The Capital Wasteland: A story of love, hate and a mysterious hero

Scavenging was part of the job; in fact it was the job. This was how a lot of people lived and this is how Michael Shoeladder lived.

Michael Shoeladder faced constant troubles in his life including Super Mutants, Raiders, Slavers and Three Dog.

But Michael was in love and because of this love he survived. He had only ever seen pictures of his love but he knew it was love because love is love………….love.

He admired the beautiful but deadly claws and the devil like face. He was in love with a Deathclaw.

"Why don't you try and find your love?" A customer suggested one day "I'll look after your stuff while you're gone,"

"But I have no idea where to find my love!" Michael exclaimed.

"I know," said the customer "There's place called Old Olney, if you travel there I guarantee that you'll find your love," The customer said (His name was Unimportant Wastelander)

"Thank you, so much! I will travel to Old Olney," Michael laughed.

Michael began his travel armed only with a laser gatling gun, a fat man and lot more cool weapons which make it ironic how I said 'armed only'.

Michael battled through hordes of Super Mutants, Raiders, Three Dogs and a single Radroach who had super powers.

As Michael approached Old Olney he went into sneak mode, unsure what to say to his love. After a while he swallowed his fear and approached Old Olney.

It was quiet. Dead bodies littered the floor.

"Hello?!" Michael called out.

A figure came into his view.

"Hello?" Michael said again.

The figure started to walk towards him.

"Are you Deathclaw?" He asked.

The figure (Still in shadows) shook it's head.

"Where's Deathclaw?" Michael asked.

"Dead." The figure replied.

"What?!" Michael shouted "How?!"

"Me," The figure said.

"Who are you?" Michael said.

The figure walked out of the shadows.

Michael took a cautious step backwards "Luke Skywalker?"

The man laughed "Welcome to my land!"

A hand grabbed Michael's hand. He looked up into the Doctor's eyes.

"Run." The Doctor said.

They ran and Old Olney blew up really coolly. It was boom! Smash! Fire!

When he returned to his home, Unimportant Wastelander was waiting there for him.

"Any luck?" he asked Michael.

Michael shook his head "No, I'm afraid not,"

Cue dramatic music and then theme music.

Lyrics to theme music:

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

It was a wasted trip for our hero

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

We can do it if we really try!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah