeked of her scent. I took a deep breath. I have to get used to it. Alice was on the couch with her yellow laptop.

"Hey Edward. Have a nice walk?" she said.

"Sure, if you like being tortured by a four year old girls scent. Then, yes. It was very enjoyable." I replied. "Where is she? What are you doing? Is Jasper going to-?"

"She would be Bella for your information. She is upstairs getting a bath with Esme. I am online shopping. I have been for eight hours straight. Jasper is doing OK. I have no clue why her scent affects you more than us."

"I didn't ask that question." I said.

"You were going to."

She appeared at the top of the stairs, her hand was incased in Carlisle's while Esme fussed from behind. Her face was sad and still. Her hair was still damp from her bath. I wanted information, perhaps her mind held the answer to the questions I asked. Why does your scent haunt me?


I pried deeper into her mind, trying to get past the emptiness. Nothing. I got Alice's, Esme's, and Carlisle's thoughts, but nothing on Bella. Carlisle walked her down until she was right in front of me. I wanted to snap at her, but I restrained.

"Edward, do you know why she won't speak?" Carlisle said softly. I couldn't pick a thing from her mind. Silence.

I shook my head, "I can't read it. Her mind is blocked by something. I get zero thoughts from her."

Suddenly, she reached out and touched my cheek. Her flesh burned on my icicle skin. She pulled her hand back and stared at me.

"You're cold." Bella said in a whisper voice.

Alice's junk came. No toys...yet. But, there were plenty of clothes. She didn't do anything or say anything more. She sat on the other side of the couch from me, a stuffed lion in her arms. She stared at the TV, but I knew she wasn't actually seeing it. She didn't care for whatever this show was.

Her eyes shifted until she met mine. I saw longing in her eyes. She wanted something, but she never spoke. Nothing came from her mind either. She was a silent person.

"She wants to sit on your lap." Jasper said from where he sat. They had gone hunting recently, so all of our eyes were bright golden.

"Can...can I?" Bella asked hoarsely. I hesitated. On one side, you have an innocent four year old girl who has been put through a tragedy – On the other side, a nearly 100 year old vampire who probably caused the tragedy. But her scent! I was hardly breathing.

Her eyes looked hopeful. What makes me anymore special than the rest?

You're going to let her, so get it over with. That annoying pixie.

"Fine." I sighed. She crawled across the space of the couch. Her hand hovered for a second over my leg before she climbed up on my lap. Her body was so warm. I could feel her blood pulsing in her veins. It sang. It sang to me, though, and not anyone else. It was my blood. She curled into a tight ball and attempted to make herself comfortable on my marble skin. It didn't take long and she was shivering from the cold.

So, Alice resolved the issue at hand by tossing a blanket at my head. "Thank you. That was helpful." All she did was laugh. I removed Bella from my lap so that I could wrap her in the thick blanket. When I set her down, her eyes shot open and she whimpered at me. I delicately wrapped her fragile body and set her on my lap again. It didn't take much longer for her to fall asleep.

"You look so cute together!" Alice said.

"Shut up."

I didn't dare move her. I had Esme fetch me a good book, and I read all night. Alice had her bed set up and all her clothes put away. I got used to her scent. Maybe enough to nearly consider her safe around me.

It will never be safe for Bella. She is only a child.

When she woke up, she took care of her own things. Esme jumped into action, asking her if there is anything she needed. She went to the bathroom and got dressed. She was still a silent heart. A silent mind. Silence.

We made her cereal. That is the extent of our cooking skills for the time being. Esme needed groceries. Carlisle was working. Emmett and Rosalie were going outside around. Whatever works for her: He'll follow, of course. Alice and Jasper were going with Esme. Which left me with Bella.

Bella and I sat on different ends of the couch again. I waited until they left. Alice kept looking at me funny. They were gone, now.

"Bella." I said. Her head turned towards me. "How come you don't speak?" I asked her. She crawled until she was next to me.

"I'm scared." she said. "I feel safe by you."

"Carlisle and Esme and the rest of my family is...ok. Like me." I pointed out. I wouldn't call us safe in anyway.

"I know. I don't want to. I have nothing to say." she said. She pet the lion.

"They think you're sick. With something called amnesia. Amnesia is a condition in which you can't remember anything. You should speak to them, so they know that you're OK." I tried.

"I'm OK." she said.

Somehow, I just knew that she wasn't ok. She just wasn't.

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