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It would have been a peaceful afternoon on the old airship as it hummed through the sky. Well, it would have been if a squirrelly blond man wasn't gulping loudly – and hiding pressed up against the wall, sweat was beading down his face.

"I'm going to kill him!" a raging snarl flitted through the metal corridor.

The blond man gulped, pressing himself against the cool metal surface. Suddenly there was a screech – as one of his supposed friends ratted him out – the little blue mammal crawled up and rested on his shoulder, digging his claws into the muscle almost painfully. He glowered at the sky blue painted monkey, pushing the creature off his shoulders, ignoring the squeaks of protest. Deciding that he had to face his fate.

Determined to annoy, the blue creature jumped back onto the blonds shoulder, tail brushing against his back. His ears pricked up at the nearby sound, but then flattened again as he smelt the furious female growling down the corridor. Amber eyes smouldered like the dying embers of a fire – he knew that she was furious. Speedy footsteps followed her down the corridor, clamping softly on the metal – the blond breathed a sigh of relief – at least he was partly saved.

"Let me at him!" there was a strangled yell and the chocolate skinned woman almost threw herself at the blond man. "You are in serious trouble!" she growled low and dangerous in her throat, and the blond could see that she would snap any second. He backed against the wall.

"Now Piper… calm down… be reasonable…" he stuttered, hands in front of his face for protection.

"Be reasonable?" she questioned him. "Reasonable?" her voice was rising with every word. "I've been working on that crystal for weeks Finn! Weeks!" her fists where shaking in an effort to control her anger.

"It was just a crystal," he paused and thought up the obvious solution. "Can't you make another one?"

If the young woman had been in a better mood she would have rolled her eyes and faced the music – but the thing was, she wasn't. "Make another one?" she repeated. "Another one?" Finn flinched - away from the accusing finger. "You realise what power that crystal held? It could have wiped out a whole fleet of Talons in one go! It could have repaired damaged crystals, even turn back time! It was powerful… probably too powerful… but you wouldn't listen to that would you Finn?"

"Just because I was in the room at the time doesn't mean to say that I broke it!" Finn exclaimed tactlessly. This emitted another furious growl from the midnight haired woman.

"Yeah, Finn, I'll take your word for it… just because you were in the room at the time and the crystal seemed to magically to shatter."

The blond man nodded – and that was the wrong thing to do.

The dark skinned woman let out a furious yell and launched herself at him, hands and nails outstretched ready to attack. Yelping in surprise the blond scrambled back against the wall, looking for any means of escape – but finding himself as trapped as a mouse.

"I promised that I would kill you Finn!" she swore. "And I will!" She practically threw herself at him again, almost slamming him against the wall, trying to rip his hair out and pull his eyes from his sockets. The blond was whimpering against the wall.

"Please be a nightmare," he whimpered. "Please be a horrible, horrible nightmare. Pipers PDSMing to bad… Please, please, please, be a horrible, horrible nightmare. I wanna wake up. Can I wake up now?" he opened his eyes a fraction – only to see the enraged woman catapulting herself towards him – and let out a ludicrously girly scream. "I NEVER GOT LAID!!!"

And then it all stopped.

Somewhere in a dark cave a teen rolled over restlessly in his sleep – the tight sleeping bag impairing any movement that he tried to make. There was a grunt and the thing that he was leaning on shuffled over to the side. The surrounding cave walls dampened a soft thud as the teen's head collided with the stone cold floor. Another grunt signalled that his other male companion was awake. He rolled over; the sore-headed teen could see that he was in trouble.

"Shhh!" the shorter one of the two hissed. "You wake the girls!"

"You'd be complaining if you're head had just hit the floor!"

"Just shush!" the other voice cut off the insistent moaning with more authority.

"Fine!" the deeper voice grumbled. "Next time some weird lady's trying to claw your eyes out with her nails don't come running to me…"

"Just go to sleep!" the slightly higher voice ordered, not really wanting to listen to his friends dreams – or complaints.


"Good! See you in the morning!" But his reply fell on deaf ears – as the receivers deep snores already rumbled through the cave.

Rolling his eyes in the darkness, the teen settled back down into his warm sleeping bag. Quietly murmuring, "Why do I even bother?" Before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

Piper's nails where inches from his eyes, only made by a larger gap as Finn had pressed himself further up against the wall, silently thanking the man who was holding the woman back gently by the shoulders. Finn breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks mate, he mouthed silently.

"Finn I can lip read!" the young woman snapped. Finn gulped, his leader didn't look too happy either.

"Finn why did you break it?" the red head asked quietly.

"Just because I was in the room at the time it shattered doesn't mean that I broke it!" he snapped at the squadron leader.

"And you've used that excuse twice now Finn!" the tangerine eyed woman replied, shaking her head in disbelief.

"I swear!" he snapped, his hands which had been up in front of his face for protection were now crossed across his chest. "It just flipped! I swear!"

Piper blew a piece of hair out of her face in defeat, but still carried on with the interrogation. "And why where you in my room anyway?"

Finn's crystal blue gaze met with the floor. "Well you keep goin' off the whack lately and I wondered if there was somethin' in your room that was makin' you go off the whack…" the mumbled excuse was as good as anything.

"What do you mean I've been "goin' off the whack?"" she repeated slowly, Finn looked up.

"Y'know… like off the deep end… drivin' everybody up the wall…" behind Piper's back her long-term boyfriend was swiping a hand across his neck, meaning for him to stop. Finn kept going on with metaphors trying to explain what he meant.

"I know what you mean Finn!" she snapped at his bumbling tirade. "Just please stop!"

"Okay…" he drew out slowly, confused by the suddenly change of emotions that had struck upon the young navigator. She pinched the bridge of her nose to stop the overwhelming headache.

"Sorry Finn…" she apologised.

Finn blinked. "HUH?" Completely and utterly confused, as well as the other members of the team. Only a thin, sickly looking male seemed to know what was happening.

"I know what it is," the merb replied, almost snaking up towards her, and looking her in the eyes. "Mind Fever…"

"What?" the rest of them replied – confused – but still used to his rambles about how the world was going to end in the next five seconds.

"Definite mood swings… headaches… and a horrible horrible rash…" everybody looked at him with raised eyebrows.

Piper sighed. "No Stork, I doubt it's Mind Fever…" her hand moving to her temples to try and rub off the oncoming headache. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. Turning she saw her slightly smirking boyfriend. "Go and have a rest… and I doubt Finn would be able to break that crystal on his own," Finn nodded in agreement. "He's just not got the mind power…" Finn nodded in again agreement, and then realised what Aerrow had just explained.

"Hey!" he replied playfully. "You all know that at times I can be smarter than Piper!"

"Yeah that will be the day…" the merb rolled his milky white eyes.

"Yes Finn… sure you can…" Aerrow patted him sarcastically on the shoulder.

"I'm going to have a rest…" Piper pecked her boyfriend on the cheek and wandered off down the corridor, one hand resting on the wall to keep herself steady. Aerrow's green eyes gazed after her longingly, and Finn rolled his.

"Look go after her if you really want to…" he told his best friend. "It's really not that big a deal, we all know what's been goin' on between you…"

"And so does half the Atmos," he groaned. Ever since someone had gotten the word around that Piper and Aerrow had been dating it seemed like nobody wanted to give either of them a moments peace. Aerrow stretched. "Ever since well… ever… nobody wants to leave us alone… especially him."

Finn snorted as they started to walk down to be bridge together. "I'm telling you, that man is gonna get what's comin' to him…"

"I damn well hope so,"

They entered the bridge. Afternoon sunlight streaked through the windows, casting shadows along the walls. A large bulky rhinoceros like male sat with his feet sprawled out across the table. The blond sneaked up behind him and grabbed his large muscular shoulders. The dosing wallop yelped and almost jumped a foot high in the air. A small smile graced the young Sky Knights lips as Junko launched himself at Finn and started to play fight. Somehow watching these two play fight took a weight off his shoulders. Turning on his heel he realised he needed to look after something more important…

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