A/N: A poem about Captain Jack and how he figures his mind works.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean or any recognizable characters. I make no profit.

Come Marvel at My Twisted Mind

Come marvel at my twisted mind

It confuses people so

I say many things that contradict

And so my IQ seems low

But contrary to popular belief

I am as smart any man

Much smarter than the other pirates

I always have a plan

Escape is easy if you know the trick

Don't hide under the ladies hem

Use the oldest trick in a woman's' book

If you can't convince them you confuse them

This does not make me a coward

I never run from a fight

I'm as manly as the other sea dogs

I never show any fright

My wits keep me protected

I can hide them in a flash

Bring them out when I'm in need of them

Help me find that hidden cash

But smarts don't earn you family

They don't earn you friends and love

They help you escape all the dangers

Fly away like a sparrow or dove

But sometimes your knowledge can save your friends

And sometimes no matter how hard you try

Saving them or not

Usually involves some kind of lie

Cleverly they're crafted

Can be twisted either way

Always lets you and those you choose

Escape for another day

So my intelligence I'll keep thanks lads

An advantage I will boast

I'll save my friends and family

I'll speak their wedding toast

And as they set off not as two but one

I'll put my hat on my head and my coat on my back

My wits will carry me forward

For I'm the Sparrow – Captain Jack.


A Thank-you: Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Special thanks to my sister, I suppose I dedicate this to you =]