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1. Potent, intoxicating

2. Likely to cause conceit

3. Impetuous, violent.

He hadn't seen her for several years now, not that several years was particularly long in his lifetime. Yet something about the last several years made it feel as if it had been a century since those fathomless violet eyes had pierced him, scared his brain, and stored him away in the book once more.

Not that Malchior, the mighty dread-dragon/powerful Mage couldn't escape the weak but well-meaning bindings of the pretty little demon girl. Yes, he could break them with a simple incantation any time he wanted. If he was angry, just the intention of saying the words might have been enough. But the thing was, he didn't want to. Even though it was driving him so insane he wished someone would burn the book with hell fire and let him die, it was still a better fate than the one awaiting if he should get out again.

Raven's release of him last time was proof that no matter how hard he wished to return to earth as a human, he had gone in as a Dragon and would come out as one too. It had only been fast spell work and the luck that his human feelings for her had translated into Draconian need to play with his food that had saved her and her friends from death, and next time it would be different. Next time she wouldn't be so lucky.

It would tear him apart to be responsible for her painful death, when she had gone through so much already. And it would be very painful, the Dragon inside him had already decided. All that was cruel and bitter inside him would not let a woman who dared reseal him inside Rorek's prison get off lightly. After years of abstinence, the Dragon inside him would make up for lost time by making the first kill as brutal as possible.

Raven had already had to deal with so much pain already. He had heard her, after she had locked him up again. Crying hysterically, muffling the sounds with her pillow. The sobs had felt like burning arrows with a direct path to his heart. His precious Raven, who he had taught so lovingly and cared for so deeply, was hurting because he couldn't help what he was. Because he had been too foolish to foresee what would come of his release, of not telling her the truth about what he was. If he'd known she was demonic then, he wouldn't have felt the irresponsible urge to pass himself off as a complete human. It only rubbed salt in the wounds that later he overheard her telling the boy-wonder of her heritage - she was just like him, a half-breed and ashamed of it. Now she was under the impression that he was nothing more than a heartless dragon, when really that was progressively a smaller and smaller part of him as the years passed. She thought she never meant anything to him.

If only Malchior had found the strength to risk it all and tell her then.

She wouldn't have been repulsed by what he was, that he was sure of now he knew her origins. Even though their circumstances were different, she being born of a demon and he asking, no, begging, to become a Dragon in all it's glory, she would have understood.

Now it was all ruined. Of course it would have been ruined anyway, unless telling her had brought his attention to the fact he had no choice but to emerge from the book the monster he was forced into it as. If he did what was right, and never saw her again, she would be safe.

But he couldn't do that.

Because he was selfish, a monster. Because a part of him had always been evil. Because he was going insane under her paper-thin bindings, a poor replacement for Rorek's iron-clad imprisonment spells. He had never met a girl like Raven before. So eager to learn, so easy to teach. So... enchanting. After so many years alone, it would have been enough for her to have been female. Yet instead of simply that, the first person to open his book in two hundred years was a woman he knew had to be his soul mate, if there was such a thing. Their meeting felt divine, engineered by the gods.

The decision was ripping apart what was left of his conscience. Malchior was, quite frankly, disgusted at his willingness to put her life in peril. She was a young woman with so much ahead of her, yet he couldn't help feeling entitled to the chance to love her again. He couldn't stop thinking about her, day and night without the sleep the living were blessed with, straining to hear her move about her room. Wishing he was strong enough to resist the urge to dismember her once he became free.

It drove him even madder as the days wore on after his release and it took all his strength not to escape the book the first few nights after. But, listening to her sobs, Malchior resolved to wait until she had calmed down. He wouldn't be able to handle her terrified face if he moved on his plan too quickly. He put the deadline at five years from the date a week after she had sealed him back in the book. Five years, and he would come for her with every intention of appearing to her as a man and sweeping her up in his arms. Five years to mentally prepare himself to fight the very nature of magic and leave the book in the form he was born to.

There was a very real chance he would fail, and murder her in Dragon form before he had his mind together. Yet after seeing so much carnage in his life, often at his own hands in the later years, what was one final piece of hell? If he thought of his life as the storybook he'd presented it to Raven as initially, either ending seemed right. In the ending he wished for desperately, he was rewarded for centuries of torture in this hell-hole Rorek banished him to with the perfect woman. In the ending that was most likely, their story would become just like every other great tragedy.

If it happened, if he murdered the last person on earth he wished to harm, he would treat her with respect. Bury her, leave her friends be if they were, by some miracle, unharmed. After that, he did not know. Perhaps kill himself. From his books he knew this world was not the one he'd left behind, and even the thought of Raven's death filled him with guilt.

It was the only plan Malchior could make, for the likelihood of him emerging from the book after five years as a man was too minuscule to hope for. He'd done the unthinkable before, had become a feared and powerful Dragon after all, despite humble beginnings. But that wasn't bending the very laws of magic.

Malchior sighed without a sound and tried to go back to reading his book on the Wall Street situation. Nowadays, books could not hold his attention for very long. The economic jargon blurred before his eyes and he closed his eyes, picturing that silken curtain of violet hair obscuring those unfathomable violet eyes as Raven went about her day.

She had loved him so much. He had made her feel special, wanted even. She had felt like he was uncovering her potential with every compliment, every spell they weaved together, the way an archaeologist gently brushes at a fossil to get rid of the dirt. Malchior was charming, better than anything she'd ever boldly dreamt about becoming hers. But then so was Cyborg, to a lessor degree.

And both had betrayed her.

At least Malchior had ripped the band-aid off quickly. Cyborg had taken a few years before he'd decided to pull the end away. He had done it gradually, so slowly she had barely noticed, her empathy all tied up in love. Love for Cyborg, love for her friends, love for life. Trigon's downfall had left Raven to blissfully wallow in her feelings, clogging up her ability to sense the emotions of others. If she had, she would have known what was coming. She would have felt Robin's awkward unease, Beastboy's suspicion and then muted happiness for his best friend, Starfire's ignorance and then her bitter-sweet reaction. Most of all she would have felt Cyborg's enormous regret for starting their relationship in the first place, coupled with hope they could make it out of this as they had entered; brother and sister, the best of friends. More important than anything else, she would have felt his love for that pink-haired criminal.

Jinx. The source of all her troubles. Well, not all, but for the last seven months…

That stupid whore ruined every thing Raven had worked hard for. Her control, her power, her standing in the team and her 'wonderful' two-year relationship with Cyborg. At least she had thought it was wonderful. Obviously not wonderful enough, not for anyone but her. But how was Raven to know? Up until her father's death she had not been able to laugh for fear or killing those around her, and suddenly she was thrown into a situation where she could do all those things if she only learnt how. No one else had censored their emotions from birth, so she had the experience of an infant when it came to understanding her own feelings, let alone everyone else's. How was she to know that simple pleasures, like the feeling of comfort, were not enough for other people?

By the time she realised what was going on, it was too late. Cyborg was already gone and the rest of the team supported his happiness one hundred per cent, just as she expected them too. Which still didn't stop it hurting when Robin inducted Jinx as a full-time member of the Titan's days after he caved in and told Raven what was going on, since Cyborg hadn't the guts to break up with her himself. What infuriated Raven more than what she felt was a blatant disregard for her feelings, was Robin's decision to team up with a known "ex" criminal. Jinx's powers were of bad luck, for Azar's sake! Did they really need that in their home?

Of course they did.

Because everyone just loved Jinx. It was like Terra got re-incarnated . She loved to go shopping with Starfire, and train with Robin as much as possible, and play video games all night long. And she was fucking Cyborg, so that was that. One day Jinx was there, standing where Raven had once stood. Only she did a better job of it, without the crippled emotions and all.

Raven's standing in the team had changed. She had lost her respect and become the lonely, twisted, bitter one. More so than she had ever been before. Now she was to be avoided, the one who made meals awkward with her presence. If she walked into the room the conversations stopped. Not that Robin, Starfire and Beastboy didn't try and help her out. They invited her for Pizza whenever Cyborg and Jinx went out on a date but she often declined. She could feel their guilt. It wasn't their fault Jinx was simply more fun to be around. After a few months spent almost exclusively in her room, Robin had asked her if she wanted help. As in, psychologically.

Of course she did, but what therapist in the world was equipped to handle her daddy issues? Or her Dragon issues, or her part-man, part-machine, part-asshole issues? She declined and made an effort to appear okay that wasn't fooling anyone.

She was feeling lost, and seeing the catalyst for her relationship's deterioration every time she ventured outside her room wasn't helping. The demon inside was struggling with Jinx being so close to her everyday, and everyone once in a while she would loosen her bindings so a little more of her seeped into Raven. A defence mechanism.

One she didn't know she had until Robin had told her about Cyborg's betrayal. Cyborg was so mad at him for telling, but Raven was truley grateful. He had spared her uncountable weeks of embarrassment. That very morning she had bounded up to Cyborg in her post-daddy-apocolipse dream-like state and kissed him, telling him, in the most perky way she could manage (which meant she had an ironic smile on her face), that she had been accepted for a job. Saying things like "You've got a working girlfriend," and "Now I'm bringing home the bacon". The memory made her cringe. The entire team had known by that point. Cyborg had been out with Jinx the night before, and Raven would bet all her money that he had already been sleeping with Jinx by then.

Raven didn't do sex.

So Robin had caught her after she came home from her first shift, before she went into Cyborgs room to say her ritual goodnight. He'd sat her down at the kitchen breakfast bar, where she was now, to say something important. That Cyborg was in love with Jinx. Raven took it pretty well at that point, thinking he must be mistaken. That would be a betrayal and we were talking about Cyborg here! Raven's Cyborg. Not hers. Ravens.

So she went to find him. And she did. Only he and Jinx were on his bed, saying their own version of goodnight. She wanted to kill Jinx so badly then. In fact, she almost did, pinning her up against the wall and practically inhaling her blood until her head was dizzy and full of smoke. She was going to slit her stomach open with the claws she never knew she had, and then she was going to watch as that pathetic little heart beat slower and slower in that tiny chest of hers, while the blood pumped out over the carpet. And then Raven was going to use it to paint a pretty mural on Cyborg's wall, to remind him of it later.

Like the ticking time bomb of a lunatic they all knew she was.

But she'd forgotten all about Cyborg standing behind her and before she could hurt his precious Jinx she'd been pushed out the door. He had seen the intent in her eyes, and knew she had to snapped out of it. At the time she was only half glad he did. But now she was immensely so. If in that moment she had allowed Jinx to make her snap and go back on what she had sworn to fight against, Raven would never have forgiven the disgusting creature she was.

To this day Jinx was still weary of Raven. No matter how long their relationship lasted, Raven doubted she'd ever be able to forgive them. If the opportunity arose she didn't know if she would even get rid of Jinx. The team liked her and truth be told she was a help in missions. And as far as Raven knew, she hasn't said a bad word about her to anyone and mercifully she nor Cyborg mentioned her lapse of control to Robin.

But Raven still hated her for driving the wedge between Cyborg and her. She wished wholeheartedly they had never gotten together in the first place, and was sure he felt the same.

Her pride rested on not being pushed around, not being what her father intended; a thing, a door. So she never talked to either of them, and pretended they don't exist as much as possible. Whenever she is forced to acknowledge them, she does it with with coldest look possible in an effort to convey all the hatred and hurt they made, and still make, her feel inside.

So now they sit, called for a meeting by the bringer of bad news, in the common room. Robin was looking more forlorn than usual, commanding all their attention for once.

"The chief of police just called." he began slowly, only to be interrupted by Beastboy in his usual fashion.

"Dude! The police never talk to us!" he exclaimed from beside Raven. Jinx nodded in agreement, stupid pigtails bobbing in a way some would call adorable, but Raven called asking for a beheading.

"Usually they pretend we don't exist" she added, still nodding her head. After seven months out in the open, Cyborg and Jinx had moved past trying not to rub the entire thing in Raven's face to not giving a damn, so Jinx was sitting in his lap. Raven glared at them though they couldn't see her. Her hood was obscuring the top half of her stormy face. She was sure they felt it though.

"What is it?" She cut in. They were right- the police only ever called when they needed their help. Robin's head tilted slightly so it faced her. His eyes looked tired, even that much was clear behind the mask. When he spoke, his voice was low and sombre.

"The police got called to a disturbance at the docks last night. It wasn't an emergency call, and they were under-staffed so they didn't have the man power to check it out until this morning. When they got there they found a bunch of dead bodies,"

Everyone was silent, the wonder at the police calling fading, but the wonder at why they would need their help in a murder case increasing. They just didn't deal with that side of the crime world. They wern't equipped for it.

Robin sighed.

"There was a lot of…occult stuff around them. It was unusual." Raven froze.

It couldn't be real magic. There was no one in Jump that had that kind of knowledge. She calmed herself, blowing a breath of stale air out of her mouth. The police would not recognise real cultist signs or rituals. Some crazy person had probably snapped and drawn a pentagram in the blood. Still, her stomach lurched at the thought of someone killing innocents. People who had families, friends. She shuddered inwardly and waited for Robin to continue.

"They want us to come in and check it out. They thought, and so do I, that Raven and Jinx would be able to help. They also thought we might recognise some of the things they left behind." Robin finished, with the air of someone who was very relieved to stop talking.

"They think it was a villain we know?" Raven asked incredulously.

That was another impossibility. The only person they had ever faced who was a regular in Jump and had the sadistic tendencies needed for killing someone was Slade. And he had never showed interest of any kind towards magic, bar the time he worked for her father. And even so, they hadn't seen him in a long time. No, this was likely someone new. The thought chilled her blood.

Robin shook his head, but not in a way that said no.

"I have no idea Raven, but I think the rest of us should come even if it has nothing to do with any of our usuals. I don't want you two to have to see that alone." he said sombrely, ignoring the fact she would never go anywhere alone with Jinx anyway

"Actually I have really got no idea about cults or anything." Jinx put in. Raven ignored her and sunk back into her thoughts.

Someone new must have come on the jump scene lately. Robin made it sound like they knew what they were doing. But he couldn't be very sure. How many people? How many was a bunch? More than two, that was a couple. A few was three. But a bunch? Seven? Four? And why? From the sounds of it, they had left a message. But for who? It was a possibility the killers had known the Titan's would be called in, so they'd intended for them to see it. The kind of person who would slaughter a group of people just to send a message didn't bear thinking about.


"Huh?" she flicked her head back round to Robin, who was staring at her with a concerned expression on his tired face.

"Are you ready to go now?" Beastboy asked shakily. The idea of going to see carcasses scared him. Sure, it shook her up a little, made her angry and overwhelmed her empathy with strange feelings that she couldn't tell were hers or not. It shook her up a lot, if there was someone feeling strongly about it near her. She could burst out into tears, now that she was free from her father and the need to quell emotion, because someone close was grieving. But it would be one of the first they would have seen in there lives. And even Robin, who she knew had seen death from the connection in their minds, would be messed up a little while afterwards. It would probably remind him.

"I just need to collect a few things." she said emptily. Raven was dreading this. She slipped off the seat and floated through the wall and into the hallway. It was less crowded than the lounge obviously, but it wasn't the space from her team mates that she craved. It was the space from their minds. Space was a different matter for her than other people. For everyone else, it was external. For Raven it was in the air. The air in the hallway was devoid from other peoples feelings. Robin's constant attractions to Starfire were always weighing heavily on her mind. Every time they were in the same room together she would feel this intense longing to go over and touch her alien friend. It had really freaked her out until she could pinpoint the source as Robin and learn how to shut it out a little.

Back there the air was thick with dread and worry. No one really wanted to go down to the docks and examine them. But they didn't have to, Raven did. She fazed into her bedroom and looked around. Her bed was still unmade, twisted sheets from her tossing last night. She had dreamed of a room, but couldn't remember any of the details.

She walked over to the far wall and undid the concealing spell cast over the hidden room there. It was more like a large closet, joining to her room through an archway even she couldn't see with the spell in effect. To the untrained eye, it looked and felt like her wall. Her spell was one of the strongest she had ever come across, possibly due to the driving force that possessed her when she made it. If anyone ever found these items…

She swept her eyes over the room, taking an unconscious inventory of the contraband. Her cursed jewellery; caged in a sort of Pandora's box. Her collection of weaponry; made of pure silver with a coating of gold dust, specifically designed for her use. The chest which held Malchior's book; chained and reinforced by many of her overlapping spells. Her expansive stores of ingredients; most of it perfectly legal in mystic law, but some items considered rare, dark and positively noxious. Azar had gifted her most of the jewellery, all of the weaponry and the latter of the potion ingredients. Raven had never wanted these things from her but it would have been an insult to Azar's memory to simply refuse them or chuck them away, at least in her culture. If it was found her demon ties would become known and it could be easily assumed she was doing wrong with them. The jewellery she had yet to look fully through- She had stopped straight away when she spotted the prayer beads- and doubted she would ever finish.

She pulled a handful of tiny vials from the ingredients, a small dagger from the weaponry and a pouch full of holy water and placed them carefully in a small leather bag. She hoped that would be all she needed and gladly left the room, reactivating the spell as she went. The plaster and dove grey paint melted back into view, as if the secret room had been a terrible mirage. Clutching the bag protectively like someone was going to jump out and steal it, Raven teleported back into the kitchen. Starfire and Robin were the only ones in there and she felt like she had interrupted something private. They were sitting next to each other very closely, eyes staring into the other's. Robin's were searching for something, and Starfire's were trying to reassure him. Raven didn't get all this from the looks they were sending each other- the feelings seeping from their pores helped as well.

"Ahem." she coughed innocently. It was better to be light and positive while they still could. Robin jumped but Starfire turned to face her, a big smile plastered on her beautiful features like it always was. This was why Raven didn't want her to come.

"Eh, Hi. Raven." Robin said slowly. Each of his hands were placed flat down on his thighs. The stiffness was an indication of his nerves.

"Are you prepared for our investigation?" Starfire asked cheerily. Robins masked face fell.

"Yes, but I don't think you should go." Raven replied, letting a little emotion swell her voice so Starfire would know how strongly she felt. Instead of looking confused, Starfire turned angry. It was almost like watching a child really, except Starfire was much stronger than your average angry schoolgirl.

"Not you as well friend Raven! Why must I be aside? I am part of the team, yes?" she demanded, in the sweet way Starfire could.

But there was a very important reason she couldn't come along. Chances were, they were going to be seeing some very upsetting things today, and Starfire was the only one among them who had yet to see a dead body, and still possessed total innocence. The others, except for Jinx whom Raven had no idea about, had all had some terrible tragedy lead them to becoming a Titan. Starfire was just here. Someone like Starfire, who thought the best of everyone, wouldn't recover from witnessing violence like this. In short, if she went, she wouldn't come back the same.

"Its not that your not part of the team Star, it's just that we don't want you to see it." Robin half-yelled, slapping his hands on the bench in frustration. Raven could see they'd had this conversation already.

"But why is that Robin?" Starfire asked angrily.

"Because it is very likely these people would have been hurt very badly and we don't want you to be disturbed by seeing it." Raven answered for him. Starfire turned to her.

"But what if you get disturbed by seeing it, Raven?" she asked, much less angry now she knew they didn't think she was incapable.

"I've seen these things before, Starfire, it won't affect me that badly. And besides I have to go. I have to find out what the signs mean. You don't have to be there." She also didn't want Beastboy to go, but he was probably more equipped for this than she was. Starfire brightened immediately.

"But I will go to support you Raven! It is what girlfriends do!" she smiled. Raven was sure her magazines hadn't said If your friend is going to the scene of a multiple homicide, go with her! It will be a great bonding experience.

"Starfire-" Robin began wearily.

"No Robin. It is my duty to be there for my friends." she declared, with a hint of steel in her big emerald eyes. Robin and Raven shared a look of fear, frustration and concern. No one would be able to stop Starfire now she had got it in her head that she would be supporting Raven through something difficult. Raven faltered.

"Fine, lets go." she said dejectedly. They both slid off their seats to join her in heading swiftly to the garage, Robin walking slower than Starfire and her, sulking. Not that Raven was happy either. No matter how much she complained about Starfire's naivety, it was what she loved about her friend the most.

"All right titans," Robin addressed the whole group, pulling his motorcycle helmet from a shelf. "We might have to see some pretty gruesome stuff out there so I just want to tell you none," he paused and looked piercingly at Starfire, who was already belted into the T-car beside Beastboy. She smiled dazzlingly back at him, but for once, he didn't melt. "of you have to come today. You can sit this one out."

His efforts were useless, she opened her empathy up as wide as it could go and found everyone determined. It was almost painful to use her empathy purposefully. Suddenly she was filled with a twitching to get going, like someone had shot her with adrenaline. A headache started to form at the base of her skull for her efforts. Feelings seeped out of people, from the very pores on their skin, like paint fumes. If there were strong emotions around her, it felt noxious. Funerals made her pass out unless she concentrated on her thoughts alone, even if they were just passing one in the car.

She let her senses draw back on themselves, and the feeling siphoned away like water, taking her headache with them. Soon, her own emotions were the only ones she could feel. Cold, dreaded anticipation and curiosity mingled in her chest.

"We'll be fine!" Beastboy said, trying to sound reassuring.

"Yeah man. Lets go and get this over with." Cyborg said quietly. Robin's mouth formed a hard line, but he nodded fiercely and dropped his helmet on. Raven slid into the t-car, still clutching the bag, and did her belt up. Cyborg jumped into the driving seat and Jinx skipped in gracefully, taking Raven's old spot in the front seat. Stupid, pink-haired, no-good -

"Titans move out!" Robin roared, and kicked his R-cycle to life. He revved it expertly and rode out of the garage, eyes road-bound. Cyborg nodded, to himself, and started the engine.

"Lets go Baby!" he muttered coaxingly and made a swerving turn to swing the body round and follow Robin out onto the road that connected us to Jump.

"I thought I was your baby." Jinx laughed from her seat. Raven rolled her eyes and released her grip on the bag to pull it out and survey its contents.

The dagger Raven actually liked. It was made especially for her, the gold for the Demon, the silver for the human. It worked with her magic. She don't know what would happen of anyone else tried to use it. It was... pretty as well, she guessed. Perfectly polished, its gold coating luminescent. It was short but tapered into a needle point at the very end, almost half its length taken up by the diamond encrusted hilt. The diamonds made a ruin sign, the sigil for peace. It was always sharp, no matter what. She picked it up and weighed it on her finger. It balanced there as if responding to her will.

"Oh!" Starfires eyes bulged when she saw it.

"What Star?" Cyborg asked, his eyes trained on the road before him.

"Jeez Raven! What are you planning to do with that thing!" Beastboy exclaimed, leaning forward to see past Starfire. Jinx flicked her head round to see what they were on about, and her eyes widened significantly.

"It's a knife." Raven said dryly.

"Its one heck of a knife." Beastboy corrected her.

"It was a present from my mentor on Azarath. Its my favourite knife." she explained with a small smile playing on her lips. In the years since Trigon, she'd gotten used to the feeling of her lips curving upwards, but it still felt a little uncomfortable. Cyborg laughed nervously from the front, causing Beastboy to fall into his own pearls of laughter. She tilted the blade so it caught the light.

"It is very Beautiful Raven." Starfire breathed beside her. They pulled up at the docks ten minutes later to greet the salty sea air. The kind you could taste because it was so potent. The police and crime scene investigators had erected a large white tent next to the rusty old warehouse, covering the carnage. The gulls were hanging around, and it dampened the mood a bit to think they were here to feed. Robin pulled off his helmet and set it on the seat of his R-cycle, his hair still suspiciously in place. Raven wondered where he hid the huge vat of hair gel he just had to have to keep it that way.

He walked up to a weary and sick looking balding man in uniform with a shiny police badge and a clipboard.

"Chief Dane?" he asked. The man sighed and shook his head, pointing to the door of the tent. Robin walked and his team followed, each step leading them closer to death, literally. The thought weighed ominously in Raven's mind. "Chief Dane?" Robin asked.

"Yes." he answered gruffly, as if he didn't want anyone to hear. The Chief was tall and muscled, with a black moustache and in his mid-thirty's.

"Robin, of the Teen Titans." he stuck out his hand, and the chief eyed it suspiciously. Finally he took it in his own, for as short a time as possible.

"Look kid, if your team aren't able to handle it, don't take them in. I've already had two grown men that had to be sent home, crying and throwing up." he finished, frowning at the nerve of some people, being upset by murder.

"I don't know about the others, but I'm fine. When can we go in?" Raven cut in, wanting it over with. He stared at her for moment, considering. She waited impatiently, tapping her foot on the damp and soggy ground. Finally he sighed.

"If you're so eager, head in now. But don't touch anything! I've got photographers in their collecting evidence, so don't get in any of their shots." he grumbled, a man who clearly had no other choice than to let them in, since he was the one to make the call. For once, the Titans hadn't meddled in the police force's affairs. They police had meddled in theirs. The thought almost made her want to laugh. Robin nodded professionally and held the tent flap open. They filed in, Raven at the lead.

Oh my god! What's inside the tent? What horrific R-16 scene has besmirched the sacred wooden planks of upper Jump city's shipping docks that would make an unhappy and unwilling Chief Dane to call on his mortal enemies, the Teen Titans?

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