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Rat and Cabbit - 'Sometimes I forget where I end and you begin...'

#01 - Comfort

There is one person in the entire world who can truly comfort Natusme when his mood blackens – you know the way – and even Mikan Sakura is of no use; just one person who can say and do the right things to coax him back out into the daylight: Ruka.

#02 - Kiss

He didn't do it, he never meant to actually… kiss him, or to do it like that… well, maybe he meant it, but he hadn't meant to act onit; damnation forever be on Ruka Nogi's inability to hold his drink.

#03 - Soft

Ruka is, and always will be, the softest boy Natsume had ever known in his life; whether it be a bird with a broken wing or a friend with a broken heart – he is incapable of keeping a dry eye when a living creature is suffering before him.

#04 - Pain

He wishes – when Natsume tosses and turns in his sleep, groaning and twitching through his Alice-induced spasms – that he could take on even just a fraction of Natsume's pain, and ease that dreadful burden just a little... if he could he would take it all.

#05 - Potatoes

Ruka is a farm boy at heart, and Natsume remembers this as he comes across him digging for potatoes near the animal shed – a sweaty, well-toned, roughish farmboy… he knows he should not be thinking these thoughts.

#06 - Rain

Ruka welcomes the rain, because it hides the tears in his eyes as he welcomes Natsume back after yet another near-miss mission.

#07 - Chocolate

He doesn't have a sweet tooth, but when Ruka gave him chocolate on Valentine's Day, Natsume temporarily changed his mind.

#08 - Happiness

He wants not love, nor acceptance, not simple pleasures of the body from Natsume Hyuuga – Ruka desires just one thing for his friend and lover, and that is happiness.

#09 - Telephone

He remembers when they were young, and meeting up was as simple as calling each other's home phone and asking if Natsume/Ruka could come out and play; now it is a much more devious game when they want to get some time alone to 'play'.

#10 - Ears

Ruka has small, delicate ears, Natsume observes as he sleeps by his side one night: he also has bruised, bitten ears from when he gets too carried away sometimes.

#11 - Name

"Ruka," Natsume says softly as he holds Ruka's face in his hands, caught between kisses, and Ruka knows he will always take pleasure in the fact that he is the oneperson in Natsume's heart that he will always call by his name.

#12 - Sensual

He unbuttons his shirt slowly, and runs his fingers down the grooves and scars of his chest as it is unveiled; Ruka's fingertips are roughened, but the touch could not be more docile.

#13 - Death

Natsume knows it will claim him first – he knows that Ruka will outlive him, and possibly love again – but he swears, absolutely swears to himself, that he will be waiting for him on the other side, no matter what.

#14 - Sex

The first time hurt more than either of them could possible imagine; Ruka as he felt his body was going to tear apart, and Natsume from the shame of hurting his lover so deeply that he cried all the way through it.

#15 - Touch

But afterwards, when Natsume had pushed Ruka down and 'made it up to him', he wrapped his arms around him and would not let go; he wanted to apologise for doing this to him – for enjoying what had hurt him so much – but all Ruka needed was to feel Natsume's naked skin against his own.

#16 - Weakness

He hates that he is the weaker one in their relationship; he is the one who cries, he is the one who gives in and breaks down every single time; however, Natsume desperately wants to tell Ruka that he is wrong, that without him he is nothing, and really he is the weaker one.

#17 - Tears

When Mikan cries it is ordinary, he can simply ignore it, but when Ruka cries every fibre in Natsume's body screams to make him stop, to do anything, everything he can, just to make those tears stop flowing: he knows all too well that Ruka never cries for himself.

#18 - Speed

Ruka is capable of moving at incredible speeds at times – say, from being up to his ankles in cattle feed and heaving shovelfuls of it over his shoulder (as if it were no more than feathers) to having Natsume flat on his back on a bale of hay on the other side of the shed; he can do something like this in the time it takes to say 'Hey, what's up?'.

#19 - Wind

Grains of flak are carried away on the wind; where a bale of hay has been given a little more 'exercise' than it deserves, as two young men strip each other down and fuck like animals in the summery heat (ignoring the obvious irony of their location).

#20 - Freedom

One day, he hopes, they will be free: free from the Academy, and free to love without judgement.

#21 - Life

"You are the reason I am still alive," Natsume whispers sometimes, when the salt of their sweat airs dry on their skin, and Ruka presses his lips against the bitter taste thoughtfully – "No," he says sadly, "she is."

#22 - Jealousy

He knows it's foolish to assume he can have Natsume's heart to himself – even if he wants it so much it hurts – but Ruka cannot help that verdant demon that grips him by the throat whenever he remembers the girl he will always have to share even just a small part of him with.

#23 – Hands

They are both aware of how possessive the other can be – sometimes a simple hand on their leg, just that little higher than it should be, is all they need to be reminded: 'You're mine.'

#24 - Taste

It is not a taste that Ruka likes at first – ejaculate – but it grows on him over time (that's not the only thing that 'grows'), because it's a reminder of just what he can do to Natsume.

#25 - Devotion

Natsume has always loved it, though; right from the very first time he'd tasted and swallowed with all the devotion of a true lover.

#26 - Forever

Forever is a long word to use, but they say it because they believe it has the power to make itself come true – 'I'll love you forever', they promise, and hope that the self-fulfilling prophecy will make good on itself.

#27 - Blood

He sees the dark stains on his jumper, and sighs, "Oh Natsume," under his breath, and does his best to repair the damage; however, the blood soaks right through the bandages that night, and he cannot wake him in the morning.

#28 - Sickness

Ruka damn-well carries him to the medical ward – his heart beating fit to burst – 'Emergency!' he cries, bursting into the A&E… to hell with the fact that he's dressed in just his boxers and a dressing gown.

#29 - Melody

It is only the repetitive beep of a heart-rate monitor, but it is the only tune that can bend Ruka's ear for a good long while.

#30 - Star

They lie entwined on the rooftop, as they always have, staring up into the pollution-clouded Tokyo sky; searching out the few glittering stars that speckle their ensiling blanket – 'One day, we'll get out of here…'

#31 - Home

Their home is not this Academy, nor is it any of the various destinations they have both been shunted violently to and from before then; home is sleeping surrounded by his smell and being able to not care about where they are.

#32 - Confusion

They often wondered if they were gay, but considering they'd yet to be attracted to anyone but each other, they told themselves this was a special exception.

#33 - Fear

He waits, cold, in Natsume's room with the window open; he hopes, prays, begs that this is where he will come back, but he cannot stop the horrible feeling that maybe this time is going to be the one where he doesn't come back.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder

Natsume enjoys thunderstorms because he and Ruka can scream and make all the riotous noise they want during sex, and no one can hear over the drum of the rain and thunder,

#35 - Bonds

They have known each other almost as long as they can remember, and a life without the other one in it is no life at all, as far as they are concerned.

#36 - Market

Central town is bustling and busy on Market day, and no one notices if two boys slip down a side-alley with their hands frustratedly in each other's coats and tongues in one another's mouth.

#37 - Technology

Hotaru Imai is the bane of Ruka's life, and she is always inventing new devices to capture her prize picture – a snapshot of Natsume and Ruka together – 'Bishouen' she says, 'Fuck off', he replies.

#38 - Gift

It is Natsume's birthday, and Ruka worries himself sick trying to make sure his gift outdoes Mikan's; he knows full and well it's childish, petty and completely ridiculous, but part of him believes that if he can prove he knows Natsume just that little bit better, then maybe he'll love him that little bit more.

#39 - Smile

Natsume loves to see Ruka's real smile, the one that he never shows people - not that he takes any offense - because it's the smile he shows only when he's with his animals, and it lights up his entire face so much that Natsume can't help but adore it, even if it's not for him.

#40 - Innocence

Natsume holds himself entirely responsible for Ruka's innocence; he took it, he fucked it, and he turned it into a goddam nymphomaniac: it's only too bad he can't regret it, especially when Ruka's making him moan like that again.

#41 - Completion

Even though it hurt like a bitch, when he first let Ruka top (and we all know what that means) he couldn't help but feel completed by the feeling of having Ruka inside him... when he stopped swearing, that was.

#42 - Clouds

They cloudwatch by day, stargaze by night, and love each other between everything else.

#43 - Sky

'Ciel bleu', Ruka says once, staring up at the sky, and Natsume forgets to ask him what it means - he doesn't care, Ruka could say absolutely anything in his mother tongue and Natsume would be wooed: he loves it when he speaks French.

#44 - Heaven

11.37 - Natsume's lips are hot against his own and his hands are tight in Ruka's hair; he is here, he is safe, and there is more security and desperation in this embrace than they've ever felt before: Ruka waited up for him, again, and Natsume promises between kisses that he will always come back, so long as he's waiting.

#45 - Hell

11.34 - He is late and Ruka is scared, beyond scared, he is petrified, that this is going to be the time Natsume breaks his promise and doesn't return: it is a hell he has no power over, and an inferno only one person can save him from.

#46 - Sun

He is the sun, he is the light, he is the golden boy, smiling and laughing and making sure that there's no one who suffers, not if he can help it; he is also the centre of Natsume's universe, and at long last he knows it.

#47 - Moon

He is the moon; dark counterpart, silent beauty and lunar serenity: like that intestellar satellite, Natsume runs in cycles; full-moon fever, half-moon apathy, cresent-moon black moods (when he says so little) and then, at both the end and the beginning, the new-moon love.

#48 - Waves

But, like the waves and the tides under said moon, Ruka will always follow Natsume in anything he does.

#49 - Hair

He hugs Ruka once, when they are no older than thirteen, and Natsume cannot get over the smell of Ruka's hair - they use the same Academy-brand shampoo, but somehow he always smells faintly exotic, not sweet and girly, but good - perhaps reminescant of his european homeland - and somehow every-so-slightly of Natsume himself.

#50 - Supernova

This is it, they know as they tear at each other's clothes in the salicious madness that possesses them every night; this is me, they feel as they fuck, make love, have sex - whatever you want to call it - and they know that even though they're both guys it is right; this is love, they breathe as they collapse, spent, on top of each other and sleep until they are ready to do it all again; this is supernova, the all-encompassing light at the end of the tunnel, the end of all ends.

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