author's notes: hi limitless artist here, this is my first story and i would like some reviews please. i understand that the chapter is short but i promise i will keep adding to it. so please enjoy

The waves washed slowly on to the sand, the moonlight dancing upon the calming sea. A lone boy sat upon the beach, staring out across the water, slowing strumming a blue sitar. The strings hummed to the sound of the ocean, blending into the tranquil scene. Demyx was a naturally happy person, someone who never allows anything to upset his mood. He was energetic, you could even say hyper at times. But this was not the amazing quality that made people respect him. It was the fact that no matter how hyperactively happy he was, he annoyed no one, absolutely no one. But on the beach tonight lay not a sugar-pumped teenager, but a boy, a boy with tears rolling down his face. Demyx was showing the sea just how vulnerable he truly was.

The clock chimed midnight in the nocturne household. Demyx slowly sneaked through his front door. He was not afraid of his parents yelling at him. His parents didn't work that way. They were kind and gentle, not unlike Demyx. But his eyes were still red from the tears on the sand. He did not wish for his parents to see that. He didn't want the half an hour of pleading for his explanation for the sadness. He loved his parents dearly. He wasn't up for upsetting their night. He crept up the stairs to his room. He passed his younger sister Olette's room on the way. He quietly put away his beloved sitar and collapsed onto his bed, drifting into sleep the moment his head hit the feathery cyan pillow.

The bell tolled at the end of history, signalling the start of a stampede to the front gate. Demyx, the stains of the tears now gone, skipped joyfully towards his group of friends hanging out by the school pond. They were an interesting bunch of friends; personalities conflicted yet complemented each other. Axel was a tall, natural redhead. He was a rebel at heart and was Demyx's best friend. Next to him sporting vivid pink hair was Marluxia, confident, popular, despite studying floristry. Hanging off his arm was Larxene. She looked peaceful hanging from the florist's arm but this was merely the calm before the storm. She wasn't called a savage nymph for nothing. Her brother, Luxord was much different. He was calm, funny and fair. That didn't help, considering that he was unbeatable at anything involving cards or dices. The siblings were blond; Larxene had two antennae-like spikes while Luxord had what was starting to grow into a goatee. Playing a card game with Luxord was Riku, a silver-haired, good looking lad popular with the girls. The final member of the group was hiding behind a book. Zexion may have seemed like a bit of an emo, with his tight clothes, band shirts and his fringe covering one eye, but he wasn't. He could talk too, it was just he wasn't into trivial stuff like gossip and sports. Demyx didn't know him as well but vowed to know him better than himself by the end of the year. Which for Demyx wasn't too hard

"Ax" yelled Demyx from the top of his lungs. Axel almost fell back into the water, prompting the united laughter of the group.

"Geez dem, i hate it when you do that".

"I'm so so so so so sorry Ax." Demyx pouted playfully at the now panting redhead.

"Whatever... can we do something now, I'm bored."

"Like what." Larxene's storm had clearly arrived.

"Anything", Axel was clearly raring to bolt out the gates. "It's the weekend and we're wasting it here... in school."

"How bout the mall" Riku chirped in with his suggestion.

"We can't" stated Zexion looking up from his book. "It's closed for refurbishing". He pondered for a few moments. "We could go to the arcade".

"No" Luxord quickly pointed out that they had been there the day before. "Marly, any suggesti..." He was stopped by the sight of Marluxia and Larxene in a passionate embrace by a tree.

"Forget this, I'm outta here." Riku stomped off towards the gates.

"We'll do something tomorrow, kay Ax" said Luxord as he grabbed his cards and made for the gates. The remaining friends hadn't noticed Marluxia and Larxene sneak off.

"You hanging around zex?" Axel raised his eyebrow questionably.

"No, I'm going now too, coursework to do." Zexion smirked as he slowly paced away until suddenly... " the way, you two." Axel and Demyx's heads shot up. "My mate from hollow bastion is moving up here next week with his twin brother. They're in our year and i was wondering... could they hang out with us?" His one visible eye glinted in the sunshine.

"Of course they can, Zexy?" Demyx jumped up and down with glee. He loved meeting new people. "What are their names?" Demyx still had a manic grin on his face.

"Roxas is my friend and his brother is called Sora". Zexion was now smiling rather than smirking.

"We welcome them with open arms." Said Demyx, and shot off towards gates singing some random song.

"What are they like" axel suddenly spoke after his period of strange silence.

"You'll like them" said Zexion with a slight giggle, the two of them heading towards the gates.