Save Me

".BANG."Harvey Leek's gun sounded as it hit the dummy. Nash watched from a Harvey was walked towards Nash."Did you sleep with her?" Nash asked as Harvey walked past turned."What?""Did you sleep with my daughter?"Nash asked looked straight in his eyes."Yes."Nash looked down then back up."Do you love her?"" fact one day.I would love to marry your permission or 's a grown women what ever you have aganist me right need to get over have to find Cassidy and Catlin.I know you would like to see her again.""Your I'm sorry."Harvey smiled."Forget 's just find the girls.I swear to god if they hurt Cassidy i'll kill those son of a bi...."Harvey did'nt even finish his just took of followed."WHY ARE WE RUNNING!"Yelled Nash."THE VAN THAT TOOK CASSIDY AND CATLIN IS OVER THERE!"Nash ran faster to the van,they tore the van apart." a few ounces of blood and a necklace."Who's necklace is this?"Harvey asked."It's Catlin's.I gave it to night of the banquet."Nash said as he took the necklace."And thats probably her blood too."Nash said sadly."It's not."Harvey said."How do you know."Nash asked."Harvey picked up a charm.A charm in the shape of a hoarse to be exact."What is it?"Asked Nash."It's a charm.""What does that mean?"Harvey sat down on the ground holding the charm."What does it mean Leek!"Yelled Nash."This charm. Was on a bracelet I bought symbolyzes one of the many moments we have particular one is when Cassidy and I went on a hoarse my dad's ranch."Harvey said sadly."Thats good!""What?"Harvey asked suprised."We can get a print of these if the kidnapper touched him and kill I can I have my daughter and we can both have our girlfriends back.