Storm of the Galaxy


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Story Start


Naruto couldn't help but chuckle whenever he sat back and took a nap. It reminded him when Neptune and Uranus were called in to take care of him.

It was shortly after Naruto had defeated the Inner Senshi and the Queen hadn't quite given up on killing him. He stood up, feeling wet yet refreshed as he stretched and yawn. ''Why the hell are my clothes wet?'' he wondered, looking down at the soaked clothing. It was then he looked up and saw a tall, marine haired Senshi looking at him in shock.

"World Imperial Shatter!"

Suddenly he found himself buried down in the Earth. He was so confused. A few seconds later he burst out of the ground, coughing and choking as he dusted himself off. He turned his attention to the other woman, short blonde hair and as tall as Pluto, giving her a tomboyish appearance. ''How? What kind of monster are you?''

''Well one in the sack of course.'' he cheekily remarked as both women blanched. ''Speaking of which. I'm hungry,'' he remarked, walking away and completely ignoring the fact that the two women tried to kill him. Of course they were so stupidfied that they didn't even think to use a follow up attack.

Naruto stretched as he woke up from the memory. Serenity was holding a council meeting of sorts and he was curious on sitting in on it. He couldn't help but feel annoyed, that he was talking to a wall when everytime he suggested how to improve their military power it was 'filed under consideration', a proper way of saying 'fuck off' so to speak. Why did she have to be so damn stubborn? There was no such thing as a perfect universe. Beauty would not exist without the concept of the unsightly to define it. Any promises of perfect utopia were always a lie, something that can be achieved as long as there was free will, there would be people who have disagreements. This complex dictatorship was bound to fail, and all things considered Naruto wasn't sure whether or not the actions of the past Monarchs are a result of the Moon Kingdom's current enemies seeking to destroy them.

Uranus began giving her report. "Queen Beryl is gathering her forces from the demonic dimension and plans to use it destroy the Moon Kingdom. We should take steps to fight them before they become too much of a threat."

"I am afraid we cannot prepare until Princess Serenity's Birthday," the Queen said. "We'll have to wait until then. I am sure our forces will hold out until after the Ball."

"But your Majesty, they could make a sneak attack while we have this party," Sailor Neptune protested. "Please reconsider."

''As someone who has actual war experience I would listen. Attacking during the Grand Moon Ball, on Princess Serenity's Fourteenth Birthday, is the perfect time to attack.''

The Queen slowly turned her face to him. A withering glare of venom that would have burned the flesh of a lesser man merely made the blond make a mock hurt gesture. Naruto always wondered by certain cultures insist on letting rulers of divine right, without military experience decide their actions.''

"No, I think we will have my daughter's ball when I planned for it too." She looked at everyone in the Council and dismissed them. "If you have any further inquiries please address them to the Senshi. I leave you all, good day." She stood up, extending her large fairy wings and walked out into the Hall with a hall of maidens following her. Naruto always hated how pointless some of these ceremonies were. The only thing that was, titillating was seeing some of the beauties dressed in their native fashions. Naruto found Mercury's dress which showed off her rear-end quite well to be particular titillating.

''Dad,'' Usagi remarked as she elbowed him causing him to off. ''Stop it. You're embarrassing me.'' she whined. Why did her father have to be such a rambunctious pervert. At least he could have been like some of the maids and attempted to hide the gazes.

''Hush now Usagi-chan. You know daddy is scouting out a new auntie for you.'' he replied, causing the girl to blush furiously.

Before the Princess could respond to that the crowd started clapping. Usagi turned to look at the person entering the arena and blushed.

The knight in black armor was beautiful. His face was feminine, his build sleek, and his hair darker than the night. He stood tall and proud with a regal disposition which was further aggrandized by the way he accepted the applause of the crowd.

''He ain't so hot. Let's see him dive bomb a giant kitsune.'' Naruto grumbled.

"Prince Endymion," Jupiter said, huskily. "He's a cutie, isn't he?" Jupiter ignored Naruto and looked at the gawking teen. "But you know all about that, don't you hon?"

The Princess blushed and turned her face away from the grinning brunette. "I was just watching the match."

''You mean the match that hasn't started?'' Naruto added with a smirk. ''And you call me a pervert. God I hope you don't take after me in that regard.''

''Father! Really!'' the princes all but shrieked, getting some of the other nobility in the crowd interested in their conversation.

''Nothing to see here folks. Just a father embarrassing his daughter.''

This earned a round of dignified coughs, mostly to disguise the laughter that threaten to let loose. Naruto's antics were a nice break from the stiff politics and proper traditions that pervaded for years.

''I am just merely doing the proper thing and paying attention.'' the princess defended.

''Don't pay attention too hard you might go blind.'' Naruto added.

"I wouldn't advertise who you desire when a certain someone is around.'' sending a glance in Naruto's direction.

Don't I know it. Serenity rolled her eyes and continued to watch the match. The Prince was easily the better than his opponent. Sword fighting is primarily Earthen.

"Is that the Princess?" Someone said. "You know…the one fathered by…"

"Look at her hair..its blond..isn't it supposed to be silver?"

"She looks so…human."

"Does she even have wings?"

''The offspring takes after her father.''

Princess Serenity closed her eyes to shut out the words. Do not let this bother you. You're too old to let it make you angry. Calm down, Serenity.

They were talking about how different she was from the other residents of the Moon. Unlike her ancestors before her she didn't have the trademark silver hair and bleached pale skin. She wasn't as tall as her mother, or nearly as composed.

People thought she was sick, that she had some kind of disease but it turned out to be a genetic disorder of the strangest kind. The Queens of the past had mated with races from all over the solar system, yet not one of them gave birth to a child that looked like the other race. The genes of the Moon race were dominant.

They didn't have a recessive trait in their body. Everything from their silver hair to their crystal blue eyes would be passed on to their offspring.

They created near perfect clones, so perfect that many scientists wondered if the Queens secretly underwent mitosis. Which, in hindsight, made sense. That theory was disproven when a certain spy from the Dark Moon declared that the Queens really did have male consorts.

Screams had tore through the room and Serenity didn't even have to look up. Without a doubt her father had lost composure. It was something her mother often complained about, how undiginifed he couls be at times.

"I challenge you to a duel!" Jupiter and the Moon Princess looked up to see an angry noble of the Earth pointing his finger at Naruto ."Do you accept?"

Serenity groaned. Please don't let him kill anyone.

Jedite sneered at the servant before him. The miscreant had the nerve to come up to him and hit him. Him? A noble! They weren't doing anything wrong. The Commander of the Far East and his companions were commenting on the Moon Princess's unusual looks. It wasn't like they were calling her ugly, it should have been a compliment.

''Damn right I accept.''

Usagi face palmed. Only her father.

"You don't have to do this father," the Moon Princes said tiredly. " I just over reacted, that's all."

Naruto grunted as he swung his katana back and forth. ''I won't let anyone harm my precious people, no matter how its done. People like those who judges others like that piss me off.'' he put the blade back in its sheath and looked to where the door was. "I guess I am heading out."

"He's one of the Four Sky Generals of the Earth," Usagi noted. "They say he's about as strong as Mars."

''Oh honey,'' Naruto said as he patted her head. ''He'd have to be much stronger then that to be a threat to me my little Bunny.''

''Aaagh, stop calling me that!'' She said. "You know I hate it when you do that.''

''I know honey,'' Naruto laughed. No one is going to hurt you. Not when I can stop it. No matter how old you get you'll always be my little girl.

"Do you have a plan?" she asked, looking hopeful. "I mean besides killing him.''

Naruto nodded. "I'm going to cut him up!'' he cheerfully replied.

Usagi frowned. ''You haven't heard a word I said have you?''

''I love you too honey.'' he replied as he continued on his way and Usagi gave a rather undignified scream of outrage.

A crowd of thousands had gathered to watch the spectacle. Nobles and civilians alike watched in wonder, many thinking the blond may finally be knocked off his pedastol. In a flash Naruto had moved and appeared behind the Sky General, his Katana sheathed as several large gashes suddenly appeared and blood spurted from the wounds. Everyone but the Queen and Senshi looked on in shock.

''Normally I would have toyed around, pissed you off until you used your full power like I would have against many opponent but I'm afraid that wasn't what just happened. You insulted my daughter and my family line by suggesting we were lesser beings. Well, Sky General, this freak effortlessly defeated you without even trying. Let that be a lesson to you.'' he stated. To his surprise the Sky General remained stubborn. So when he got up Naruto had drawn his sword, deciding to only counter and strike each time the stubborn Sky General went after him.

One would imagine the medics would have rushed to the scene, but Jedite fought well past that point. Up until Naruto grew tired and created a fire dragon to chase after the man. Claps began to each, more over the fact of Naruto's unusual attacks that were considered magic the fact he was toying with a general from Earth.

"You don't look well, Sailor Uranus," Queen Serenity commented. "Do you need to see the medics?"

"No, I will be fine," the blond replied. "The male's antics are just, so unusual.'' realizing that if the blond wanted to he probably could have killed her and Neptune that they couldn't help but pale. He then began doing some strange movements (The Charleston) before creating an Earth Dome to trap the general. He then began to do bows as cheers echoed. What had began as a duel had devolved into a performance.

"My Queen, why do you keep him around? Why not send an army to wipe him out? I don't understand."

"Uranus, do you not think I have not tried that?" She turned away from the Uzumaki to look at her most loyal servant. "It didn't matter what I sent. Assassins, soldiers, accidents, and calamities he survived them all. Eventually I realized it was futile. I realized that nearly everything he does, he does for the princess. He will die for her, fight our enemies for her. As long as we don't provoke him he is no danger.'' it really was an unusual trait. To love one's child above themselves, a character trait that was very rare in the Moon Kingdom.

In a civilization filled with immortals, dying was one of the worst fears they had to deal with. They could always have a second child, no problem, but dying was so final. As a result people valued their life more than they did their offspring. The Queen was aware that many of the people of the other planets, especially the ones that didn't have a Senshi, loved their children more than themselves, but that wasn't the way of the Inner Planets.

That night. ''Why do you always have to be a goofball? Why do you, you,'' Usagi screeched.

''Devilishy handsome man.'' Naruto finished.

''Be serious Father. I'm growing older, I am no longer a child that you need to come to the rescue to all the time.''

''As long as you're my child, which you will be always, I'm always going to come to your rescue.'' he said as he kissed her forehead. ''Now if you excuse me, daddy has some friends to contact.'' he added before he left.

Jedite was swearing vengeance to the Queen's consort. The man who humiliated him, and the who was currently a threat to the Dark Kingdom. Why a threat? Because it took a Senshi level warrior to take down someone of his caliber. Jedite was trying to think about how to take the boy down without anyone being the wiser, but was coming up with blanks.

"Jedite, why have you called us here?" a tall man in a grey suit asked. The man had the same silver hair as Jedite, only longer, falling down to his shoulders. "This better be important."

Jedite told them about Naruto, and how he had completely humiliated him in front of the planets. The three Sky Generals, looked at the gash covered general suspiciously trying to figure out if the scars on his arms and legs were self inflicted.

The topic of Naruto troubled them. The four of them had recently joined the Court of Beryl, a peasant who was quickly gaining power in the Earth. She was planning a surprise attack on the Noble Courts tonight, If the Queen of the Moon was employing an assassin to protect the Moon Princess, it would put a dent to their plans.

"So what do you propose we do?" asked Nephrite, a man with wavy brown hair asked. "If the Queen's consort is as dangerous as you say, he must be eliminated."

''I'm sorry Naruto. There's been an Outbreak of creatures and three planets have already been lost. We need every available hand we have. The threat has been contained for now. Communications are up but traveling is discouraged against. I'll contact you once I've learned more information. I have to go. Stay safe and please don't do anything stupid.'' the feed was immediately cut.

''Shit,'' Naruto swore. This was not what he had in mind. His plan A had been thoroughly crushed. Looks like he had no choice but to go all out if there was an attack on the Palace.

Queen Serenity made a curt bow to everyone who entered her halls who greeted her. Her neck was quickly getting sore but she ignored it. Protocol demanded that sacrifices be made and she was more than willing to make it if her daughter's ball were to succeed.

It was hard to believe that fourteen years from today that Princess Serenity was born. And fourteen years since he came into her life. How time flies. He was there, always protecting little Serenity, showing her love that was reserved just for her. That protectiveness that was once for her.

He seemed so protective of her back then, no, that wasn't right. She knew that he was protective of the girl in her belly. That was always what it came down to. He cared deeply for the girl, far more than he did anyone or anything else in the Queendom. Queen Serenity did not mind this of course, she preferred it even. She had enough followers at her disposal and adding another wouldn't do much in the way of making her self esteem any larger.

What would having Uzumaki Naruto's love do for her anyway?

It wasn't like she was lacking of men. True, she could never attach herself to a man, for fear of the political favoritism it might show to the clan or political group the individual might represent, but she didn't particular care.

She was a ruler of a vast empire that controlled billions upon billions of races, and her empire was only getting larger.

Her major threats had been sealed long ago, and all that was left was to destroy this Queen Beryl who was becoming a dangerous political force on the Earth. If Queen Serenity had been like her mother, she would have sent a team of Senshi to massacre the Earth, but she preferred politics to fighting, something that her two most loyal senshi, Uranus and Neptune, did not always agree with.

"My Queen, you seem to be in deep thought," a voice said from beside her. "What bothers you, if I may be so bold to ask?"

The Queen held in her surprise, seeing the tallest woman in her court. She tried not to grip her scepter too harshly. The long green hair, the dark purple dress, a pair of wooden sandals, and that dark complexion.

The Queen could recognize her a world away.

"Nothing, Princess Pluto," the Queen said, trying not to show the annoyance she felt being around this particular individual. "I am just wondering where Uzumaki is."

"I find that bit difficult to believe, " Pluto said, giving the Queen spectacular smile. "Considering how you requested to look into a disturbance shortly before this grand occasion, assuring I wouldn't be attending."

The Queen didn't falter, she returned Princess Setsuna's smile with her own. Her fairy wings fluttered behind her innocently as she took a step towards the woman. They were about the same height so the Queen didn't have to tilt her head up to look her in the eye.

"Why are you so concerned about Uzumaki Naruto?"

Pluto's smile grew wider, looking almost predatory. "I want him."

She was after Naruto.

It was at that moment that the gates of the Grand Ball burst open. Letting in a figure draped in white and orange.

The figure draped in white smiled at anyone who looked his way. His pearly white teeth shone even among the crystals lining the walls, floors, and ceiling of the palace. He made slight bows and made small talk as he continued his way. No one stopped the energetic blond as he cut through the ranks of courtiers who were trying to win the Queen's favor.

They appeared afraid to go near anywhere near him, rumors of his weird power and behavior having spread far. The blond appeared in front of the Queen. He bowed at the waist. "Greetings, my Queen Serenity."

The Queen eyes was still too shocked at the blond's behavior.

With a smile Naruto turned and extended a hand to the lovely beauty in a long, flowing violet dress with a v-neck line. ''Princess Pluto, if you would do me the honor?'' he asked.

Hate filled eyes fueled the Queen's eyes as she looked down at the blond. 'Do you think I'm a fool? I know what you're trying to do. Do you think you could arouse jealousy in me? Is this your plan? Are you conspiring with Pluto? I will not fall to your machinations.''

''Indeed,'' Pluto allowed with a smile. She allowed herself to be guided to the dance form. With hands were indeed quite strong.

Once the two were in the middle of the ball room music started to play. The melody was a lullaby she had once heard Uzumaki Naruto play to the princess one night. Unlike the lullaby from the musical star, this lullaby was played using pianos and a group of violinists. ''You are quite surprising Naruto. Though I can't help but think the queen is furious at your little stunt.''

''Indeed, though let her be. I have the most enchanting woman in the solar system here in my arms.'' he said as he twirled her around before letting her drop back into the protectiveness of his arms.

''Some would disagree with you.''

''They would be wrong.'' he said as he moved his hands to her waist. ''Pluto, will the Moon Kingdom survive what is about to happen?''

''You know I can't break my oath, especially when you know the answer.''

''I am the breaker of destiny. At the very least I will fight for those previous to me.'' he said as his head turned and a frown formed on his lips. Pluto followed his gaze and she saw the Moon Princess, who was dancing with the Earth Prince.

''They have declared their undying love for each other.'' she informed him as Naruto's frowned.

''Foolish children, they hardly know each other. Love is more then just mere infatuation. Reincarnated souls that recognize each other still need that time to reconnect with their pasts, and without that the whole love at first sight loses its justification.'' he shook his head. ''They don't know what makes each other happy. They don't know the depths of the other's sadness, happiness, or what makes the other laugh. They have not shared tragedies. It annoys me when people stupidly believe that love is simple and easy.''

"He's not a bad boy," Pluto said, dryly. "Your daughter could do worse."

''That's not reassuring,'' Naruto replied, turning to her with an annoyed look. ''Saying she could do worse is also acknowledging she could do better.''

Pluto nodded but didn't say anymore on the subject. "I have to go."

"Back to that lonely post oh Guardian of Time. Okay then, off with thee,'' Naruto said in a mocking voice, shoeing the taller girl away. "Wouldn't want you to get caught up in the action anyway.

Pluto didn't answer. The green haired princess took a step towards the blond and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close.

"This is the last time I am going to see you." Her face looked uncomfortable, her pink lips troubled. "Do you want a kiss? This is your last chance."

''Yours as well.'' he said before pulling her close and pressing his lips against hers. Naruto took in the sensation of her lips and her body against his. As far as he knew this would be the last time he saw the Guardian of Time. He pulled away, his fingers slowly sliding down her cheek.

It was then that the earth beneath the Palace shook, and the very roof of the Palace shattered like glass as a maniacally cruel laugh filled the air.

Queen Beryl's rage was explosive. Like a beast howling to the moon the Queen howled to the darkness, letting it answer her call. The creatures of the night came to her summons, answering her pain, answering her shouts of vengeance.

For years she had struggled to bring the forces of the Earth together to fight the Moon Kingdom and for years she was waiting for a chance. A chance for the foolish Queen Serenity to slip her defenses.

She was beyond overjoyed when her servant, Jedite, confirmed that every important nobility of the Planet Courts was attending the ball, but furious when she heard that the Moon Princess was seducing the Earth Prince.

The Earth Prince belonged to Queen Beryl. He was the final obstacle to obtaining the Earth. Many knew of her power, but she did not have the political legitimacy that the Prince of the Blue Planet had. To add insult to injury that the boy stood in the way of her rule, he had to run off and fallen in love with the Moon Princess of all people!

"Jedite, Nephrite, Zoicite, Kunzite!" she screamed, leveling her scepter into the Earth, tearing a void in space. "Get the demons in positions! Fail me and you will die."

The Sky Generals, once loyal to the Prince, didn't hesitate to kneel and bowed their heads, before teleporting. Queen Beryl's crimson eyes glowed as she tore the fabric of time and space as he made a wormhole for the millions of Youma in her disposal to enter the Moon Kingdom.

The demons smashed onto the Palace grounds and literally shook the floor with their power. The Queen laughed loudly, allowing her enormous bosoms to heave and bounce like a tsunami. Her purple dress could barely contain her shuddering body as it trembled with power.

Tonight all her plans would succeed. Tonight after years of pain and struggle the Elvin Queen would finally destroy the Moon Kingdom, the last threat to the Earth. It didn't matter if history would paint her as an evil being, it didn't matter if there was a chance that she would be massacred today, all that matter was this chance.

This small chance that she could finally kill the all powerful Goddess, Queen Serenity.

"But first I have to take Prince back to the Earth," she muttered, blasting another way of dark energy into the sky to release the gigantic Demon Queen Metalia. "With any luck the Moon Princess will be nearby."

Naruto dropped down to where the four Inner Senshi were waiting. ''I can sense the presence of several hundred thousand forms. I assume you Senshi want to take the generals?'' he asked as Mercury nodded.

''I assume you have something that can even the odds?'' Jupiter asked as the blond nodded.

''Yeah,'' he answered as he clapped his hands together. ''Tajuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu!'' using all the power he could gathered Naruto was able to just break over his maximum limit of ten thousand kagebunshin and created fourteen thousand copies. A sea of orange, white, and yellow filled the horizon, prepared for battle.

''Uzumaki,'' Venus called out to him wondering what he had in mind. "Command my clones as if they were your own soldiers. I'm going to make sure Usagi is protected at all costs.'' Naruto remarked as he went to where the Princess was. ''Usagi!'' he called out to his daughter who was leading the Prince away to the safety bunker Naruto had constructed.

''Father!" she called out to him. The space around them began to bend a tear opened.

''Look out!'' he shouted as an all too familiar figure emerged from the portal. it was impossible, it couldn't have been that man. No, he was foolish, it was very possible someone brought him back to life. It was too late, the resurrected silver haired man cast a spell which showered that shards of silver on his target. "Noooo!" he screamed, "Usagiiiiiiii!"

Naruto rushed over to his daughter, removing the silver shards as he tried healing her.''Hold on Usagi-chan. Just hold on.'' he cried out in desperation.

Princess Serenity looked up at him. ''Daddy, I feel so cold.'' she said with a weak cough.

Tears of desperation flooded form Naruto's eyes. It was like when he lost Elizabeth and their child all over again. This shouldn't have happened. He wasn't suppose to lose anyone again. From past experiences against that spell he knew his chakra couldn't undo the spell of death.

''That silver haired fool! He was give strict order to spare the prince! He will pay for his insolence!'' Queen Beryl said, floating down to the ground. Her long red hair wrapped around her as she looked at the pitiful site of Princess and her father. ''If you wish I can end your life now or you can flee. Despite the fury that fuels me I have nothing against you Consort.''

''My girl, my baby girl.'' he mumbled. He was consumed in despair, broken. ''You people...your took her. I'll kill you. KILL YOU. I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!''

The power that exploded off of him was inhuman and ferocious. The castle was blown apart as a feral and inhuman creature emerged from the its roof. The creature was that of a large furless creature shaped into the form of an earth creature known as a fox.

Queen Serenity looked at the creature in fear. She knew, it was no doubt in her mind it was Naruto. She had once saw a transformation like this, a cloak he called it when he was meditating. She had followed him one night, her curiosity getting the best of her. The warm golden gentle form radiated a peacefulness she had never seen before. What she saw now was an entity of anger and hatred the exact opposite of the cloak she had seen.

The Queen tried not to vomit as the last remnants of Naruo's skin fell apart as a giant fox skull came up on the head, followed by the bones of arms and legs. "I could never dream that you were this." The Queen stepped away from the battlefield as the creature let out a roar that scared away the Youma. "What happened for you to change this much?"

The creature began to crush the invading Youma with its mighty paws. His mighty jaw devouring hundreds of the creature with ease. The creature let out a pain fueled howl before he opened its mouth and particles of intense globs free energy gathered around it to form a ball. Fission reactions caused the energy to collide to become more powerful as the exothermic energy started to build in the system, waiting to be released.

"My Queen, run!" Mars shouted from a distance. "He's going to fire a beam of –"

Black energy shot out of the beast's mouth roasting everything that go in its way. Queen's Beryl's forces tried to escape, but it was no hope as the creature just cooked them with its beam of energy.


"We surrender!"

"Help us Queen Beryl!"

The cries of the demons were left unheard as the giant fox incinerated an entire wave of youma and soldiers, the crater from the attack going on for miles.

The Queen felt her own heart break seeing the mindless creature kill and kill. This wasn't the Naruto she had grown to know. This wasn't the Naruto who could arouse feelings in her no other person could; who could fluster her and cause her to lose her composure. He was not a mindless killer, even when others were the aggressor. He was a loving man, and carrying father above all else.

"My Queen, oh, my Queen," Uranus shouted from behind her. "Forgive me, but we couldn't protect her." The Senshi bowed on her hand and knees. "I am sorry but the Princess is dead."

Queen Beryl cried out in fury watching her forces get decimated by the giant fox like creature that was growing fur. The creature then started to form into some sort of abomination. Insect like wings sprouted and its eyes began to change as something akin to tentacles began sprouting from its sides. His eyes began to twist and change into some hellish shape before a single eye was formed. She was not informed of the Moon Kingdom employing Yoma of any sorts, that one thing being consistent.

The Elvin Queen floated up to highest point in the city, overlooking the carnage the creature was creating. She tried to stay out of the abomination's sight, hoping that it didn't decide to follow her. She had no experience handling greater demons and she preferred it that way. Minor creatures she could control was fine, but something like this was far beyond her league.

She hadn't sensed the power of Metalia yet, she feared that the Great Demon Metalia was hiding from this being as well, but promptly stopped thinking about such a horrible thought. There was no way that creature which was nothing more than a vicious, rapid animal could be on the same level as a Greater Demon. Suddenly the power began to recede and a blinding explosion of light echoed. The shape began to shrink until it took the form of a man. The shape then split into two beings. One a human shape of dark and terrible power and the other was Naruto in his golden cloak.

''Damn you,'' the blond whispered in utter hate. ''Even now Yami. Only a heartless monster would take what happened as an opportunity to escape.''

"Generals, assemble!" she shouted. She watched as her four most loyal servants teleported in front of her, looking worse for wear. "Bring me their heads!'' She didn't know what happened, but for the time being that creature was gone and the man had gone back to normal, or split into two people. So surely that meant they were weakened.

Before she could make her final command she looked to the sky to see a thousand rays of light. Then looked down to see the Fairy Queen's wings expand to blot out the rays of the sun.

Jedite was the first to react. "The Moon Queen, she's done it. She's activated a sealing."

Not even Queen Beryl made a comment.

"Forgive me," the Queen said, tears falling down her face. "There is no other way."

The first thing to go was gravity. The artificial gravity that kept the kingdom stable vanished, and the buildings and dust were the first to be affected. Everything started to travel towards the artificial sky, which was slowly collapsing as Sealing Dimension opened up in the heavens.

The Sailor Senshi, now battered and bruised, floated up to the dimension, crying as they felt their life turn into pure balls of energy. They felt themselves turn into something more than just molecules bonded together, more than just cells, more than just electromagnetic particles, they left felt very essence, their souls.

The Queen didn't blink as her kingdom broke apart before her and into the dimension in the sky. It gathered the creatures of the Dark Kingdom and the nobles of the Silver Millennium. This was her final attack, and a suicidal one at that.

"This is all my fault," she whispered. "I will be the one to pay the price."

She looked at the two forms of Naruto. One the Naruto she knew and the other composed of the shape of that terrible power that had slaughtered thousands of Youma. She used all of her power to push that Naruto, that evil monster towards where the enemies would be sealed. The other was being pushed in the direction of the Senshi. ''Serenity!'' Naruto shouted out to the queen. ''You fool, don't! There has to be another way! Usagi needs her mother!''

"I should have listened. I let my own pride blind me," she sobbed, "Naruto, I am so sorry." she rubbed her eyes, "Serenity needs you, she needs her father. She needs a parent that hasn't and won't fail her, who will live for her. Good bye," she closed her eyes, expanded her wings and let herself turn to dust. The last of her energy became fuel to power the Eternal Sealing Spell. Maybe in another life, you and I could have been...were her last fleeting thoughts as she let nothingness over take her.


Chapter End


Dark Naruto is finally freed, but does he retain his consciousness with the power?

What will happen now?

There is definitely a big divergence of the facts you all know. So yeah, I hope you all enjoy as Naruto having been there plays a big part on the personalities of the Senshi when it comes to their reincarnations.