Love me Sweetly

Nash Bridges walked though the department in search of his wonderful girlfriend and partner. Next to Joe of . He finally found her next to the coffee machine. Getting some coffee. Her back was turned to him, so he decided to have some fun. He put his hands over her eyes and said, " Guess who." She smiled. "How many guesses do I get?" She it was his turn to smile. " Three." He said. " Tarzan, Master,Sir." She said as she turned around and kissed pulled away breathless. "Correct, all three times." He said as they kissed more. This time you could barley seperate them with a crowbar."Hughum!" Joe said as he walked passed. He also, said," Get a room!" Nash pulled back and said," Give me a key and we will."Caitlin loved him so much. And he loved her alot looked at her and said, " I have a suprise for you."" Really."" Yea, it's in the car, then at home, then in your bed."" Must be a big suprise." She said giggling as he kissed her neck and was led to his they got to his car, there were flowers all over the back seat, along with a picnic basket. Then there was a bouquet of red roses in the passenger handed her the flowers and then opened her car door, and she got then got into the drivers seat and drove to Caitlin's place.

Once they got to her place Nash grabbed her hand, the pinic basket, and they ran to the door. Once inside, Caitlin was almost in tears. Her aparment was coverd in scatterd rose peatls, glitter, candies, and then in the living room was a bunch of stuffed animals and cards." Did you do this?""Yes." "It's beautiful.I love it. " He smiled." Good onto the bedroom then." He said as he led his girlfriend towards the bedroom, basket still in hand. When they reached the bedroom, the room was dark. Catlin was about to to on the lights when Nash stopped her." Don't, this is part of your suprise." he said as he lit the candles that led all the way in the room. He then told her to close the door. " Why don't you go freshn' up, while I get this set up." She smiled." Ok, I'll go take a quick shower." He nodded." Ok." She then headed to the bathroom. While she was in the shower. She could only wonder, what Nash was doing.

When she got out of the shower, she came out in nothing but a robe. As she dried her hair with a towle and walked in to the room. She saw Nash pouring two glasses of wine. And a picnic blanket and food on the floor, already." Ready, My darling." He said as he handed her a glass of wine, and kissed sat down on the blanket and kissed. talked, and ate. They fed to each other as they talked. After they were finished. Nash picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bed. He layed her softly on the bed and then they started kissing softly, sweetly, amazing, and took her shirt off . Then started kissing downwards.

Later that evening, that lay in bed, cuddled in each others arms. Never wanting to leave. " Did you like your suprise?" Nash said as he kissed her forehead and fed her a stawberry." I loved it." She said as she took the strawberry they fell asleep in each others arms again.