Summary: A series of drabbles revolving around Shino and TenTen while they're on a diplomatic mission together.

(In this fic they've just started out from Konoha and are camping on their way to their destination)

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She talks in her sleep.

Its only four days into their long mission but he's already started to wish he'd brought earplugs. Mostly it's barely discernable gibberish that passes her lips but he finds himself straining to pick out words, to try and make sense of the nonsensical. It's annoying.

More than that she flails in her sleep, often catching him with an unexpected clip around the head when he's dozing off. This is a diplomatic mission so he hadn't given much thought to getting injured but he really didn't think he'd have to be concerned about his teammate giving him a black eye.

And worst of all to Shino...she has no sense of personal space in her sleep. Many mornings he's woken up to find her head tucked peacefully onto his shoulder, her legs thrown over his in an intimate way that horrified him. He always detached her as quickly and steathily as possible but when she'd awoken first she didn't seem embarrassed or even suprised to find herself curled around him.

'Sorry, I know I have a tendancy to move about in my sleep,' she shrugged it off, disappearing out of the tent to wash in the lake leaving Shino to glare at the tent flap and wonder why she was making it feel like he was making a big deal over nothing.

Forget the ear plugs, he's starting to wish he'd brought another tent.