Escape by planet p

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Author's Notes Written in February 2006.

Chapter One

The scraping of a lock in a door woke the young Nebari woman from her restless nightmares. Her ebony eyes blinked slowly and opened tentatively. The light stung so bad and her head spun, her bones felt as if they would crumble and her muscles stung as though over-stretched but her mind didn't give her body a chance.

She wrenched herself to her feet and was standing before she realised her body wouldn't let her.

The door was thrown open. Chiana stumbled forward blindly. A familiar voice spoke from the door.


For how long she had been in this cell she did not know or care. Every day was the same. Wake, work, eat, sleep, and all over again.

The Warder scowled but she didn't care.

She vowed she would never serve the Peacekeepers. No matter what they did to her, she would never give in. She would never tell them. They had beat her, tortured her, starved her and still she did not work.

Then came the day when they gave her the choice.

"I will not serve frelling Peacekeepers!" Chiana shouted at the top of her voice pulling away from the guards who had taken hold of her. Another guard stepped forward and smacked her hard across the face.

But no matter what they did she would not tell them. She would sooner die than betray her brother, Nerri. She would admit nothing. She screamed over and over again that she knew nothing but they did not believe her. Would never believe her, it seemed.

A tight group of three or four children shuffled over, ragged and scruffy. Chiana didn't understand. She turned to the closest guard, her eyes wide.

"I am not lying! I have told you before – I know nothing of any resistance!"

The woman sneered. The guard in charge spoke now. "You will tell us."

"No I won't! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! Why won't you frelling believe me?"

"Because we know you are lying."

Chiana scowled. The children started to whimper at the raised voices. They were huddled close and shivering. Chiana's eyes grew dark with sadness and anger.

"Officer Menz!"

The glaring man started and spun around, straightening up. "Sir?"

"Captain," the man corrected him, his eyes cold, his chin raised in superiority. His overlarge eyes fell on the children, his movements stiff and swift. "These children, why are they here?"

"The Nebari prisoner refuses to co-operate, sir."

The Captain sneered. "Did I ask- Did you hear me ask about the Nebari prisoner?"

Officer Menz straightened further, his eyes glazed and staring straight ahead. "No, sir."

"I didn't think so." He tilted his head slightly.

Menz stuttered for a moment, blushing deeply. "The… we… the children are here to persuade the Nebari."

The Captain pouted, his deep blue eyes growing larger by the microt. "So you say. Proceed."

"Sir?" Menz frowned in apparent confusion.


Menz jolted and rushed to comply. "Captain."

"I wish for you to explain this concept. If this is too much to ask I shall be more than pleased to relay your incompetence to-"

"Sir, no, sir!"

"DO NOT INTERUPT ME!" Menz cringed slightly.

"Sir! Apologies, sir."

The Captain sneered. "I should think so."

"The Nebari will confess, sir, or the children will suffer for her. Pain does not seem to affect her, sir."

Another sneer. "Pain affects all physical beings, Officer, it is only right."

"Yes, sir."

The Captain turned back to the children before kneeling down on one knee. He brushed the long hair from his face and tucked it behind his left ear.

Chiana's heart caught in her chest. The likeness of this man to a former acquaintance scared her. But his voice, his manner, those cold eyes, this scared her more.

"Little ones?" The huddled group of children looked up from their shoes and turned to him, their eyes scared.

Chiana was caught by such a feeling of calmness that her legs almost lost the will to hold her up. The feeling passed as quickly as it had come.

The children no longer shivered.

The Captain frowned grimly and motioned for the children to approach. They shuffled closer to him, each holding a hand of the other.

More hair tucked behind the ear. "Little ones I have a task for you. I have a problem and I should like you to help me with this. I would be pleased if you should agree. What say the little ones?"

A little boy sniffed and looked around at his friends. "We will help. I am Loma."

The Captain nodded and held out a hand for the small boy to shake. "Stark."

The boy smiled. "How can we be of assistance, Stark."

The Captain nodded to the Nebari prisoner. The children turned briefly before returning their gaze to the Captain.

"I should like you to explain to this woman that she must tell us all that she knows of the Nebari Resistance. Can you do that?"

Loma nodded and smiled proudly. "Yes, sir."

Stark smiled. "I am pleased. Go now."

The children approached Chiana. Loma spoke first. "You must tell the guards what you know. They will hurt you if you do not. We do not want you to hurt."

"No, no we do not," one of the little girls chimed.

Chiana scowled and shook her head. Using children to persuade her! A lowly thing to do! "I am sorry," she told the children. "I cannot do that. I cannot tell them something I do not know. I cannot lie. You must understand?"

The children nodded and rushed the relay their news of the prisoner's response to the Captain.

The Captain nodded kindly and stood. He addressed Chiana now. "Is that your final answer?"

Chiana struggled in the guards' hold, struggled to break free and put the fear of the Goddess into this man. "FRELL YOU! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT DREN! ALL OF YOU!"

He nodded once more. "If insults are all you have then I will take that as your final word. Very well." He turned back to the children. "She has made up her mind, I see. Might you not try one more time?"

Loma nodded. "We will, sir."

The Captain nodded as the children turned away. Chiana opened her mouth to shout more insults, attempting to fight off the guards that bound her.

The first child fell as if merely asleep and not dead. Chiana's eyes widened impossibly. She watched as if in slow motion as the second child went down.

"NO! Stop! STOP!"

The third child realised what had happened to her friends, but it was just a flicker across her eyes before she collapsed too.

The Nebari's heart stopped dead. "I'll tell you what you want to know!"

Chiana watched desperately for the Captain's reaction. He lowered his pulse weapon slightly, pondering her words. The last child shook terribly as she regarded her dead friends.

"Child? Come here!"

The girl obeyed, terrified.

A hand brushed the hair from her pale face. "You are a good girl, yes?"

"Ye-essss, s-sir."

"I thought so."

He pulled her into a hug. He raised his pulse weapon one last time.

Chiana had no time to scream. The lifeless child fell to the floor with a dusty thud. The Captain frowned disgustedly for a moment and then stepped over the small body.

"You will tell us now."


But her legs couldn't take her meager weight. She continued on towards the floor.

A hated voice. "She will do for her purpose."

She was caught before she fell, held in unwelcome arms.

She started to scream and scratch. She would not go with this man. The Warder smacked her across the face. She was being dragged from the room.

"Do not hit her again! I cannot afford for her to be damaged any more than she already is. From now on I shall handle her discipline. Do we have an understanding, Officer?"

"Yes, Captain."

Chiana was relocated to a Leviathan. She wondered how Moya and Pilot were doing without her, if they missed her.

She was soon signed over to Captain Stark and shown to her quarters.

She had heard the plan many times, too many times, for she had not meant to know of it in the first.

The plan was simple. Take out the Nebari Resistance, strike an allegiance with the Nebari Prime; destroy the Scarrens.

Chiana vowed that she would have no part in this plan. She would escape. But first she would kill the Captain. Now all she needed was a plan of her own.