Just the Usual

An attempt on Tokyo Majin

Hinted Kyouichi x Komaki

Disclaimer: The authoress doesn't own Tokyo Majin. Yeah...disclaimer. If I were the one who made this, I would definitely put Daigo x Komaki x Kyouichi love triangle.

A heated discussion between a pair of teenagers. Some would argue that the two bickering fellow looked like an old married couple but contrary to their opinions, they are just friends who hated each others' guts.

It was tiring listening to the two mock, tease and glare one another. Tatsuma Hiyuu, the reasonable one who loves strawberry milk, tried to interject. Unfortunately for him, he was mercilessly silence by the deadly glares the two arguing friends threw at him. He just sighed and looked at one of his companions, the beautiful Aoi Misato...the topic of the bickering pair.

Aoi looked at the two worried. She needed to distract them.

"OH! Look Kyouichi! Komaki! The sun is setting down! Isn't it beautiful?" Aoi smiled her best, seemingly distracting the two by her awe-striking form.

"Yes, Aoi-sama." Hisui, now dubbed Emo guy by the authoress, said while staring at the sky.

"Yeah. It's nice..." Tatsuma leaned back comfortingly on the soft grass while the biggest of our gang, Daigo, nodded appreciatively and stared lovingly at his Sakurai...

"Yeah..." the words fell from Kyouichi and Komaki's lips at the same time, looking at the changing and dimming sky.

Peace at last...or NOT.

Komaki relaxed her arguing stance and craned her head upward to gaze at the appearing stars better. Upon seeing her slacking form, Kyouichi moved closer. Out of the corner of her eyes, Komaki saw his movements and got ready to retaliate if anything happens, never expecting the evil hands aiming for her cheeks. Stretch...

"You snooze you lose, Tomboy." Standing up quickly, the gangster leader lazily strolled to sit next the smiling Tatsuma Hiyuu.

"You'll pay for that, gangster boy!" Komaki tried to claw at the grinning Kyouichi's face but can't because of the huge bulk of her admirer, Daigo, blocking her way.

"Sakurai. Calm down."

Aoi sighed dramatically and muttered, "Those two will never change..."

Emo ninja man shook his head in agreement. "You are right, Aoi-sama."

Amidst all the yelling from the two, Tatsuma laughed internally. What a weird couple...

Note: I just like the Koma-Kyou tandem, may it be romantic, platonic, friendly or brother/sister relationship. They bicker like an old married couple. Tee-hee!

All errors are mine and I blamed spelling errors on WordPad, which is the application I used in making this. My Microsoft Word got deleted...curses.