First-Name Basis

By: Pointy_Objects

It started out as an accident.

It continued out of habit.

Breakfast was never easy. Ever.

Oatmeal was everywhere. On the windows. On her. On Helga.

But more than eating, Miriam was concerned with what was coming out of Helga's mouth.

"Say it…say 'Mommy'…" she cooed.

"Mmm-" Helga began, pressing her tiny lips together.

"That's it, honey. Mommy."


"Miriam!" came a voice from upstairs.

Helga stopped, looked at her mother and smiled slowly, revealing barely formed white teeth. Miriam began shaking head. "No…say Mom-"

"Miriam?" Helga asked. "Miriam!" She repeated the name for the rest of breakfast.

"Close enough…"

This was supposed to be a bit…sappier than it is. My mom and I were talking, and she said that she always wondered why Helga always called Miriam by her first name (except on a few occasions), so concocted this little story. And I can't stand writing 'baby talk', so, just imagine Helga with a little baby's voice and pronouncing stuff wrong. I thought of it as I was listening to this song from the Rugrats movie, by Cyndi Lauper. Totally tear-jerking. Anyway, enjoy!