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Kissing in Public

Alice and Jasper walked through the crowded hall after lunch weaving expertly through the students to get to Alice's class. Jasper was stowing her books securely in his left arm, his right hand interlocked with Alice's.

Stopping outside the classroom, Jasper smiled down at her and moved as if to kiss her check. At the same time Alice moved her head slightly to bring her check closer to him. A second after moving her head they both pulled back, not making any form of contact. Jasper smiled at her and handed her her books before walking away. To an outside observer it would appear that he just refused to kiss her, but they both knew that was not true. They were not the type of couple who felt the need to broadcast their relationship in public so they had simply found a way around actually kissing.

A/N: I hope that makes sense. So this is probably really stupid and not very long, but I had to write something quick (I should be studying for a test). I saw a clip from the twilight movie where I believe Alice and Jasper were doing this and I thought it was so cute.

For those of you who are reading Waking up, I have started chapter 2, 3, and 4 (I started having some trouble with some parts in the chapters so I would start to write a different point in the story) I hope to have chapter 2 posted next week.

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