Storm of the Galaxy

I give credit to Zero the Destroyer who has given me permission to use Shinobi Father (Themes and Ideas) in this story (series).


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Silver Millennium, also known as the Kingdom of the moon sat in the center of the Sea of Serenity. It's Monarchy consisted of a line of Queens that ruled over a kingdom of subjects who divine right to live was based on Divine Right. The very idea of 'purification' which could be viewed as righteous by many, had a more subtle implication. It was an absolute method to problems and those with higher conscience or awareness knew that any form of absolution, no matter their methods were evil.

Currently the Silver Millennium was being ruled by yet another Queen Serenity who descended from a long line of Queen Serenities. The Monarch of the moon kingdom sat by her pool as she observed the endless stream of stars that filled the night.

The once vibrant woman was beginning to feel the symptoms of aging. The Symptoms that humans felt within a decade or two would take the people of the moon decades in comparison because of their long life span. Her fifties, sixties, and later stages of life that would slow that most people would still allow her to have a youthful appearance. Her silver hair was still vibrant and she retained some of her delicate features that gave her pale form an ethereal glow.

It was lonely nights like this that had left her to her thoughts. Thoughts of the duty that she was destined to perform like her mother and her mother before her was rampant in her thoughts. Such as continuing the old traditions of lavish clothing or the practices of picking a suitable male through a combat tournament. Many other Kingdoms often held their tongues knowing the price that would occur of making an enemy of the Silver Millennium.

The Beautiful and technology advanced Kingdom whose warriors, albeit powerful had exploitable weaknesses, just like the Kingdoms defenses.

Of course the Queen of each century rarely took the advisement of others. Silver Millennium, shaped to perfection or the years retained it's way since the old times. Tradition unbroken just as Absolute perfection was its setting.

''Guards!"' She called for her guards,wanting to check out this possible enemy or ally that trespassed into her kingdom in fascination. Her trip down to the garden was filled with thoughts.

Few Kingdoms had the ability to invade the Silver Millennium. The Nine Planet Kingdom of elemental warriors made many would be invaders hesitant. Elemental warriors of Fire, Water, Lightning, Light composing of it's guards, their Princesses raised to be the defenders of each generation of Serenity.

The others often consisted of an army led by the planet guardians with the exception of the planet Pluto whose denizens were tied to Time itself and the underworld with God Chronos as this dimension's ruler of Time.

Curious, she and a guard walked past the broken bits of ground. The sounds of fighting echoed throughout the ground. The guards moved in front of their monarch to protect her from the impending dangers. From behind several of the crystalline trees emerged two figures. One, whose silver hair would nearly be indistinguishable from a Moon Citizen if it was from it's darker shade and the other a blond male with Vulpine like features.

They appeared to be talking, or yelling at each other in an indistinguishable language. Both were bloody and bruised, the blond missing his left arm and the silver haired male had parts of his left leg and right arm shredding of skin and flesh, parts of his bone visible. It was then the male cried out something as black fire erupted from his eye.

Then the male cried out something, the only word the Queen grasped was,'Chaos' as he phased right through the black fire. Speaking the words again he opened a rift as he shoved a glowing orb of some kind into the silver haired man's chest, blasting him into the rift that closed soon after the man fell through.

The male spoke something as he fell forward unconscious.

''My queen!''

''You musn't!''

''He could be dangerous!'''

Ignoring her guards the Queen went over to check over the male. He was injured extensively but breathing. He looked humanoid, closer to earthlings then a Millennium citizen but he had whiskers. Could he be some sort of demon? Then there was his mention of the word Chaos? Could he be one of Chaos's lackey? If so, maybe he had information. It was best to have him fixed up for interrogation.

''Set up a medical tent and bring our best doctors.''

She didn't trust the male enough to bring him to the palace, especially if he was one of Chaos's lackeys. It didn't take more then an hour when one of the Guards gave their report. While nervous system while humanoid was unlike anything they had seen. It was constantly changing and had the genome of several creatures. Serenity ordered to have the male restrained in their strongest holding cell while they continued their studied. The fact that alien energy was detected with an anomaly even different to that then the Dark Kingdom worried her.

''My Queen...this male is a danger. We should exterminate him while he is weak.'' A tall raven haired woman suggested, her outfit a mixture of lavish red ornaments, and miniskirt connected with a fuku of some kind.

''He is a curiosity Mars. He may have some information on our enemies. If it turns out he is nothing more then a foot solider we will do away with him, but not before? Do you understand?''

''Yes my Queen...'' Answered the raven haired woman.

A day had passed when Serenity got the message the male was awake. To her surprise he was sitting in a cell with all bonds and measures of restraint completely eradicated. When she asked how this occur the scientists told her they seemed to evaporate from the male's energy which worried her.

Standing outside the cell she began speaking with him.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked, hoping to convey what she meant using both her tone and sign language.

'As well as any prisoner can,'' He replied telepathically, shocking her a great deal. Few races without a special power or the use of dark forces were natural telepaths. 'I don't know your language and I have to speak with you some how correct?'

''That is correct. My name is Queen Serenity. Who are you?''

'My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Is this the Moon Kindgom?"

"For what purpose did you come seeking said kingdom?"

"A friend of mine told me I would find something of interest in said Kingdom. I didn't come at a bad time did I?'

''That is to unfortunately say you came at one of the worst time possibles. Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to meet my other half and conceive an heir.

'I take it some fiance or something from some arranged marriage?'

''To be honest I don't know who he is. Tradition says that a tournament shall be held and the winner will claim the right to sire my child.'

'Sounds particularly barbaric. At least in most other arranged meetings the couple get to meet first and their families converse. Even if it is tradition as the Queen can't you change things?'

''That I can not do. The rules of the past are clear. To govern the present only the legitimate practices will keep the present stable. For thousands of years they have worked so why change them now?''

'That sort of thinking keeps one killed. My friend told me the defenses of this place were poor and the practices of 'cleansing' are comparable to lawful evil and blinded light.' These thoughts Naruto kept to himself.

'Where are you from?'

''I am from many places. Though my prime origin is a world called the Elemental Nations in a village called Konoha. It's in many dimensions away.' Naruto was more than sure that the Moon Kingdom wouldn't be a threat to Elemental Nations. They would have to get past a long line of other powerful realms before even getting close to it.

''I do not believe I ever heard such a place. You are indeed an outsider to this Solar System. ''

''Yeah...could you hold on a minute.'' Naruto closed his eyes and took out a deep breath. With a strangle cry and surge of chakra a new arm sprouted where his old one was.

Queen Serenity felt her heart nearly leap out of her chest. She felt marginally sick to say. 'What are you?'

''A shinobi!'' He responded in her language. ''I got the grasp of your language from your thoughts and memories.''

An angry scowl marred her lovely features. ''You insolent beast. How dare you pervert my mind!''

''You make it sound like I went through your most private thoughts,'' The blond said as did arm circles with his new arm. ''I'll ignore your comments because I did do something that was pretty ungentlemanly. I guess my anxiousness got the better of me. So about the tournament, pretty nervous huh?''

''I thought you said you didn't go through my private thoughts?''

''I didn't have to. I can see it on your features. I can sense your nervousness. Though the whole thing is weird to me. Your suitor is going to be picked by whoever the strongest? What if you person is horrendous or as dumb as a brick? That doesn't seem all that good of exchange for a child to possibly get good genes when it comes to power. What if he isn't a good husband or father?''

''All Serenities have retained our Silver roots and appearances. I merely need to see the man for one night and one night only. Beyond there duty is done. This is the day I've been waiting for my entire life,'' She spoke as if filled with conviction, despite her body language saying other wise.

''You may make yourself sound certain...but I can see how you feel.''

''You don't even know me...'' She responded, trying to straighten her demeanor. Chided herself for her outburst. It was so improper but when Naruto off handily said he had read her mind she felt so violated. No one had dared tried something even close to that against her.

''If the male is only for what you say then there's no fear right? And to answer that was on the forefront of your mind. This Chaos ...I'm not associated with that force.''

''You seemed worried about what I think?''

''More or less you just seem lonely. I can see it in your eyes. I can understand loneliness. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the exit?"

That was when Serenity was struck with an idea. ''I got another join the tournament and if you win you'll gain freedom.''

''And if I lose?''

''I haven't thought about it? But I'm sure I can think of something.''

Naruto moved till he was only a few inches away from Serenity. ''Are you sure you want to do this? You know what would happen if I win?'' He asked with a teasing grin as Serenity shivered.

She would be lying if she didn't find him attractive. A lot of males she found herself around were rather effeminate or beastly. Either they were too prim and proper to excite a response from her or too brash to where it turned her off.

This male though was different. He seemed confident and self assure, not to mention there was something in his eyes. He seemed confident that he could win this tournament and the way he looked at her. Not as Queen Serenity but as a woman. He didn't care for her status as the Monarch as the Moon Kingdom. He was a conundrum, he was...interesting.

''That's only if you win.''

The day of the tournament arrived and despite urging for her subjects to reconsider she allowed Naruto to entered the tournament.

And if the boy wasn't liar, a big if, she had nothing to lose. From her place high up in the stadium as she watched the battle from her seat.

Naruto with amazing flexibility defeated his opponent bare handed. He didn't use a weapon or magics, but hand to hand which was quite impressive. Rumors among the crowd slowly began that the mysterious blond was a youma in disguise as such physical feats were unusual. His movements leaving only a flash of yellow behind was arousing a lot of fear from the spectators.

It didn't help that he was defeating the best warriors of the Moon Kingdom with the exception of the Senshi with ease.

The Semi-Finals came around and some of the crowd was going wild. This wild card who appeared out of nowhere was defeating champions from each Kindgom.

Next Naruto was faced with a man by the name Solaris, Prince of Earth.

''Your tricks won't work on me! I, Solaris of Earth, will defeat you here!'' The man declared pointing his blade at Naruto.

''Kagebunshin no Jutsu!'' Five Narutos appeared.

''What sort of Sorcery is this?'' the man demanded.

Naruto didn't answer as the clones charged at him. Using his blade the Prince sliced through the doppelgangers as the Blond disappeared form his sight.

''Come out coward! Fight me so I can smite thee with my blade.''

Naruto's answer was to erupt from the ground. With a solid upper cut punch he sent the Prince flying. Landed with the graze of a Gazelle he turned to the roaring and screaming of the middle to lower class crowd echoed the stadium as the Prince hit the ground. There was much scowling and snide looks coming from the aristocrats and higher classes. To think that royalty would be defeated by some no name.

The Queen tried to with hold her shock. This wasn't going according to plan. She had heard the Prince of Earth was quite the fighter. The romantic ideal of an Earthling and her coming together would be a small stepping stone in getting the Earth into the alliance. That would be the job of her Heiress being of Earthean descent.

The shock and out cry of the crowd shock her from the thoughts. The Prince had attempted to charge Naruto whose back was turned to him. Though with speed and strength unknown to the Moon soldiers he spun and shattered the blade and with that shame glowing orb he used to defeat the man from that way sent the prince flying until he collided against the wall.

The guards like each match came and pick up the body of each looser.

It took some time to quiet the outcries of cheating and sorcery. When that settle the final match was about to begin.

''The male may have gotten this far, but there is no way he will defeat the Captain of the Royal Guard,'' Mars stated confidently.

''Yes, Giacobin is quite powerful and diligent. But the boy has already taken down most of this generations prized fighters.''

''My Queen...surely you don't think this no one is going to win? I can't accept that! Uzumaki is some stranger who isn't fit to be in your sight, yet fit to touch you.''

The Queen smiled as the final match began. It seems that the entire this mysterious male was toying around with his opponents. He would bear her a powerful daughter.

With a cocky grin he waved at the Queen.

By instinct she waved back, but caught herself in time so that she wouldn't be seen doing it for too long. It wouldn't do to show favoritism.

Drawing his sword the Guard Captain went on attack while Naruto dodged and duck on the defensive.

''You appear to no longer be conserving your energy, yet you're fighting while only trying to use minimal energy in your strikes. That's quite curious...''

''I should say so as well Uzumaki. You seem to be having fun instead of taking this seriously, which is why I can not let you win. My queen's Chastity will not be taken by an outsider who dismisses our traditions as joke.''

''You seem to care for your queen. My view point differ from yours so that doesn't make me evil. I have a mission of my own so to say. If you beat me I'll tell you, but if I win you will tell no one what I just mentioned,'' Naruto said taking out a kunai and blocking the strike. ''These words I place my honor on.''

''I keep nothing from my Queen.''

''It wouldn't be lying so to say. If she ordered to ask what I say you can her it's nothing much. It's not like I said my mission has anything to do with the Moon Kingdom. I'm doing nothing much now.''

''That motivates me all the more to win.'' Giacobin declared as he boost forward with impressive speed. His saber suddenly moved quick like lightning as the borrowed clothing given to Naruto worn by the typical guards member adorned several cuts.

''I see you have some moves...'' But winning this tournament only further more of our plans. Once my daughter becomes Queen that adds the Silver Millennium to our domain.''

Taking a bottle of toad oil from his pocket Naruto sipped some into his mouth.

'Katon: Flame Bullet Technique.' Naruto fired out three flame bullets at the Guard whow as stunned at this certain change of the blond's observed fighting style. The Guard Captain was blasted back, but most injury was kept to a minimum thanks to his armor.

(1). ''Doton: Retsudo Tensho!" The ground surrounding the man began to spiral inwards in itself. With his wits quick about him the Royal Guard ran for an upturn piece of Earth and leaped into the air, outside the technique. He dropped towards Naruto aiming for a downward slash, hoping to put an end to this battle.

(2) ''Futon: Daitoppa.'' The Sudden gust of wind blasted the man backing and tearing up the ground below him. The Guard Captain and his Saber was forced apart.

''I see why you're the captain of the guard. You won't give up, but I grow bored. I'll end this now,'' Naruto said as he flashed between the man and his blade.

(3) ''Suiro no Jutsu!'' Using the moisture in the air he created a Prison of water trapping the Guard Captain in the large sphere. He slowly began to drain the air out of the Captain Guard using some blood manipulation until the man lost consciousness.

"Uzumaki! Uzumaki! Uzumaki!" The Queen shivered as the sounds penetrated her ears. The crowd was going crazy for the victor. They didn't care that he didn't represent any of the planets of the Moon Alliance, all they cared for was his defeat over the Prince of Earth and Captain of the Royal Guard.

What if he wants to get involved in the child's life? If not then things aren't completely ruined.'

"Queen Serenity," Mars said, solemnly. "You don't have to do this. There are other ways. Just because your mother, grandmother, and great mother had done it this way, it doesn't mean, what I mean to say is…"

"I know Mars," the Queen said. She stood up with a serious look on her face. "But this is how it should be." There was a silence between the two. "Have I shown everyone in the Kingdom that I have chosen the strongest?"

"Yes, you have," Mars said tiredly, "By choosing him, you have shown the Kingdom that the future Heir will be of powerful blood." Mars grit her teeth. "But, my Queen, that thing is a monster. Do you not sense it?"

The white haired woman smiled. "Mars, please. That man is just that: a simple man." She breathed into herself, letting her powers caress her. "It's about time the Ceremony starts." She breathed in more of her energy and let wings slowly come out of her back.

Mars watched in awe as the Queen's true form appeared. Large crystal butterfly wings surrounded her, and she spoke with a high regal voice. "People of the Silver Moon Kingdom." She paused to get everyone's attention, and all the planets in her solar system watched her as she did so. "I give you." She gestured the cameras towards the victor of the Tournament. "Uzumaki Naruto! The Strongest fighter in the solar system."

What say you to this, Uzumaki? She held up her smile as the crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation. How will you react? Was this your plan all along?''

Naruto turned to her with a satisfied smirk. In a flash he appeared from the ground up to her platform.

She gasped seeing him right next to her looking just as fresh as the whole thing began. He took her hand to shake it and by habit the Queen did so. The crowd went crazy. They've accepted him, he's shaking my hand as if we are equals and they've accepted him, despite not knowing anything about him. What have I done!

She gave a cold gaze to the smiling blond,''I guess I win!'' She felt something drop in the pit of her stomach.''I'll let you get ready for tonight.'' He said as he made his way to leave.


Chapter End


Like I mentioned Zero has given me permission to use some themes so I borrowed a few lines here an there while trying to remix everything else. I hope there is a noticeable difference.


Jutsu used

(1) Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm

This technique causes the ground surrounding the enemy to spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them. This jutsu is capable of causing quite a bit of damage to the area This technique is much more damaging if used in rocky mountainous areas, or inside a cave.

Fūton: Daitoppa
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

This is a relatively simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. The wind from the squall can blow away all things in the user's line of sight. A variation of the technique involves a smaller blast of wind which gets ignited with flame.

Suirō no Jutsu

This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. Water clones can be used in preparation for the jutsu, which blocking an opponents attack and trapping the attacker in the prison using the clone's own water.