Summary: A mad story (an a pretty crappy one) about a strange brain changing weird as it sounds  (I don't own Galactik football sadly ) Contains swearing, if you review don't be mean 

What's that smell? Yuki thought worriedly as her nostrils caught the scent of a burning... something. Yuki rushed into the kitchen to see D'jok cooking a fried egg.

"D'jok what are you doing!?" She yelped as he absentmindly threw a lit match onto the oily pan.

"I'm cooking a fried egg" he replied in a friendly tone. "Asswipe" he added under his breath.

"Fried dead more like" laughed Micro-Ice who was sitting on the countertop, legs dangling. Yuki moved closer to look at the 'fried dead', a shrivelled black thing in the corner of the pan (currently on fire).

"D'jok you've absolutely wrecked that pan" she scolded.

D'jok scowled. "I made it for Mei"

"Why would Mei enjoy a fried dead?" She spluttered.

"D'jok says it represents Mei's shrivelled heart" Micro-Ice explained.

"What?" Yuki turned from Micro-Ice to look at D'jok, a large tear plopped into the pan causing it to fizz. "Have you and Mei split up?"

"What? No..."

"He just doesn't like her is all" Micro-Ice shrugged as he leapt down off the countertop. Yuki was confused. "I'm confused" she admitted.

"You'll never understand" D'jok said through clenched teeth. "I think it's ready now don't you Micro-Ice?"

Micro-Ice peered over his best friend's shoulder.

"Yeah that looks pretty ready" he agreed.

"I doubt Mei will eat that" Yuki sighed at their silliness.

"Shut up, Poe face, we're not gonna make her eat it!" D'jok snarled.

"I don't understand!" Yuki wailed.

"Then just follow" declared Micro-Ice as he led the way out of the kitchen. D'jok followed holding the frying pan, Yuki considered a moment but her curiosity got the better of her and she rushed after her two team mates. Micro-Ice soon stopped outside of Mei's room. "C'mon" he whispered pushing the door's button, the door slid open and Micro-Ice and D'jok rushed in giggling loudly.

"Ooh quickly, quickly!" Micro-Ice screeched as D'jok placed the fried dead on Mei's slimy pillow

Okay first chapter's not that good i know 