Disclaimer: I never would have come up with this show in a million years...

AN: Just a little piece in which the over qualified, overlooked and ever patient agent Farnsworth finally has enough.


Dr Bishop's Amazing and Incredible Freak Show Extravaganza

There it was. The proverbial last straw, staring her right in the face.

She'd never been one confrontation. She was a smart, hard working, conscientious girl, who liked to spend her workdays quietly over achieving and generally getting along. Making an issue out of things had just never been in her nature.

Of course, it was probably this fact that landed her, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with a thorough knowledge of on computer science, cryptology, mathematics and linguistics, the black belt in three major martial arts and an IQ well into the 120's, ...on the coffee run.

Getting Ice cream for Walter Bishop. Getting a piano for Walter Bishop. Brushing down Walter Bishop's cow...

But usually, she figured it wasn't so bad. The old man was decent enough and he was bound to learn her name sooner or later. And at least she wasn't the one being dosed with psychedelics and dunked into a glorified fishtank. Or strapped to a chair and electrocuted.
Of course, there was the matter of being dosed with a sedative. But since no visits to dead people's heads had been involved, she'd shrugged it off and forgiven.

Not this time, though. If Walter Bishop could defy nature, then so could Astrid Farnsworth. It was time she had a confrontation.

She sent one last furious scowl at the mirror, taking in the sleep tussled curls, rumpled PJ top and... oh... yeah, the thick, luscious, chest length beard she'd found growing on her face this morning.

She took a deep breath. Walter Bishop was going down.