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Author's Note: The following piece is based of a challenge set by TwinkieTUTUS..It is set sometime in the second series.


Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry as she looked down from the edge of the swimming pool to the middle where I was floating patiently, waiting for her to come and join me. She was scared that was obvious, after all she'd never swam before, she probably believed she was going to drown. Leisurely I swam to the side of the pool and tried to coax her in, aware that all eyes in the swimming pool had fixated upon the two of us.

She shivered slightly as she anticipated what she was about to do, or it could have been the fact that she had finally dripped her foot into the water that had brought on the particular sensation, the water was extremely cold today.

She stopped herself from talking as she backed away from the edge and I momentarily thought she had decided that she couldn't go through with it. I was 100% wrong, my calculations are rarely ever wrong. It was as I saw her running forward towards the edge that I realized what she intended to do.

She had stopped herself from speaking because if she had she would have inevitably shrieked and caused herself no end of humiliation.

As her feet left the side of the pool she soared through the air gracefully and I briefly regretted doing this, before she curled up into a ball and slammed into the wall of water beneath her.

She disappeared from my line of vision her angelic form swallowed by the water. I dived under, believing that she needed to be rescued.

I was pleasantly surprised.

She met me under the waves, smiling brightly. She was perfectly fine, and judging by the amusement that I could she in her twinkling eyes, she found my reaction rather amusing. It wasn't her who'd been humiliated, it had been me.

However, as we surfaced again and she slowly crawled towards me with an immense amount of grace, I didn't care, because the girl I cherished was happy and that's all I had ever wanted.

She frolicked in the water, seemingly totally at home, she could swim perfectly, though to me it looked like she waltzed, then again everything I saw her ever do would be tainted by my love for her. My angel embraced me, joy radiating from her face, and I both rejoiced and melted simultaneously. I relished the touch of her soft, perfect flesh against mind.

Perhaps, if I hadn't been so absorbed in the embrace I would've anticipated what she did next.

Who am I kidding? I never would have.

She kissed me, and I could do nothing, I did nothing, to stop it. Instead, I did something that I had waited an eternity to do.

I kissed back.

Even if we had anticipated what would happen because of this impulse. Neither of would've stopped. We loved each other too much to do that.

Now if only we could psychically say those words, but in that moment I knew we would never need to.