Author's note: Hello im back and as i promised a new chapter. Short again but still this will introduced some characters better, including Zexy's mum,Xigbar, vexen and most importantly Luxord, for who i have a big plot twist planned.

The sun leaked in through the open curtains, filling the navy room with irritating brightness. Zexion sat up; it was school, Monday...bad. He slowly stood up, stretching out the sleep begging him to lie back down. He blindly stumbled towards his wardrobe, picking out a pair of black jeans and a simple band shirt. His nose twitched. It meant the shower was beckoning him.

Demyx was walking along the sand strewn beach. Both him and Zexion lived on the shore so going to call for him shouldn't have been a problem, however now Demyx thought about it, he should have told Zexion first. A lilac house sat on the shore. It was clean and crisp yet it seemed somewhat empty to Demyx. The front door marched closer and closer until...Knock. Demyx's trembling hands connected with the door. It swung open, revealing a young yet tired woman. Her blue hair showed her to be Zexion's mum.

"Hello, is Zexion home?"Demyx could smell something stained upon the walls.

"Yeah, hold on." She disappeared inside, unsteadily as she went. "Zexion, some lad at the door." She vanished from view behind the doorway. A cat slinked pass Demyx. Pounding feet came trampling down the steps.

"Oh dem, surprise, surprise! What are you doing here?" Zexion's clothes were tight, showing off his slender frame.

"Sorry bout that Zex, just i was wondering, could I walk to school with you?" Zexion's eyebrow rose.

"Of course you can Demyx, just let me grab my bag." He quickly rushed inside, grabbing his navy schoolbag, before darting out again. Demyx couldn't help but notice Zexion's eagerness to leave the house.

Roxas was in his room. He was looking forward to getting away from the bailey, but was still nervous about seeing Zexion again. The last time they saw each other, they were drunk and rolling and tossing among a flow of bed sheets. It might be awkward.

"So Zexy, Axel says you two are quite good friends." Demyx was trying to avoid unstable ground with Zexion, so Axel was a safe bet.

"Yeah, I suppose. He was the first person who spoke to me in this school. I was sitting outside the library, looking all 'emo' as usual, when axel rolled up. He asked me my name and we sat and talked. We found out that we were in the same classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday."

Demyx remembered this. He only shared Art with Zexion on Wednesday and Friday. Axel spends far more time with Zexion than he did.

"So we started hanging around together until he introduced me to you and the others." Zexion went quiet. "He's helped me through a lot of stuff. I really do owe my happiness to him." Demyx could understand where Zexion was coming from, Axel had helped him a lot too, but he couldn't rely on Axel for his beach problems.

"So what day is Roxas and Sora coming down?" Demyx wanted to change the subject.

"On Wednesday." Zexion was still quiet.

Demyx couldn't resist giving him a hug. "I'll have to invite you over for a game of twister one day." Zexion merely chuckled.

Xigbar Moorcroft sat at his desk. It was still early and he felt like he belonged on the bottom of his shoe. Vexen waltzed into the room like an old man.

"So Mr Sanderson, what bring ya ere?" Xigbar always sounded like a pirate in the mornings.

"Why, you did of course." Xigbar pondered what he meant when all of a sudden he felt soft lips upon his own.

The two embraced passionately on the floor, kissing and grasping each other's flesh as they slowly lost themselves in an inferno of desire.

Luxord sat on the fountain. He was alone. Marluxia had danced off with his sister, Riku had rang in sick, and Axel was in early morning detention, while Demyx and Zexion had arrived yet. Luxord wondered. Zexion and Demyx would make a good couple. Marluxia had told him and Larxene that Zexion was gay. They seemed so different, so opposite yet so alike. This paradox confused Luxord to no end. He didn't bother with silly relationships. They were unbalanced, the odds far too wild to play a proper game. All he could really do with such drastic odds was to pull in a fit young teenager and enjoy the night. Nothing more, nothing less. Luxord was sure of that. No one would change his mind. Axel rolled up at this point. "Ah good morning Axel, i trust your detention was entertaining."

"Shut it, you posh twat." Luxord couldn't help but laugh.

"Say Axel, would you agree with me in saying that young Demyx and Zexion would make a most charming couple?" Now it was Axel's turn to laugh.

"Yes i would Lux, Yes i would."

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