Gary tells the lady snail what he wants along with a big smile. She smiles back and goes to get. Gary always did like to charm the ladies. But tonight, he's not looking for anything but a drink and a little thinking time. He needed to get away for a while. Don't get him wrong, he loves Spongebob. He's an awesome master and friend. He just needs to escape from that whole world of his for a bit.

So here he is. Sitting in some quiet, out of the way little bar waiting for the pretty young miss to get him his scotch.

He gets his drink and gives her another patented Gary-rific smile. Once she's gone he pays more attention to his surroundings. The music is the first thing he notices. It's pretty good. The piano player they have here is playing some smoky jazz to which Gary has always been partial to. He wishes he had a piano. And could play it. Oh well, something to dwell on another day.

Gary looks at the other inhabitants in the bar. They all seem to be just like him. Just regular snails in need of a little get away. No loud or obnoxious patrons as far as he can see.

He swills the rest of his drink around in his glass and downs it in one go. Gary figures he can make it for a while until he needs another vacation. Time to head back home, he supposes. He glances at the clock, leaves a generous tip, and heads out the door.